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Stallion83 Hits 800k!!!!!!

Foxxy kyle

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He was on 720k like a few weeks ago. I mean i love gaming!! but these guys must have no life at all...


You, sir, have stolen my forum avatar :(


To the topic: congrats to Stallion on 800k mark. I'm still happy with my 100k :p I followed the blog some time last year or a year before that and I saw a post which was like "A Day with Stallion83" or something like that.

Anyways you wrote about everything you did in a day like from waking up till you went to sleep. Loved to read that kind of stuff :p not sure if you still do that since I haven't been much on the Xbox world during last 12 months but I'm happy for you and am really looking forward to the 7 digit score ;)


Good competition with smrnov!

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