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Halo 4 Legendary Guide & Walkthrough


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BiggD’s Halo 4 Legendary Guide & Walkthrough




Welcome all! Most of you may know of me, most of you may not. That’s not relevant at all however. What is important, is that I’m here to help all of you dedicated gamers complete Halo 4 on the Legendary difficulty setting…Solo. Many fans consider Halo 4 to be the hardest Halo game to beat on Legendary Solo, but disregard these fallacies. This guide will aid you in a better understanding of level layouts, combat tactics, enemy weaknesses, recommended loadouts and partial speedruns of all eight missions. This text-based, in-depth Guide is strongly recommended for those who prefer to take the levels at a slower pace and enjoy the difficulty of each enemy encounter. Trust me, this guide will be worth your while. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a challenging Campaign from time to time and the glorious sound of an unlocked achievement. Prepare for one hell of a fight and remember that Legendary will leave you,


"Trembling as teeming hordes punish the slightest error with instant death...again and again!"


Table of Contents (Linked)


I. Characters

II. Weapons (UNSC)

III. Weapons (Covenant)

IV. Weapons (Forerunner)

V. Armor Abilities

VI. Enemies (Covenant)

VII. Enemies (Forerunner)

VIII. Vehicles

IX. Mission 1 – Dawn

X. Mission 1 – Dawn (Part 2)

XI. Mission 2 – Requiem

XII. Mission 2 – Requiem (Part 2)

XIII. Mission 3 – Forerunner

XIV. Mission 3 – Forerunner (Part 2)

XV. Mission 3 – Forerunner (Part 3)

XVI. Mission 4 – Infinity

XVII. Mission 4 – Infinity (Part 2)

XVIII. Mission 4 – Infinity (Part 3)

XIV. Mission 5 – Reclaimer

XV. Mission 5 – Reclaimer (Part 2)

XVI. Mission 6 – Shutdown

XVII. Mission 7 – Composer

XVII. Mission 7 – Composer (Part 2)

XIX. Mission 7 – Composer (Part 3)

XX. Mission 8 – Midnight

XXI. Mission 8 – Midnight (Part 2)

XXII. Mission 8 – Midnight (Part 3)

XXIII. Credits

XXIV. Extras







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Assault Rifle


  • Make use of short, controlled bursts. If the enemy is outside the close- or medium-range, then you'll need to be cautious on how long you hold down the trigger.
  • Can be useful if complimented with the Magnum or Plasma Pistol. Once an enemy's shields are down, the Assault Rifle can rip through them extremely fast.
  • During Promethean encounters, ditch the Assault Rifle. The Knights and Crawlers will be able to absorb the bullets easily.
  • Clip Size: 32 Rounds.


Battle Rifle


  • The 3-round burst can useful in taking down an Elite's shields from a distance.
  • Best used if complimented with a Plasma Pistol.
  • One EMP Overcharge, and one 3-round burst will kill an Elite instantly.
  • Clip Size: 36 Rounds.




  • In my opinion, the best UNSC weapon due to it's stopping-power and accuracy.
  • Far better accuracy than the Battle Rifle, but low rate of fire.
  • Best used at a distance to pick off infantry and take out enemy's shields.
  • Best used with Plasma Pistol.
  • Clip Size: 14 Rounds.




  • Like the two previous weapons, the Magnum is very effective at a distance.
  • Includes a scope.
  • Works well with Plasma Pistol.
  • Clip Size: 8 Rounds.


Sniper Rifle


  • Amazing accuracy, even when fired from the hip.
  • Sniper Rifle rounds can bounce off hard surfaces if angled properly.
  • Two levels of scope. First level should be used for medium-ranged encounters, while the second level should be used for very long-ranged encounters.
  • A single round can penetrate most enemy's shielding.
  • clip Size: 4 Rounds.




  • Can one-shot almost all enemies, including Elites and Knights.
  • No scope, slow reload time.
  • Once fully charged, the Railgun will automatically fire.
  • Highly recommended when fighting tougher enemies such as Elites and Knights on Mission 4.
  • Clip Size: 1 Round.




  • FAST rate of fire, but slow reload time.
  • Can be useful as a SECONDARY weapon, but do not always rely on automatic weapons for Legendary.
  • Clip Size: 72 Rounds.


Sticky Detonator


  • Only found in Mission 7.
  • A single, well placed grenade can kill many Covenant.
  • Can stick to any enemy or any surface.
  • Clip Size: 1 Grenade.




  • Should only be used in close-range encounters.
  • Can strip away enemy shielding with 1 to 2 shots if close enough.
  • Clip Size: 6 Shells.


Rocket Launcher


  • Almost all Covenant, minus the Hunter, will die from a single shot.
  • Minor lock-on feature for vehicles.
  • Clip Size: 2 Rockets.


Spartan Laser


  • Only found in Mission 7, near the end inside the Control Tower.
  • Best used against Banshees in Mission 7 if your Mantis has been destroyed and you need to take out the waves of Banshees/Phantoms/Wraiths/Ghosts.
  • Clip Size: 4 Shots.


Target Designator


  • Only found in Mission 5.
  • Can be used to take out Particle Cannons, Banshees, and Phantoms in Mission 5.


Machine Gun


  • Unlimited ammo when attached to the tripod, but can overheat.
  • Takes almost 4 seconds to fire at full speed.
  • The Machine Gun is NOT recommended for Legendary due to stationary emplacement when mounted and slow speed when detached.
  • Clip Size: Infinite while mounted and 225 Rounds while detached.


Frag Grenade


  • Extremely powerful against standard infantry but not that useful against Elites or even Knights.
  • Many enemies will dodge the blast radius.
  • Will bounce a little bit which can prove useful if needed to throw off a hard surface.

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The Master Chief



-> Abducted at the age of 6 for the Spartan-II program, John was subjected to harsh training and extensive physical enhancements. As a Spartan, John's physical abilities far surpass those of a regular human. While every Spartan is known for their own abilities on the battlefield, John is known for his luck. In this game, we will see how that luck will be tested.





-> Cortana is a UNSC "smart" Artificial intelligence. She was born from a flash clone of Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey's brain. She stands as one of the most important characters in the Human-Covenant War, serving with the Master Chief. While the Master Chief was serving as her protector during the events on Installation 03 and 04, they formed a close bond. As a "smart" AI, Cortana only has an effective lifespan of 7 years before she is faced with rampancy. In Halo 4...she has been in service for 8.


Captain Andrew Del Rio



-> As a veteran of the UNSC Navy, Del Rio was given the opportunity to command the UNSC Infinity. After discovering the world of Requiem, Captain Del Rio's commands will be challenged by the Master Chief.


Commander Thomas Lasky



-> Starting his career in 2526, Tom Lasky was able to land a spot aboard the Infinity due to his career as a pilot and naval officer.


Commander Sarah Palmer



-> Sarah has served twelve tours of duty during the Human-Covenant War as a standard Marine. Due to her combat skills and leadership, she was among the first to be recruited into the Spartan-IV project. She serves as the Commander of all Spartan-IV's aboard the UNSC Infinity.


Dr. Catherine Halsey



-> Despite her success behind the Spartan-II project, Dr. Halsey has been branded a "war criminal" due to the ethics involved with her work. With Cortana's rampancy worsening by the minute, the Master Chief makes it his mission to return the AI to Dr. Halsey.


Dr. Sandra K. Tillson



-> As the lead research scientist in Ivanoff Station, Dr. Tillson has been assigned to learn more about the Halo Installations and the artifacts they hold. Dr. Tillson and the rest of the Ivanoff Station Research Team are thrown into peril when they discover the truth about an artifact they have recovered from Installation 03 (Gamma Halo).


The Didact



-> The Didact is a Forerunner Promethean who held an extremely high status in the Forerunner society as supreme commander of the entire Forerunner military. He wholeheartedly believed in the "Mantle" the Forerunners held to protect life, and initially opposed the Halo Array as a sin beyond measure. While he believes in the Mantle, he also believes that it should belong to the Forerunners alone and sees Humanity as a threat rather than the successors.


The Librarian



-> The Librarian is a Forerunner Lifeworker whose true name remains unknown. She sought to document and index all sentient beings of the Milky Way, and protect them from being absorbed into the Flood by sending them to the shelter of the Ark. Of all the races she indexed, she held a deep respect for Humanity, whom she viewed as "special" among all of the sentient life she had seen, and felt that it was well-worth the sacrifice of her own life to save them.

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II. WEAPONS (Covenant)


Plasma Pistol


  • The EMP Overcharge can take out an enemy's shields, which leaves them vulnerable to a headshot-percision weapon.
  • Even the standard firing mode is great to take out shielded enemies.
  • EMP feature can cripple any vehicle, leaving them vulnerable to a boarding attempt.
  • I cannot stress how IMPORTANT it is to always have a Plasma Pistol with you during your Legendary run.
  • Clip Size: 50 Shots, 5 Charged Shots.




  • Homing ability at mid-range
  • Takes 7 Needles to "supercombine" an enemy.
  • A supercombine is a explosion of needles that will instantly kill almost any enemy.
  • Can be very effective against Elites on Legendary, but not so much Knights.
  • Clip Size: 22 Needles.


Storm Rifle


  • Covenant version of the UNSC Assault Rifle.
  • Most effective if used as an 'anti-shield' weapon.
  • High rate of fire, but can easily overheat.
  • Not highly recommended for Legendary.
    [8] Clip Size: 166 Shots.


