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Achievement Guide needed


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this will be a hard one to have a guide rummaged up for. No english version of the game, literal translations suck and its 3 games for over 100 hours.


Rough synopsis not so much a guide itself



Item number: 20

Total points: 1000

Degree of difficulty: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆


Degree of difficulty of the game itself in lower 難易 度 ゲーム 自体 の は で 低 め アイテム クリア 後 の や after clearing items and EXP takeover because if you skip the text scenarios end relatively quickly.

On the part of the work of achievements take time as such.


※ Note LIVE, choose not to renew and unable to decrypt the GOC master (100 G) of experience.

※ Each scenario, to skip the staff role was clear, when is that which cannot save classification is so careful.


5 Clearing the beginner clear GOC tutorial

10 To defeat the army of darkness punitive Ashley

Kill Fang beast electric runaway 5

Defeat the ドヤス defeat the dark Mage 10

10 Down breaking down the Black Lion アンクロワイヤー

10 Defeat subsided Fang beast リューハイン beast fangs

God-sent child of the explosion flame 50 fellow with Hiro

50 Black Knight forces Brad ACE fellow

10 To fellow monarch apprentice thirty warriors

50 Ordinary monarchs 80 warriors to fellow

Companion to a worthy monarch 130 warriors 100

150 Great monarch 180 warriors to fellow

200 Companion to continental rulers 240 warlords

100 Clear all GOC master scenario


Secret achievements

Spectral Tower three years spectral Tower 100-clear 100

The seven angels and God help Earth fellow 100

10 Defeat all forces in sinful soul purification Dark Dragon force

Find out the secrets of the ruins of ruins of ルニカ secret ルニカ 10

10 Acquisition of Enchantment for the forbidden dark magic to revive

10 To subdue the pyroxene mineral or Dragon's acquisition of mineral or Dragon


Flagship in the famous two warlords from the initial and main character of each scenario (if, refine, ラザリュート etc.), basically OK.

You spend all bonus level up HP. HP even if the whole company even if broken can push the envelope warriors Corps Commander.

Clear order of the scenarios given the difficulty and work Apocalypse recommended GOC → → NEXT.


Subjugation of the army of darkness

2 GOC final chapter at the end of scene selection choose "引き止めない".

To "detain" and deselect not allowed.


Quieting the beast fangs

GOC NEXT five chapters at the end to "his Majesty's true as, select the final chapter at the beginning" with me. "To opt in.

Otherwise if you select deselect not allowed.


Power of God-sent child of fury / Black Knight

Appeared in the area of events occurring after clearing world map 100 spectral Tower.

Area at the far right is God-sent child of the explosion flame Black Knight, at the top of the area.


Rulers of the continent

After selecting a scenario and collect "revive the Dark Dragon" of the Apocalypse 240 warlords;

Number of last-minute, not any one thing.

"Do not resurrect Dark Dragon" warlords were not inconsequential.

Below is to note the achievements of that.

Not executed any one can convince warlords

Let sortie Kreis human genome clears, to join the muffins

Explore the map of the human genome Center, affiliated with the Norovirus

Choosing "to aid the Ruger" (see actual cooperation with the seven angels and God)

Meets all of these, and if you have already unlocked the actual spectral Tower related not need climbing tower.

If you lack the conditions complete the Tower, and is affiliated with Hiro and the Black Knight.

Release (or disappear in future enemies) to persuade to defeat so far so leaving free map for warlords was home of one of the enemy, if you repeatedly turn boiled as the enemy commander came out.

It gushes to and away from the enemy's stronghold.

Warlords rather than persuasion, which when fellow based search for your account.

"1 Person General" system performance is not in point collection, clearing the map to be lifted.


GOC master

Patches can be unfrozen.

No need to manage all the story branches, taking over the classification, see the ending at all three released.


Spectral Tower domination

Clearing the spectral Tower comes out in the middle of each scenario up to 100 floors clear.

So clear of a spectral Tower not taken over by the classification to clear at once that is cleared in any of these scenarios also breaks.

( within a scenario of ongoing service, meaning. Does not mean that you have started on the 1 floor keep up to 100 floors intact )

Nor did shake EXP physical attack skills are strong throughout, SP many warlords rose, Tiana, intensively, with appropriate can clear half a day at around 100 floors.

Number of enemies (only 100-1 unit) 3 unit fixed in, and also over the 91 floors and joinable 1F every warlord number decreases.

Enemy bases to sortie at the Center on two warlords, two enemies came out to the field.


Seven angels and God's help

Members of combat (even buddy) is Aina シェルミナ Maia Mahua Melfi Luger Lanus is at Metropolitan impure water ( stage in the center of the entire map, based on ) discovery.

Good at least going to impure rather than Angel.

Sky City ロニカ occurring in GOC 6 chapters, such as map search: 2 selecting aid the Luger in scene selection.

To aid the darted and deselect not allowed.

Maia and Mahua's opposition warlords, 240 warlords if you aim to get out sooner.


Purification of sinful souls

2 Section 8 of the Apocalypse to choose "revive the Dark Dragon" scene selection.

Unlock the scenario at the time.


Acquisition of pyroxene mineral or Dragon, dark sorcery of ルニカ remains secret and forbidden acquisition

Apocalypse 8 chapter 2 choosing "do not resurrect Dark Dragon" on selected occasions. Can you replicate the data, prior to Chapter 8.

Released with each performance, clear the event area (only in the main scenario clear not clear), so could not leave.

Is a little difficult because members are fixed in ore dragons and dark magic and hero buddy, do let the Corps single-mindedly back OK.


Translated by Bing translator from:











初級クリア GOCのチュートリアルをクリアした 5

闇の軍勢の討伐 アシュレイを倒す 10

暴走した牙獣 エレクを倒す 5

暗黒魔導師を倒す ドヤスを倒す 10

黒獅子を打ち破る アンクロワイヤーを倒す 10

牙獣の沈静化 牙獣リューハインを倒す 10

爆炎の申し子 ヒロを仲間にした 50

黒騎士の力 ブラッドエースを仲間にした 50

君主見習い 武将を30人仲間にする 10

普通の君主 武将を80人仲間にする 50

立派な君主 武将を130人仲間にする 100

偉大な君主 武将を180人仲間にする 150

大陸の支配者 武将を240人仲間にする 200

GOCマスター 全てのシナリオをクリアする 100



スペクトラルタワー制覇 スペクトラルタワー100階クリア 100

七人の天使と神の協力 アースを仲間にした 100

罪深き魂の浄化 暗黒竜の力で全勢力を倒す 10

ルニカ遺跡の秘密 ルニカ遺跡の秘密を知る 10

禁断の闇魔術の習得 呪術書を蘇らせる 10

鉱竜の輝石の習得 鉱竜を討伐する 10











GOC NEXT5章終了時に「陛下のおおせのままに」を選択し、最終章序盤に「僕と一緒に…。」を選択すること。


















































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