Covenant Carbine


  • Covenant version of the DMR.
  • Extremely accurate and fast rate of fire (depending on how fast you can pull the trigger).
  • Best used in combination with the Plasma Pistol.
  • Clip Size: 18 rounds.


Beam Rifle


  • Can tear through enemy shielding quicker than a UNSC Sniper Rifle.
  • Do not shoot this weapon too quickly, as it's cool-down time is incredibly slow.
  • Extremely effective against all enemies on Legendary.
  • Clip Size: 10 Shots.


Concussion Rifle


  • Very slow rate of fire which can allow enemies to dodge incoming shots.
  • Direct hits can and will cause enemies to stagger.
  • The Concussion Rifle is NOT recommended for Legendary; however, it is recommended during Mission 1: Dawn for purposes of skipping a fighting sequence.
  • Clip Size: 6 Shots.


Fuel Rod Cannon


  • Highly effective against all enemies, but suffers from a slow rate of fire.
  • Shots can be bounced off hard surfaces.
  • Can down even the strongest Elites in 2 to 4 shots.
  • Clip Size: 5 Fuel Rods.


Energy Sword


  • Essentially a "one-hit-kill" weapon on almost all enemies.
  • Only useful in close-range encounters.
  • Small lock-on lunging strike.
  • The Energy Sword is NOT recommended for Legendary.


Gravity Hammer


  • Can only be found in Mission 8.
  • When swung, the Hammer emits a powerful gravity wave that will destroy almost anything.
  • This weapon is extremely fun to use at times...but it is unnecessary to use on Legendary.


Plasma Cannon


  • Covenant version of the UNSC Mounted Machine Gun Turret.
  • The Plasma Cannon is NOT recommended for Legendary.


Plasma Grenade


  • So long as you have quick reflexes and a good arm, the Plasma Grenade is an essential tool on Legendary.
  • Can stick to enemies and vehicles.
  • If stuck, almost all enemies, minus Hunters and high ranking Elites, will instantly die.
  • Plasma Grenades are great for sticking unshielded Promethean Knights. It's recommended however, that you kill Watchers first due to their ability to toss back grenades.

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II. WEAPONS (Forerunner)




  • Accurate and can be effective for headshots.
  • Secondary feature of this weapon is a charged mini-Shotgun blast that can bring down enemy shields.
  • Unlike the Magnum, there is no scope on the Boltshot.
  • The secondary firing mode uses 5 shots in the magazine.
  • Clip Size: 10 Shots, 2 Charged Shots.




  • Useful against unshielded enemies.
  • Not very accurate, even at mid-range encounters.
  • Clip Size: 48 Shots.




  • Best used in close-ranged encounters.
  • The Shattershot's particles can be ricocheted off hard surfaces.
  • Slightly more effective than the UNSC Shotgun due to fast rate of fire.
  • Highly recommended for Legendary.
  • Clip Size: 5 Shots.


Light Rifle


  • In my opinion, this is the BEST gun in the game.
  • With two modes of firing, this weapon outmatches any other.
  • 3-burst shot when fired from the hip, single-shot when scoped.
  • I find it to be EXTREMELY powerful against Elites and Knights, so long as you aim for the head.
  • Ammo is plentiful in almost every level.
  • Clip Size: 36 Shots, 12 (Scoped).


Binary Rifle


  • Like the other snipers, the Binary Rifle has 2 zoom modes.
  • Is able to kill weaker Elites in one shot.
  • High ranking Elites and Knights can be taken down in 2 shots. One for their shields, another for their face.
  • Terrible accuracy when fired from the hip.
  • This weapon can prove extremely useful if given to an ally. Since they have unlimited ammo, it will be beneficial for them to wield this Sniper.
  • Clip Size: 2 Shots.


Incineration Cannon


  • Without a doubt, the Incineration Cannon is the most powerful weapon in the game.
  • A guaranteed kill on any enemy, minus a Hunter.
  • On Missions 6 and 8, this weapon can be extremely beneficial on Legendary.
  • Clip Size: 1 Shot.


Pulse Grenade


  • Not as lethal as a Frag Grenade or Plasma Grenade.
  • Does not bounce.
  • Emits a pulse field that drains enemy shielding.
  • Extremely useful in order to drive enemies out of cover.

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During the Campaign, The Master Chief is presented with new abilities in almost every level. These Armor Abilities can alter play style in significant ways. While each Armor Abilities (AA's) has it's pros and cons, it's up to the player as to which they prefer when they encounter them in-game. Although certain AA's are Mission-exclusive, I will list them in the order of what I believe has been most useful in my numerous runs of Solo Legendary.



  • One of the most effective Armor Abilities on Legendary.
  • This ability generates a copy of the user's physical form and movement.
  • Perfect to trick enemies into thinking your decoy is actually you, allowing you to sneak by or flank them.



  • This Armor Ability is first introduced in Mission 3 (Forerunner).
  • Autosentries are great for decoys and assistants in the battlefield while holding a defensive position.
  • You are able to self-destruct the AutoSentry once it is deployed. This can damage nearby enemies.
  • Highly recommended whenever one is presented in the level.


Jet Pack

  • This Armor Ability is first introduced and is essential throughout Mission 5 (Reclaimer).
  • It can also serve extremely useful in Mission 6 (Shutdown).
  • Useful for any areas that have high ledges that are only accessible if the Jet Pack is equip.
  • If you are taking a long fall, the Jet Pack can be used in bursts to help slow down your descent.


Active Camouflage

[*] This Armor Ability is first introduced in Mission 2 (Requiem).

[*] You can use Active Camo both defensively, by picking off enemies from afar, and aggressively, by sneaking up on enemies and surprising them with a Plasma stick or quick assassination.

[*] It should be noted that when you move, the Active Camo degrades and does not fully cover you. [*] In fact, when you sprint, it turns off completely.

[*] Most enemies on Legendary can spot you even when standing perfectly still.


Promethean Vision

  • This Armor Ability is first introduced in Mission 4 (Infinity).
  • Promethean Vision essentially allows the player to see through walls.
  • Although the activation time is rather short, it is very helpful as it helps you spot enemies and visualize the battlefield in regards to their positioning.


Hardlight Shield

  • This Armor Ability is first introduced in Mission 2 (Requiem).
  • The Hardlight Shield generates a full-sized defensive shield, much like the Jackals.
  • Movement is sacrificed for cover.
  • While the Hardlight Shield can deflect enemy fire, the player is thrown into third person and cannot use any weapons.
  • I DO NOT recommend it for Legendary since it slows you down and there is plenty of cover in each level that can be used to regenerate your shields.


Thruster Pack

  • This Armor Ability is first introduced in Mission 7 (Composer).
  • The Thruster Pack is similar to the 'Evade' ability from Halo: Reach which acts as a last-second dodge.
  • You can use the Truster Pack mid-jump to throw off enemy fire.
  • This Armor Ability is NOT recommended on Legendary for Mission 7 because it replaces Hologram which is more useful.


Regeneration Field

  • The Regeneration Field essentially a last-resort, emergency shield regeneration system.
  • This Armor Ability is unfortunately limited to War Games Multiplayer.

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IV. ENEMIES (Covenant)


Unggoy A.K.A. Grunts


We all know how these cannon fodder act. The Grunts in Halo 4 are no different from past games. They are weak and they travel in groups, usually led by an Elite. Do not underestimate them however, packs of Grunts can prove to be extremely dangerous on Legendary, especially when their commander dies.

  • Grunts will either attack you with vicious tenacity or cowardly flee upon seeing you.
  • Grunts are almost always led by an Elite.
  • If the Elite is taken out first, the Grunts will frantically run around in terror, and decide that running towards the Chief at full speed, whilst holding two primed Plasma Grenades will save the day.
  • Headshots are essential when picking off a group of Grunts.
  • On Legendary, Grunts are frequently armed with Fuel Rod Cannons and will become extremely aggressive in combat.
  • Grunts are capable of driving Ghosts. Since they are so small, you can barely see their head over the front of the Ghost. This can be one of the most annoying things in certain levels such as Requiem and Forerunner.


Overall, there are four types of Grunts.


Storm Grunts, armed with Plasma Pistols and Needlers.



Imperial Grunts, also armed with Plasma Pistol and Needlers.



Grunt Rangers, armed with Jetpacks, Plasma Pistols, and Needlers.



Grunt Heavy, armed with Fuel Rod Cannons.





Kig-Yar A.K.A. Jackals


The brave, relentless, close-quarter/sniping forces of the Covenant. They are vicious and smart, swift yet frail. Jackals have great senses and can detect you from afar.

  • Their reflective shields can absorb massive amounts of fire.
  • Even an Overcharged Plasma Pistol shot won't overload their shields on Legendary.
  • To effectively kill a Jackal, shoot the opening in their shield gauntlet which will cause them to stagger. This leaves a 1 to 2 second window to pop them in the head before they recover.
  • Most Jackal Snipers remain stationary and will not move once they have fired upon you. This can be used to your advantage, as you can locate their weapon's 'muzzle-flash' and take appropriate measures in eliminating them.


Overall, there are four types of Jackals.


Storm Jackal, armed with Plasma Pistols and a Point-Defense Gauntlet.



Jackal Ranger, armed with Covenant Carbines.



Jackal Sniper, armed with Beam Rifles or Covenant Carbines.



Jackal Heavy, armed with Needlers and a Point-Defense Gauntlet.





Sanghelli A.K.A. Elites


Elites are, without a doubt, the best fighting soldiers presented by the Covenant. Some players may even say Elites are equal to that of a Spartan. They are known for their prominent leadership, aggressive combat, and honor in the battlefield.


  • One of the most dangerous enemies in the game due to their smarts on the battlefield.
  • On Legendary, it is VITAL to have a Plasma Pistol and precision weapon with you at all times when facing Elites.
  • A single Plasma Pistol Overcharge will deprive these suckers of their shield, leaving them vulnerable for a couple seconds to a quick headshot.
  • Elite Warriors and Zealots are extremely dangerous on Legendary due to their armament.
  • Zealots will make use of their Active Camo a lot on Legendary, so make sure to keep an eye on them before they active thier ability.


Overall, there are five types of Elites.


Storm Elite, armed with Storm Rifles and Covenant Carbines.



Elite Ranger, armed with Covenant Carbines.



Elite Commander, armed with Concussion Rifles and Covenant Carbines.



Elite Warrior, armed with Fuel Rod Cannons.



Elite Zealot, armed with Active Camouflage and Energy Swords.





Mgalekgolo A.K.A. Hunters


Fun fact: Did you know that the Hunters are not an actual entity? They are a collection of worms that are known as Lekgolo that group together to become what we call Hunters. Anyways...Hunters are TANKS! They are armed with large Assault Fuel Rod Cannons and heavy steel plated shields. Hunters are always deployed in pairs, which can prove to be quite frustrating on Legendary.

  • There isn't any sense in trying to pick off Hunters from afar.
  • If you are up close, you will notice a patch of orange 'flesh' between the armored-plating on the Hunter's back.
  • This is their weak spot. Melee attacks can be used to strike down a Hunter, but it is suggested you use a Shotgun, Explosive or Automatic weapon on their exposed flesh.
  • Be cautious when up close; Hunters can perform a devastating strike with their shields that will instantly kill you on Legendary.


Standard Hunter, armed with Assault Fuel Rod Cannon and Shield.


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IV. ENEMIES (Promethean)




Let us welcome one of the newest enemies to Halo 4, the Promethean Crawler. These dog-like constructs share only one similarity with the Covenant Grunts: they tend to travel in large packs. Do not think that just because the Crawlers are smaller enemies, they are weak. These Forerunner constructs are extremely aggressive on the battlefield and are often time well-armed. They have the ability to leap on almost all terrain and will usually flank the Chief.

  • Crawlers are FAST!
  • They will retreat quickly, and surround you quickly.
  • They are susceptible to quick headshots like the Grunts.
  • Understand level layout/where they are generally located and make sure they do not flank/overrun your position.
  • When a pack of Crawlers begin to retreat, DO NOT FOLLOW! They will definitely lure you into trouble.


Overall, there are only three types of Crawlers.


Crawler (Standard), armed with Bolshots.



Crawler Snipe, armed with Binary Rifles.



Alpha Crawler, armed with Suppressors.







These constructs are deployed by the Promethean Knights and will act mainly as a support unit. Whenever you see a Watcher, KILL IT FIRST. These constructs have shields similar to those of a Covenant Elite. When their shields are weakened, the will try to flee behind cover. Both precision and automatic weapons are useful in taking out the Watchers before they can flee or perform any of their field activities. Focus fire on them first, only then should you move onto fighting the Crawlers and Knights. Many of their abilities in the battlefield include:

  • Generating Hardlight Shields to both Crawlers and Knights.
  • Resurrecting fallen Crawlers and Knights.
  • 'Catch' thrown grenades and hurl them back at you.
  • Construct Forerunner Turrets, which deal A LOT of damage on Legendary.


Promethean Watcher







These are the leaders of the Promethean forces. Their combat tactics, weaponry, and intelligence far surpass any Human or Covenant. Knights are lethal in close-range combat, as well as long-range combat so take some time to acquaint yourself with the different types of Knights. They are dangerous and you will be faced with death countless times when fighting against them if you are not properly armed.

  • Like Elites, Knights have shields. However, Knights can regenerate their shields much faster.
  • They have the ability to teleport during combat, which can be very frustrating. Sometimes, their shields fully regenerate when they teleport.
  • They often time use their teleport ability to teleport towards the Chief and quickly take him down with their powerful bladed arms.
  • While the Commanders are the most dangerous due to their armament, Battlewagons are the hardest to kill due to their health and shielding.
  • Once you have taken out their shields, use a precision-based weapon to headshot them. It will take two to three shots to the head to finally kill them.
  • If you do not have a precision-based weapon readily available, many automatic weapons such as the Suppressor and SAW can eliminate a Knight before they are able to teleport or recharge their shields.
  • If you are using a Sniper Rifle or Beam Rifle against Knights, it will take THREE HEADSHOTS to kill them.
  • When they die, their body 'disintegrates' which can sometimes destroy the weapon they were using.
  • Knights will deploy Watchers during combat often time. When this happens, KILL THE WATCHER FIRST!


Overall, there are four types of Knights you will encounter.


Knight (Standard), armed with Suppressors and Light Rifles.



Knight Lancer, armed with Light Rifles, Binary Rifles, and AutoSentries.



Knight Commander, armed with Incineration Cannons and AutoSentries.



Knight Battlewagon armed with Scattershots and Promethean Vision.


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During the Campaign, you will encounter a number of sections where it it either required, or advised to drive/operate a vehicle. Here, I will provide you with the basics of each UNSC and Covenant vehicle so that you will have a better understanding of how to operate them in certain situations.







Crew Capacity: 1 Driver, 1 Gunner, & 1 Passenger


This is the primary vehicle you will be using in the Campaign. It's quick and can be deadly. There are three variants: Standard Warthog, Gauss-Hog, & Rocket-Hog.


Recommended Tips for Legendary:

  • Never use this vehicle unless you have either a passenger, or a gunner, or both!
  • Allies in this game are much better accuracy in the Gunner spot than previous games.
  • Try to give your passenger a powerful weapon, such as a Rocket Launcher, Binary Rifle, etc.
  • This will be beneficial since allies have unlimited ammo.
  • The Warthog is fast, so make use of its speed.
  • Do not sit still in the Warthog, or you will suffer the consequences with countless deaths.




Crew Capacity: 1 Driver, 1 Passenger


This vehicle is primarily exclusive to War Games Matchmaking. You can find it during some parts of Mission 4 (Infinity) but it is not a recommended vehicle for Legendary.




Crew Capacity: 1 Driver, 1 Gunner, 4 Passengers

Weapons: Cannon (Primary) and Machine Gun Turret (Secondary)


"Tank beats everything!" is a quote from prior Halo games that stands true in Halo 4. In Mission 4 (Infinity), you will be introduced to the Scorpion Tank. Take it! The main cannon will destroy anything in it's path such as Covenant Towers, ground troops, and even Covenant vehicles. It will take one well-placed shot to destroy and enemy Ghost and Banshee, but two shots to destroy a Wraith.




Crew Capacity: 1 Pilot, 2 Gunners

Weapons: Cannons and 2 Mounted Turrets


This is a new vehicle introduced in Halo 4 and is exclusive to Mission 6 (Shutdown). It's essentially a variant of a Standard Pelican Dropship. The only difference is that this one is heavily armed for purposes relating to Mission 6.




Crew Capacity: 1 Operator

Weapons: Machine Gun and Missile Launcher


The Mantis is another new vehicle introduced in Halo 4. The Mantis shares similarities with the Scorpion Tank in terms of weapons; however, it features a stomp move which is the same button as the Spartan melee button. A key feature to the Mantis, unlike any other UNSC vehicle, is that it has shields. The only time you are able to use this Mech in the Campaign is in Mission 4 (Infinity) towards the end.




Crew Capacity: 1 Pilot

Weapons: Cannons and Missile Launcher


Another new vehicle to Halo 4 that features shielding abilities much like the Mantis. This fighter jet is exclusive to Mission 8 (Midnight).




Crew Capacity: 20-30 Passengers

Weapons: MAC Cannon and Mounted Rocket Lauchers


Remember the Elephants from Halo 3's Multiplayer Map Sandtrap? Remember how big they were? How slow the moved? How they could carry OTHER vehicles? How they were equipped with two to three Mounted Machine Gun Turrets? REMEMBER?! Well, the Mammoth is all that, TIMES 10. Exclusive to Mission 5 (Reclaimer) the Mammoth is one of the largest land vehicles that you will encounter in the game. They player cannot drive this vehicle, but you can make use of the MAC Gun by targeting unto air-based vehicles with the Target Designator.







Crew Capacity: 1 Driver

Weapons: 2 Plasma Cannons


The Ghost is back and strangely enough, it's faster than ever before. These vehicles are pretty powerful when faced against one, or even when using one. You first encounter them in Mission 2 (Requiem).

  • The boost feature can help you evade combat and splatter the opposition.
  • Can be hijacked easily, although it's recommended you EMP the Ghost before attempting.
  • The Grunts and Elites who commandeer this vehicle are not dumb. They will, almost every time try to splatter you if you get too close.




Crew Capacity: 1 Driver, 1 Gunner

Weapons: Plasma Mortar and Plasma Cannon


One of the most powerful land vehicles the Covenant has to offer. Durable and intimidating, it is NOT recommended you attempt to hi-jack this vehicle until you have killed the Gunner and EMP'd the Wraith.

  • Do not stand/drive too close to the Wraith. Like the Ghost it features a boost feature which can obliterate you instantly.
  • The Plasma Mortar can instantly kill on Legendary so be aware of flying plasma!
  • If you are able to take out the Gunner and take his spot in the Wraith, the Driver will get out. You can gun him down with the Plasma Turret which leads to a fresh Wraith for your own use!
  • If you are not in a vehicle, always try to EMP the Wraith so its weapons and movement are offline for a split second. This can help you take out the Gunner with ease and board the vehicle for a quick grenade plant.
  • DO NOT board if the Gunner is still alive.




Crew Capacity: 1 Pilot

Weapons: Fuel Rod Cannon and 2 Plasma Cannons


A quick and powerful air-based vehicle. The Banshees have durable shields and also feature a boost mechanic which can help them avoid incoming fire. There are several instances in the Campaign were you can pilot one, but on Legendary you will find out that the Banshees aren't as durable as they are on Normal.

  • The UNSC Rocket Launcher's lock-on feature and Plasma Pistol's EMP feature are going to be the best ways to rid of these dangerous fighters.




Crew Capacity: 1 Pilot, 20-30 Passengers

Weapons: Plasma Auto-Cannon and 2 Mounted Plasma Turrets


The standard dropship of the Covenant, the Phantom is a force to be reckoned with. Featuring a Plasma Cannon underneath the nose of the dropship, and two Plasma Turrets on either side, these vehicles will be extremely frustrating on Legendary. While a Mantis and Scorpion can take one down with little effort, the Phantom may be able to, and most often time will succeed, in destroying you before you can destroy it.

  • The most effective way to ensure these dropships are no threat on Legendary, is to take out the Grunts who operate the side turrets and either Plasma-stick or find another means of firepower to destroy the Plasma Cannon on the underside of the ship.




Crew Capacity: 1 Pilot, 30-40 Passengers

Weapons: Plasma Auto-Cannon and 4 Mounted Plasma Turrets


Exclusive to Mission 5 (Reclaimer), the Lich is a new Covenant Dropship that can only be destroyed from the inside. Slightly larger and more powerful than a Phantom, you will find out how dangerous they can be during your playthrough of the Campaign.

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"Ready to get back to work?"




Mission Brief: This level starts with The Master Chief being awakened by Cortana due to some unknown activity aboard the Forward Unto Dawn. Her opening words still resonate about the severed ship: "Wake up, Chief. I need you." Once John is released from his cryotube, he retrieves Cortana's data chip after a short exchange of words and the game begins. Your current objective is to investigate the disturbance on and around the ship on your way to the Observation Deck.


*Do not miss the Magnum that is sitting on the floor near Cyrotube 09.


Head straight down the hallway and be sure to activate the yellow hologram on the control panel to learn of the ship's status.


Turn right, ascend the stairs and proceed left down the next corridors. You will enter a larger room with a hologram that shows the Dawn being pulled into an unknown planet. Upon arriving into the room, some strange beam seems to scan the ship followed by some dialogue:

  • John-117: "What's that?"
  • Cortana: "Sensor scan, high intensity. Doesn't match any known patterns."
  • John-117: "How close are we to the observation deck?"
  • Cortana: "It's directly above us."

Alright, thanks Cortana. Now we know where to go! Exit the room and you will eventually reach an empty elevator lobby. Approach the marked door and open it by tapping the :xbut:.


"Chief, be careful!" Cortana warns, as you begin to pry open the door. Once the door flies open, you will notice the elevator shaft has been depressurized. This causes the Chief to be sucked right out of the elevator lobby. Fortunately, he grabs hold of the wall and avoids being hit by a few crates. Now it's time to climb!


Continue making your way up the elevator shaft. Once you reach the top, surprise surprise! A Storm Elite armed with an Energy Sword charges right you. Follow the on-screen button prompt in order to experience a satisfying victory against the Elite.




  • John-117: "I thought we had a truce with the Covenant."
  • Cortana: "A lot can happen in four years. Either way, he's probably not alone. We should be careful."

*Do not miss another Magnum that is laying on the floor to the left of the elevator door.


After dealing with the Elite, you find yourself right outside the Observation Deck. Prepare for your first real firefight of the game.




Recommended Loadout: Once you have cleared this room, ditch the Assault Rifle and swap it for a Plasma Pistol. Do not let go of that trusty Magnum. You'll need it through most of the level.


When you enter the Observation Deck, climb the stairs in front of you and note the Elite working on what seems to be a computer terminal. Crouch to avoid detection and make your way towards him. Assassinate him, and be ready to deal with the Grunts on the lower level.


Once you have cleared the area, swap your Assault Rifle out for a Plasma Pistol. At the top of staircase where you killed the Elite, there are two Frag Grenades lying in the open. Also note the green weapon crates around the perimeter of the room for extra Frags and Magnum ammo.

  • Cortana: "That's the last of them. Find the override for the blast shields so we can see what we're up against...The good news is these Covenant aren't outfitted like standard military. It's possible we just came across a rogue salvage ship."



Approach the control console that the Elite was working with and activate it to open the Observation Deck. When the blast doors open, you will experience a dramatic, yet beautiful sight outside the ship. A Covenant fleet is holding position just in front of the Dawn and you can see the mysterious shield world from Halo 3's Legendary ending in the background. As a swarm of Banshees fly towards the windows, they split off, leaving two Covenant Phantoms in your sights.




Prepare for another short firefight. Remember, your loadout at this point should consist of a Magnum and Plasma Pistol. The Phantoms begin to flank the Observation Deck, shattering the windows on both sides of the room, and deploying a group of four Grunts lead by an Elite.


*Instead of attempting to pick both sides off at once from the stairs in the middle of the room, focus on one group at a time.


*Take out the Grunts first with quick headshots.


*Switch to your Plasma Pistol and use an Overcharged Shot to drop the Elite's shields. Switch back to the Magnum and finish him off.


--> This method of Overcharging their shields with the Plasma Pistol and finishing them off with a precision weapon headshot will be noted as using the "Noob-Combo" from now on.


By this time, the other group of enemies have probably spread out across the room. Don't worry, the Grunts usually move slow and will remain on their side. As for the Elite, take him out first using the Noob-Combo. Once he's no longer a threat, pick off the remaining stragglers.


*An alternate method of dealing with the first group is to toss a Frag Grenade right at the ground where the troops are being deployed. This will most likely kill at least two of the Grunts and break the Elite's shields, leaving him vulnerable to a quick headshot. Make sure to get a new Plasma Pistol before continuing.

  • John-117: "We need to get off this ship."
  • Cortana: "We've got bigger problems. We've got a cruiser on an intercept course. Head for the elevator banks."



After riding the elevator, you will enter a hallway with a pair of Grunts with their back towards you and an Elite staring at you. Pick off the Grunts with the Magnum, then proceed with a Noob-Combo on the Elite. Search their bodies for any Plasma Grenades and fresh Plasma Pistols before moving on.


Past this hallway, there is a sealed door that opens when you approach. On the other side, another Elite and a group of Grunts are waiting for you.




*Noob-Combo the Elite quickly, because he will usually run towards the back of the room.


*Be careful, if the Elite dies first, the group of Grunts will usually drop their weapons, prime two Plasma Grenades, and run at you in a suicide attempt.


*Once you have mopped up this group, proceed through this room and down the staircase on your right.


*Another squad of Grunts and an Elite are at the end of this hallway.


*Either Noob Combo the Elite, or try to stick him with a Plasma Grenade while using the crates in this corridor as cover.


*Once the Elite is killed, you know the plan...focus your fire on the Grunts.

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"Uh - I'm sorry did I miss orbiting a Forerunner planet at some point?"




*Swap your Plasma Pistol for a new one, and search the fallen bodies for extra Plasma Grenades.


*As you proceed past this room, down some stairs and into a rounded corridor, you will pass a weapon crate on your left. Make sure to stock up on Magnum ammo here.


Turn the corner and you will encounter ANOTHER group of Grunts led by an Elite. This time however, two Jackals will join the fight.


DO NOT attempt to engage this group of enemies up close! Use the crates in this hallway as cover.


More importantly, if your attempt at taking out the Covenant looks something like this picture below, pause your game and rethink your strategy before continuing.




*Toss some Frag Grenades down the hallway in attempt to take out some Grunts and break up the group.


*Strafe back and forth between the crates in this hallway, picking off the Grunts and try to get rid of the Jackals.


*Finally, Noob-Combo the Elite.




Recommended Loadout: Keep it simple: Magnum and Plasma Pistol.


The room you enter next is very large and has a 'boxed' in room in the center. DO NOT attempt to use the center room for cover, because the Grunts will certainly kill you!


Begin the firefight by popping your head inside the center room and quickly disposing of any Grunts you see. Do not stay in this room! Strafe the room near where you entered and you will notice Jackals on either side of the room.


If they begin to fall back further into the room, DO NOT FOLLOW. Be quick to kill them and continue to pick off the Grunts in the center room.


As you make your way towards the back of the room, you will encounter three Elites. One of them is armed with a Concussion Rifle so be cautious. Use the Noob-Combo to kill all three from a safe distance.Make sure all the Grunts and Jackals have been taken care of before engaging these Elites to avoid being flanked from behind.




*Before proceeding into the air lock, drop your Plasma Pistol and TAKE THE CONCUSSION RIFLE!


As the you enter the air-lock, Cortana's first signs of Rampancy are revealed:

  • Cortana: (distorted) "You'll have to prime the launch for ignition."
  • John-117: "Cortana?"
  • Cortana: "It's nothing. Just get to the launch station."







*Important Note*


The last fight can be avoided completely which will save you a lot of trouble on Legendary. Thanks to Rogue Echo for sharing this helpful tip and Gheuh2 for making a video on it.




[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssTaJWUTJw0]Halo 4 - Mission 1 Dawn Ending Battle Skip - YouTube[/ame]



*After activating the missile controls, immediately start SPRINTING to the missile. You should be able to reach it before the Phantom dropships arrive to deploy troops.


*If you're quick enough, you will be able to reach the missile and unjam the clamp before the dropship can even fire its cannons at you.


After triggering the missile, enjoy the cutscene! The Forerunner planet begins to suck in the Covenant ships, as well as the Dawn. Your current objective is to reach the escape pods! Follow Cortana's marker and head into the airlock.


*Ignore the weakened Covenant forces inside the ship as you make your way to the pods. Make sure to jump any gaps in the floor to avoid death.


Once you have reached the vehicle bay, sit back and watch as the Master Chief's escape plan goes horribly wrong.





  • Cortana: "Chief! Hold on! We're caught in the gravity well!"
  • John-117: "Can you track the escape pods?"
  • Cortana: "Negative! Look out!"




Congratulations, you've completed Dawn on Legendary! One down, seven to go.

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"I was put into service eight years ago. AIs deteriorate after seven, Chief."




Mission Brief: So far, John's luck is holding out. Having survived the crash landing unto the Forerunner Planet, Chief wakes up to a graveyard of ships. The Master Chief learns of Cortana's "Rampancy" and is set on bringing her back to Earth so Dr. Halsey can fix her. Your current objective is to locate any Covenant forces and steal one of their ships in order to get back to Earth.


Starting Loadout: Assault Rifle and Magnum


*Among the wreckage, you can find a Plasma Pistol and Covenant Carbine if you follow the left path of the crash site.




As you are searching for weapons in the crash site, Cortana will eventually mark your HUD with a marker showing you where to go. Proceed down the canyon and into the dark cave.


As you emerge from the cave, you'll experience a beautiful view of the new planet and some shape-shifting architecture. Take a left and proceed down the hill until you come across some debris of the Dawn.

  • Cortana: "Warthogs - and still in one piece. Nice to see your luck is holding out."

You will notice several Warthogs that are still intact, so hop into a Warthog and follow the very, very long path until you come to a huge opening where Covenant troops are stationed.




Recommended Loadout: The Covenant Carbine and Plasma Pistol are highly suggested. Make sure you picked them up in the beginning.


*We're going to try and kill the least amount of enemies possible in this first area.


As soon as you enter the canyon, disregard the Phantom dropship as it deploys multiple troops towards the left side. Instead, continue driving your Warthog straight through the canyon and veer right when you will notice three Grunts running into a gap in between two rocks to your right.


*Splatter the Grunts and continue driving through the gap in the rocks that they were marching towards.


*Hug the right side of the canyon wall and park your Warthog in between the next big rock and the canyon wall.


*Pick off the Jackal Ranger in the Watchtower.


*Peek out carefully and Noob-Combo the Elite in this area.


*Next, pick off the rest of the Grunts and Jackals with your Carbine.


*Peek out to the left of the rock now and take out the few Grunts in the distance (especially the one with the Fuel Rod Cannon).


*Now peek out to the right again and make your way towards the right and you will notice an Elite Commander on the raised ledge with a Concussion Rifle.


*Noob-Combo the Elite!


*Head down the narrow path behind the Elite and keep an eye on your motion sensors.


*Do not run down the narrow path! You will notice three red blips moving towards you.


*Three Grunts, one armed with a Fuel Rod Cannon begin to approach you. Take them out with your Carbine and swap your Plasma Pistol for one of theirs if you need to.


One major firefight down, a few more to go! Remember to reload any weapons and pick up any new Plasma Pistols if you are running low on your current one. For this next firefight, we will battle two groups of Covenant near the base of the Forerunner structure, climb the rocks in front of the structure, and battle one last group of Covenant on the last level led by an Elite Zealot. You ready?




Recommended Loadout: The Covenant Carbine will be a great weapon for this next fight. The Fuel Rod Cannon, if you choose to use it in place of the Plasma Pistol, will help blast away the Elites and Grunts, but once you run out of ammo, swap it out for the Plasma Pistol. The Noob-Combo still works with a Carbine/Plasma Pistol combination.


*Begin this section by either taking out or driving off the Jackal Rangers on top on the raised ledges in the distance.


*As you move forward, an Elite, two Jackals, and a squad of Grunts will approach you.


*Use the Carbine for quick headshots on the smaller enemies and the Fuel Rod Cannon/Noob-Combo on the Elite.


*If you kill the Elite first, the Grunts will most likely initiate a suicide charge so be careful!


After taking out this squadron of Covenant, check how many Fuel Rods you have left. If your out or don't like having the weapon, swap it out for a Plasma Pistol. Reload your Carbine and prepare for another fight on the other side of the rocks.


*Flank the next group of enemies from the RIGHT, using the elevated ground to pick off the Grunts and Jackals with the Carbine.


*There is a cache of Covenant weapons here to restock on ammo for your weapons if your running low.


*If you were not able to take out the Jackal Sniper from before, be careful as he may be trying to pick you off by now.


*Once the Grunts and Jackals are taken care of, punish the Elites in this area with a deadly dosage of the Noob-Combo.


Now it's time to head up the Forerunner structure...the easy way. Begin climbing the rocks in front of the structure to make your way to the middle level. You will see a ramp leading to the third level as soon as you finish the climb.


*On the top floor of the structure, lies a group of Grunts and Jackals led by an Elite Zealot. Remember Zealots wield Energy Swords and Active Camo.


*As you climb the ramp, begin charging up your Plasma Pistol and Noob-Combo the Zealot before he falls back into the structure.


*With the Elite no longer a threat, pick off the remaining Grunts and Jackals with headshots.


Once the area is clear, Cortana will ask that you inspect the module that the Elite dropped. Approach it and hold down the :xbut: to pick up Active Camouflage.




*Resist the urge to pick up the Energy Sword. On Legendary, the the charge you must make towards the enemy to be able to lunge the sword will only result in death.


As you enter the Forerunner structure, a group of Sentinels will greet you. Don't worry, these Sentinels are not hostile and will go about their duties without bothering you. Make your way towards the back of the room to access the control panel, which is actually a Cartographer similar to the one you found on Installation 04 in Combat Evolved. A short cinematic will follow after activating the controls where you learn that the planet you have landed on is a shield world known as Requiem. Right before Cortana is able to retrieve more information, the Cartographer shuts down. Your current objective is to power it back up...which seems easy right? Well, let's find out.

  • Cortana: "It's a localized cartographer. Hmm… Okay… In service of Forerunner Shield World designate 'Requiem'."
  • John-117: "Requiem. At least we know where we are now."
  • Cortana: "Let's see if it could tell us what the Covenant are so interested in.




Recommended Loadout: You can acquire Carbine ammo and a new Plasma Pistol in this room before activating any of the power switches. From the direction in which you are facing, there is a Covenant weapons cache on the left side of the room, right before you enter the power chamber.


*As you approach the chamber, some Sentinels will fly past the Master Chief. Disregard them and activate the switch in front of you to release a light bridge.




*Cross the bridge and activate the second switch, which will drain your shields, but slightly power up the Cartographer.


*The platform where you are currently standing on begins to descend to the lower level. To save time, jump back on the light bridge and exit the power chamber.


*Several Grunts, Jackals and Elites will be patrolling the room now.


*While using Active Camo, pick off the smaller infantry with your Carbine, until your able to move in to perform a Noob-Combo attack on the Elite.


*It is important to note that on Legendary, many enemies will still notice your camouflage even when you're standing perfectly still. Use the Camo at a distance to prevent this and make sure not to move/sprint, because the Camo will wear off and give away your position.

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"If we have a shot at getting you back to Infinity, we're taking it."


*Grab a new Plasma Pistol off one of the dead Grunts if you are running low on battery.


After you clear out this first group of Covenant, begin to climb the ramps towards the second power chamber. Another squad of Grunts led by an Elite will emerge from a door straight ahead to investigate the area. You know the plan.




*Noob-Combo the Elite.


*Pick off the Grunts.


Now, head into the second power chamber and activate the switches just like you did for the first chamber. When you exit the power chamber, prepare yourself as several more Covenant troops occupy the room this time.


*Pick off the Grunts on the center platform from your position with the Carbine.


* Stay on this side of the room! Follow the dirt path up the left side of the room and be on the lookout for any Grunts or Jackals to take care of.


* As you get to the top of the dirt path, you will notice a Jackal Ranger across the room. Take him down before he is able to kill you!


*With most, if not all, of the smaller enemies dead, this leaves only two Elites.


*On Legendary, one of them is usually armed with a Concussion Rifle or Fuel Rod Cannon. Use your Active Camo if necessary and use the Noob-Combo to kill both Elites.


*After the room is clear, reactivate the Cartographer.



  • Cortana: "The cartographer keeps acting like a transmission is coming from everywhere on the planet at once. It doesn't want to triangulate Infinity's signal...Oh wait… I got it."
  • John-117: "That can't be right. Scan again."
  • Cortana: "We've already past through one layer of the planet surface, it's not crazy to think that someone else is deeper inside than we did."
  • John-117: "You mean the planet is hollow?"
  • Cortana: "Let me see if I can figure out a way to reach these coordinates that doesn't involve us digging a really big hole...There's a terminus at the far side of the complex. We can portal to the planet's core from there..."
  • John-117: "What?"
  • Cortana: "I don't know…"
  • John-117: "If we have a shot getting you back to Infinity, we're taking it."
  • Cortana: "Okay…"


As the Master Chief retrieves Cortana's data chip from the console and begins to walk away, the Cartographer emits the error sound again while the hologram of Requiem flickers to a red icon...wonder whose icon that could be.


*The next room contains the Hardlight Shield AA. While the Shield can be great to use at times, it doesn't last long enough under fire to outweigh being mostly invisible from the Active Camo AA. We're going to pass up the Hardlight Shield and stick with the Active Camo for now.


Once the door in the back of the room opens, you will be overlooking a very long bridge with Covenant troops already setting up defensive positions. Multiple Phantoms and Banshees are patrolling the bridge in the distance. Prepare yourself for another tough firefight.




Recommended Loadout: Make sure you still have a Plasma Pistol, like always. Also, make sure you haven't dropped the Carbine. Remember the multiple weapon caches in the Cartographer room. If you completely ran out of ammo or accidentally dropped it, don't worry. You can find Battle Rifle ammo and Carbine ammo on the bridge.


*Start off by sitting in the entrance of the door and picking off the Grunt Gunner in the Phantom in the distance with your Carbine.


*Once he's downed, stay to the right of the platform and pick off the Grunts and Jackals below with your Carbine.


*Take the elevator down and make sure you search any fallen bodies for Plasma Grenades.


*Work your way forward and be aware of any Phantoms hovering in the distance. If you see any, either take out their Gunner or take cover until they leave.


*Use appropriate cover to take out the remaining Grunts, Jackals, and Elites.


*You will come to a point on the bridge where you must drop down to continue. Don't drop down right away! There is a Jackal Ranger across the way so be ready to take him out before he snipes you.


*After he is no longer a threat, turn around and on the left, you will find a Covenant weapons crate with Carbine ammo.


*Stock up on ammo, and then return to the top portion of the bridge to take out the Grunts and Jackals below. Finally, drop down and Noob-Combo the Elite.


*We're going to grab the Banshee that was parked on the top portion of this bridge. Climb the side ramps, turn around quickly and sprint for the Banshee. On Legendary, it can be risky to use the Banshee because there will be two enemy occupied Banshees and several ground forces trying to shoot you down. With this said, it would be more difficult to take out these forces on foot.




*As soon as you are piloting the Banshee, turn right around and fly your way towards the end of the bridge. Do not stop to take any Covenant troops out because it will only slow you down.


*Fly all the way to the end, hop out and SPRINT through the next doorway.


*Make sure you've left the bridge with a Plasma Pistol and a Covenant Carbine!




Well...it's not so much of a major firefight here. We're going to bypass the entire first encounter by using the rocky ridge on the right to climb to the middle level of the Forerunner structure.


*As soon as the next door opens, SPRINT to the right of the canyon and jump onto the rocks!




*Carefully climb the rocks as high as you can and you will eventually reach the middle level of the structure.


*There's a group of Grunts led by an Elite on this level so take them out appropriately! Headshots for the Grunts, Noob-Combo for the Elite.


*Continue forward and two shielded Jackals will ambush you. Pop these suckers with your Carbine.


*Slowly turn the corner and you will notice a Jackal Ranger with a Beam Rifle sitting on top on the ramp. Take him out and make your way up this ramp.


* Take a left when you get to the top of the ramp and two Elites will arrive in the distance. They aren't much of a threat due to your trusty Noob-Combo. Take them out quickly while using the crates and barricades for cover.


We're almost done! At this point, you can here a lot of fighting going on on the level above. Two Hunters will be fighting against a group of Sentinels and you must aid in taking down the Hunters. Before climbing the ramps to the last level, you will notice an overturned weapon crate with plenty of Fuel Rod Cannon ammo within. Swap your Plasma Pistol for one of these big guns!


* Climb either ramp and be ready to unload all your Fuel Rods into the Hunters. Toss any Frag or Plasma Grenades you have towards them, and continue to unleash the fury of your Fuel Rod Cannon upon them. They may be tough...but they will eventually die.


That about sums up the last firefight in this level! Enter the door that the Sentinels were guarding and walk down the extremely long corridor in the next room.




Towards the back of the room climb the ramps and circle around to the back as you wait for an elevator to descend. Once the elevator arrives, get aboard and relax as it brings you to the end of the level. Enjoy the next cutscene as Chief and Cortana locate Infinity's position and are introduced to an extraordinarily breathtaking Promethean Knight.

  • Cortana: "When I tried to access the outlet closest to Infinty's transmissions, the system responded with this."
  • John-117: "What is it?"
  • Cortana: "That's the kicker. It's the Forerunner symbol for 'Reclaimer'."
  • John-117: "Humanity… That's got to be Infinity. Could you get us to those coordinates?"
  • Cortana: "Let me try open a portal...I'm picking up an unknown energy signatures."
  • John-117: "Where?"
  • Cortana: "This can't be right."

Promethean Knights, lit in blue, teleport on to the top of the pillars in the room. They each emit a growling sound. Johns raises his assault rifle in alarm.

  • John-117: "Set a waypoint out of the tower...Cortana?"
  • Cortana: "How did…? Quick! Into the portal!"




Congratulations, you've completed Requiem on Legendary! Two down, six to go.

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"This is Requiem's core all right, but Infinity is definitely not here."




Mission Brief: Sticking to the mission at hand, Cortana reveals that the control satellite producing the interference preventing communications with Infinity is being protected by a shield. In order to take down the shields, the Chief will have to fight his way through countless Promethean and Covenant forces.


Starting Loadout: Assault Rifle and Magnum


*Pick up the AutoSentry in the starting room! After replaying Forerunner multiple times, I have found that the AutoSentry does in fact prove to be beneficial on Legendary. It will take down most weak enemies and even take out the shields of most Promethean Knights and Covenant Elites.



  • Cortana: "That satellite in the center is amplifying the ship's broadcasts like a relay."
  • John-117: "Maybe we can use it to respond."
  • Cortana: "Perhaps. Those beams coming off it are creating the interference we've been experiencing. We'd have to take them out to contact with Infinity."
  • John-117: "Can you get us there?"
  • Cortana: "Opening a gate to the first beam pylon. Pull me and let's go."

Well, looks like it's time to take down those beam pylons if we're going to get in touch with Infinity. Head through the portal on the left and you will be transported to a small corridor. Make your way outside and continue up the dirt path. Here, you will notice several Promethean Crawlers flee the area. Oh boy...this can't be good. Continue following the path and around the next bend, you will notice that the Crawlers didn't retreat. They regrouped.


*When battling any variant of the Promethean Crawler, weapons capable of headshots are your best friend. Luckily, we have the Magnum for this encounter.


*Crawlers move extremely fast on land, but while they are climbing walls, they are a bit slower.


*Use the Magnum to score headshots on these enemies. The Assault Rifle can do a number on them as well when fired in short, controlled bursts.


*After you clear out this area, replace the Assault Rifle with the Suppressor.




*Proceed to the marked waypoint and activate the light bridge in order to continue to the next area.




After crossing the bridge, you are attacked by a Promethean Knight. The Knight does not harm you however; it teleports away almost immediately after jumping on the Chief. After a short walk, you reach an open area where a Knight is seen in the distance roaring a challenge. Crawlers begin to join the fight towards the left. Prepare yourself. This is the first fight of the game that includes all three Promethean constructs.




Recommended Loadout: If you were able to hold a good supply of Magnum ammo for the previous fight, you'll want to use it along side the Suppressor. The Magnum is great for scoring headshots on the Crawlers and taking out the Watchers. The Boltshot can be useful here as well if you choose to take it instead of the Suppressor.

  • John-117: "More of them?"
  • Cortana: "Similar phasing activity at the edge of our sensors. We're about to get busy."

*The Knight will attempt to deploy a Watcher after it jumps off the rock to confront you.


*This can be prevented if you are able to toss a well placed Frag Grenade, which can also break it's shields, leaving it vulnerable to a quick headshot.


*The Knight is usually armed with either a Light Rifle or Suppressor.


*If it wields a Light Rifle, it will stay back and accurately attempt to pick you off. If he has a Suppressor, he will be sure to bring the fight to you.


*Focus your fire on the Watcher and Crawlers first however.


*Use the rocks in this area for cover when necessary.


*When fighting the Knight, try to deploy your AutoSentry near it. This will almost always distract the Knight for a couple seconds and he will stop shooting completely.


*If this happens, you can either sneak up next to him for a quick melee beatdown, or just rain down Suppressor fire on him while closing in.




*When their shields are down, the Knights will either teleport to safety behind cover, or teleport directly at you to melee attack.


*A Boltshot's charged shot is capable of staggering or even killing an unshielded Knight.


*Watch our for their Pulse Grenades! They don't appear to be as lethal as a Frag or Plasma Grenade, but the Pulse Grenade will damage anything in it's radius. After five seconds the Pulse Grenade will detonate and weaken/kill unshielded enemies.


After you are able to take out the Knight, proceed down the canyon and into the structure ahead. A Forerunner weapons cache can be located in this next room. Be sure to stock up on either Suppressor or Boltshot ammo before continuing.




Recommended Loadout: If the first Knight you just fought had a Light Rifle, TAKE IT along side your Magnum. If you weren't so lucky, keep a Suppressor with you for those close combat encounter with the Knights. The Boltshot is a decent weapon when using it's charged shot, but that feature unfortunately puts you in range of their melee attacks.


At the end of the corridor, a door opens to a canyon with two paths. One dead ahead, and another that branches off to the right. A pair of Knights warp right in front of you in attempt to guard each path. For this fight, we're going to take the path straight ahead, so the Knight on the right can be avoided completely if necessary.


*This firefight can be avoided completely and you can bypass all enemies to reach the corridor to the first pylon!


*As soon as the door opens, run straight down the path, past the Knight that warps in front of you.


*Continue running past the next Knight and unto the Forerunner platform.


*Take a minute to inspect the side ramps on either side of the platform for Light Rifle ammo!!!


*Backtrack to the center of the platform and shoot the Crawlers that are hanging out on the right cliff side wall.


*Drop down into the battlefield below and head straight into the tunnel that the Crawlers were above.


*Head through the tunnel and up the next rock path to enter the next Forerunner corridor!


Inside, you can find another weapons cache. Stock up on Light Rifle ammo and make sure your secondary is either a ScatterShot or Suppressor.




Recommended Loadout: The Light Rifle will be your primary weapon for this fight, and for the rest of the level. The Scattershot can be a risky weapon, but it is powerful enough to tear off a Knight's shields at close range; a quick second and third shot will kill them completely. Make sure you are fully stocked up with Pulse Grenades as well. Even though the Crawlers and Knights will usually avoid them, it can be useful to drive them out of cover or drain a Knight's shields. Remember: Watchers can toss back Grenades, so do not throw any if one is nearby.


*You will earn a checkpoint for every shield emitter you destroy if you hang around the emitter long enough. For this strategy, we're going to want to take out the shield emitters as quickly as possible so this may cause the game to not give us checkpoints right away.

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"Don't worry. I've held off Rampancy this long, haven't I?"


*Start off by jumping off the rock to your right after you exit the corridor.


*Do not focus your fire on the Knight that warps on top of the shield emitter structure.


*Hug the canyon wall and headshot the Crawlers that ambush you.


*Turn left and you will notice a 'hole' in a wall that surrounds the room that contains the first shield emitter. Shoot the shield emitter through this hole!



  • Cortana: "I read two more cores on our level. Hit them before you climb all the way up."

*Continue around the edge of the canyon and take out the Crawlers on the path that are guarding the second emitter.


*Do not follow them into the structure. Continue around the side of the structure and you will see a gap in the wall which allows you to shoot the second shield emitter.


*Like before, continue around the edge of the map while taking out any Crawlers to your left.


*When you reach the third shield emitter, hug the outside wall and you will notice a tiny hole in the wall. Throw a Frag Grenade through the hole and into the room with the emitter to destroy it.


*Now quickly turn around and SPRINT towards the huge structure in the middle of the battlefield.


*Climb the ramp quickly in order to avoid the two Knights that spawn near the structure's base.


Take a breather when you get to the top of the structure and make sure all your weapons are reloaded. You've just bypassed almost all the Promethean forces in this encounter so pat yourself on the back if you've make this far.


* Make your way up the Forerunner structure and you will encounter a Knight Battlewagon who wields an obvious Scattershot.


*Here, you can either quickly take it out with close quarter combat Scattershot fire of your own, distract it with an AutoSentry in order to pick him off slowly with your Light Rifle, or attempt to run by him and up the rest of the structure.




Enter the elevator on the other side of the light bridge in order to reach the beam control and disable it. Before taking out the generator and leaving the elevator room, check the either side of the room for more ammo. After you disable the beam control, Cortana will teleport you back to the beginning room of the level, where she will open another portal that brings you close to the second power station.

  • Cortana: "There's still too much interference to warn them. We've got to disable that other beam before they're pulled in like we were."

Upon entering the starting room, you will notice that you are not alone in your journey; the Covenant are racing toward the same destination.

  • Cortana: "I was wondering why Infinity hadn't encountered the Covenant yet."
  • John-117: "What are they doing here?"
  • Cortana: "They're heading to second pylon as well!"
  • John-117: "That can't be a coincidence."




Recommended Loadout: Make sure you have held on to your Light Rifle and Scattershot. They will be essential for scoring quick kills on the Knights and Watchers in this section.


When you are warped into the dark room, check the weapon caches ahead of you for more ammo if necessary. Proceed forwards and drop down into the hole in the ground. A couple more steps and we are overlooking a massive firefight. We are at an advantage here. We catch our first glimpse at the fighting that is going on between the Prometheans and the Covenant. They're both enemies, so for now, we're going to avoid helping either side. Take a right and follow the narrow ledge around the canyon.


*Once you reach the end of the ledge, disregard the the few Elites fighting the single Promethan Knight.


*Instead, run right by them and continue up the next path where you will see a Knight slaughter a poor Elite.


*If you still have your Scattershot, run up real close and punish him with a few rounds to the chest.


*Continue up this path and you will notice two Watchers come flying into the area. Quickly take them out with your Light Rifle before they can construct the Forerunner Turret!


*As you leave this are and pass through the gap in the wall, a pair of Elites on Ghosts will be cut down immediately by a single Knight.


*Use the Scattershot to quickly take out the Knight before he can react to your arrival.


*Grab one of the Ghosts and prepare for a quick race to the second power station.




*Drive the Ghost straight ahead while maintaining to your left until you reach a lit cave.


*Proceed through this cave and when you exit, you will see another Forerunner corridor door open just in front of you.


*Drive the Ghost inside and you will have successfully driven past many, many enemy forces.




Recommended Loadout: Your loadout should have not changed from the last firefight. A Light Rifle and Scattershot will be necessary for this next section. If you do not have a Scattershot at this point, you can find one inside one of the side hallways in the main corridor you just drove into.


*We're going to approach this section on foot because on Legendary, the Banshee will get destroyed in a matter of seconds before you can do any damage with it.


*First, splatter the Elite in front of you as soon as the door opens to prevent him from piloting the Banshee.


*Next, make a right and drive your Ghost up the path to the first shield emitter while taking out the few Grunts here.


*As you approach this emitter, an Elite will charge towards you. either use your Ghost to take him out or hop out and decimate him with the Scattershot.


*Take cover inside the room with the emitter and melee it to destroy it.


*From this room, you can zoom in and pick off any Grunts across the battlefield at the second emitter.


*Quickly sprint your way to the second emitter while taking out the Grunts surrounding it.


*There will be another Elite here, but the Light Rifle can kill an Elite incredibly quickly so the Noob-Combo isn't even necessary.


*Take out the second emitter the same way as the first.


*You can actually take out the third emitter with a solid shot from your Light Rifle from where you are right now if you zoom across the canyon.


With all three shield emitters down, climb the center structure much like you did the first one. On the top of the structure, there will three Elites. You can try to take them out quickly with the Scattershot, or you can hang back and pick them off with the Light Rifle...or you can be completely insane like me and run by all three of them to the elevator room. Choose your pick and approach each encounter cautiously.


After another short elevator ride, restock on ammo in this room and disable the beam control generator. You will be teleported back to the main room and a portal will open right in front of you. Head on through and prepare for the last major firefight of this mission.

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"So fades the great harvest of my betrayal."






Recommended Loadout: Hopefully you've kept your AutoSentry, Light Rifle and Scattershot. The AutoSentry will be a great support system through this last section. The Light Rifle will score you easy kills against the Elites while the Scattershot can destroy any enemy up close in a single shot or two.


*As soon as you enter the Core, pick off the Grunts and Jackals with headshots from your Light Rifle.


*Cortana will mark the doors on either side of the room. We're going to be taking the right path which contains mostly all Covenant forces.


*After opening the door, sprint up the ramp and when you get to the top, make a run for another small ramp on the right.


*You will encounter a single Elite and Jackal in this small room. Take them both out with your Scattershot.


*Do not stop to take care of the rest of the Covenant forces fighting in this area.


*Continue through this small room, past a barricade to your left, and forward towards a large Forerunner door.


*Sometimes, an Elite with a Fuel Rod Cannon will blast you away before you can enter through the door. If you manage to catch a glimpse of him, do not hesitate to take him out with your Scattershot before proceeding through the next room.


*Once inside the room, stock up on Forerunner ammo and use the mini-elevator to reach the next door.


*Pass through the door and climb the small ramp on the right side much like the room before.


*There will be one Jackal and two Elites in this room.


*You can take out the first Elite with your Scattershot rather quickly before the other two enemies can react.


*The Scattershot has a fast rate of fire so it is possible to take out all three enemies in quick succession without having to reload or worry about them damaging/killing you.


*Peek out of this room and mop up the rest of the Covenant in the center of this area with your Light Rifle.


*After defeating the Covenant troops, make your way towards the large ramp on the right and there will be a Forerunner weapon cache to your left. Stock up on both Light Rifle and Scattershot ammo here. When you reach the top, you will encounter a firefight between three Knights and three Elites.


*Pick off the Elites with your Light Rifle from a safe distance.


*Next, clean up the Knights by deploying a well-placed AutoSentry and using the Light Rifle for accurate fire.


*One of the Knights in this fight if a Knight Lancer, meaning he is wielding a Binary Rifle! Be cautious when fighting the Knights and remember that the Binary Rifle has a red charge around the user's head when he is about to fire it.


With the Knights and Elites dead, make your way to the edge of the platform where you must interact with the contacts in order to contact with Infinity...or...



  • Didact: "So fades the great harvest of my betrayal. Even these beasts recognize what you are oblivious to, Human. Your nobility has blinded you, as ever. The Librarian left little to chance didn't she? Turning my own guardians - my own world against me...but what hubris...to believe she could protect her pets from me forever. If you haven't mastered even these primitives, then man has not attained the Mantle. Your ascendance may yet be prevented. Time was your ally, Human, but now it has abandoned you. The Forerunner have returned. This tomb...is now yours."




You have been deceived. Disabling the shielding around the core and attempting to use it as a communications interface has released The Didact. After barely escaping the Didact, the Master Chief must now escape Requiem's core. Climb the rubble after the Chief gets up and be ready to drive the Ghost down an extremely dangerous and lengthly path while avoiding death.




You will eventually reach a portal where you will drive through. Enjoy the cutscene as the Chief ditches the Ghost right before driving off a steep cliff. As he looks up in the sky, the UNSC Infinity is seen as it is being pulled into the planet by an unknown energy source.





Congratulations, you've completed Forerunner on Legendary! Three down, five to go.

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"This is Sierra-117 of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. We're on station, ready to assist."




Mission Brief: The Infinity has crashed landed on Requiem and is under attack by Covenant and Promethean forces. The Master Chief attempts to link up with the Infinity and assist them in repelling the enemy. A scouting party from the Infinity has been sent into the jungle to establish bases to recon the area around the ship but is being overrun by Promethean troops. Gear up soldier. It's time to take back the Infinity and get off this planet.


Starting Loadout: Assault Rifle and Magnum


When you regain control of the Master Chief, the Infinity is seen in the distance as Covenant ships begin their assault on the vessel, while the Didact's satellite scans the Infinity. Over the UNSC raido network, Marines can be heard requesting immediate backup. Cortana marks the nearest Friend/Foe Tag in the jungle behind you. Time to save some Marines!


Turn around and head down the foliage into the depths of the jungle. You will enter an open area where a Marine is being terminated by a group of three Knights. As soon as you approach the group, they teleport away.

  • John-117: "Lasky?"
  • Cortana: "One of them's an officer. Check his IFF tag."



Pick up the IFF tag and listen to the Marine's final words.


*Make sure to scour the area for the DMR. Each dead Marine will be carrying ammo for this weapon. Swap it your for your Assault Rifle.


Head down the path to the left now. A pack of Crawlers can be seen ambushing you from the bottom of the hill.


*Stick to the right as soon as you see the Crawlers and you will climb a small hill that will allow you to scale the treetops in order to bypass this first encounter. You may get shot at a few times while crossing over the trees but you will not die.


*The treetops will eventually come to an end, forcing you to drop down.


*As soon as you drop, two Crawlers will spawn directly in front of you. Take each of them out with your Magnum.


*As soon as you turn the corner to the left, some Crawlers will already be firing at you.


*Disregard the Crawlers for a second and take out the Watcher that begins to resurrect a pack of fallen Crawlers. If you take it out quick enough, you can prevent the resurrection.


More Crawlers begin to leap down from the trees to attack you so pick them off quickly with your Magnum.


*On the right in the treetops, be prepared to take out a Crawler Snipe. Armed with Binary Rifles, these Crawlers should be taken out quickly! Their heads have a telltale halo effect that lets you know when they are about to fire their Binary Rifle.


*After you take down the Crawler Snipe, consider picking up the Binary Rifle in place of your Magnum. Hopefully you have a full DMR still and have not used it yet.


A little further into the jungle, a Knight and a Marine can be seen killing each other. The Knight drops a module containing Promethean Vision that Cortana advises you to pick up. Be sure to sweep the surrounding area for Frag Grenades and Magnum ammo if you decided to keep your sidearm.

  • Cortana: "Hold up! What was that he dropped on the ground over there? This is what they've been using to see through the fog."



Recommended Loadout: At this point, you should still have your DMR which you haven't used yet. Swap out your Magnum for the Binary Rifle for easier kills on the Promethean Knights.




Now that you have Promethean Vision, you can use it to scope out the enemies below in the fog. Do not jump down the ledge immediately or it will result in a certain death. Instead, activate Promethean Vision to see where the enemies are located and use your Magnum to pick off the Crawlers in the treetops as well as on the ground below.


*Three Crawlers Snipes hang out in the tree tops so make these guys your priority.


*Next, focus your fire on the remaining Crawlers below. Use your DMR to pick them off.


*After they're dealt with, use your Binary Rifle on the Knight below.


*Shot the Knight twice with the Binary Rifle to drop his shields, then quickly switch to your DMR to finish it off with a quick headshot.


Drop down below once all the Promethean forces are dead and try to stock up on Binary Rifle ammo from the Crawler Snipes you just killed. As you attempt to proceed through the fog, another Knight and pack of Crawlers ambush you.


*Focus your fire on the Crawlers first, then eliminate the Knight the same way you dealt with the previous one.


After dealing with this group of Prometheans, search the Knight for his AutoSentry. Consider replacing the Binary Rifle with his Light Rifle as well. Continue to move forward and Cortana will have you inspect another IFF tag. Beyond the tag, another Knight and Watcher pair await with a pack of Crawlers.


Do yourself a favor and activate Promethean Vision before rounding the corner to spot the Crawlers in the treetops. Crawler Snipes will hang out in the treetops here so make sure to kill them immediately!


*Pick off the Crawler Snipes and the standard Crawlers, then focus your fire on the two Watchers in this area.


*Deploy your AutoSentry to aid you in taking down the Knight. Toss a couple Pulse Grenades towards him in attempt to drain his shields as well.


After the firefight, proceed through the jungle and Cortana will claim that the path is filled with winding tree roots that create a chokepoint.


*Crawlers infest the trees in this area so use Promethean Vision to your advantage to locate them.


After moving up the treetops and killing several Crawlers along the way, you will reach a locked door with an IFF tag laying on the ground beside a crate of UNSC ammo. DMR ammo can be found here. After inspecting the tag, the facility door opens as Marines and Spartan-IV's pour through. Enjoy the cutscene as Master Chief is introduced to Commander Lasky and Palmer. You will learn that Captain Del Rio had sent out ground troops in hopes of locating the gravity well that is pinning down the Infinity. The Master Chief and Cortana are requested to help clear an LZ to evacuate the wounded and get the combat-ready troops back to the Infinity.



  • Cortana: "You were sent on a scouting run in the middle of an attack on the ship?"
  • Commander Lasky: "The Captain thought Infinity could provide us cover and hold off the attack at the same time."
  • Commander Palmer: "Sir, we'll never get the wounded back to the ship on foot."
  • Commander Lasky: "I don't know if it's too soon to ask you for a favor but...we're gonna run out of breathing room real quick. I don't suppose your any good at clearing LZ's."
  • John-117: "On occasion. I'll send out an all-clear once the area is secured."



Recommended Loadout: The DMR is essential for the next firefight! Your secondary weapon should be a Light Rifle or Binary Rifle, which you will end up giving to one of your Marine allies.


With two Marines in tow, the Master Chief exits the makeshift triage to begin the push to the designated LZ. Take cover behind the sandbags and make sure to deploy your AutoSentry (it cannot be deployed while crouching). These sandbags also provide additional ammo for your DMR.


*It is worth noting that Marines in this game are ACTUALLY USEFUL!


*If you've kept your Binary Rifle, definitely consider handing it over to one of them. If you're secondary weapon is a Light Rifle, give it to them.


*With unlimited ammo and amazing accuracy, you will be amazed at how helpful these Marines can actually be in this entire game.


*A Knight, Watcher and pack of Crawlers occupy this area.


*Take out the Watcher as quickly as possible before it retreats into the treetops.


*Pick off the Crawlers with your DMR.


*The AutoSentry & your Marines, as well as your own DMR, will help kill the Knight quickly.


Another Knight deploys a Watcher a little further down the path but uses the trees as cover. Deploy your AutoSentry again and kill the Watcher first before dealing with the Knight. As you continue up a sloped path and round a corner, another Knight and a pack of Crawlers will ambush you. Again, use the AutoSentry as soon as you turn this corner and make use of any grenades you have at your disposal to wipe out the Crawlers and tear the shields away from the Knight.


Commander Lasky radios in with some bad news: Another squad of Marines up ahead is being overrun by Promethean forces. These Marines were originally set up to guard the door that leads to the LZ. Rush down the path towards the Marines and assist them in clearing out this area.

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"Afraid we're gonna have to give you an IOU on that welcome home party."



*It is important to get through this next firefight with AT LEAST 2 to 3 Marines alive. They will serve beneficial as Turret Gunners when you are to defend the LZ doorway.




*At the bottom of the hill near the sandbags, replace your secondary weapons (Light Rifle/Binary Rifle/Assault Rifle) with the Railgun. A fully charge Railgun shot will tear away Knight shielding, leaving them vulnerable to a quick headshot.

*Run down the path while scoped in with your DMR to pick off the Crawlers and Watchers that ambush the second group of Marines.


*A Knight will warp in the middle of the battlefield. Use the Railgun/DMR combo to rid of him quickly.


*Move up the right side of the battlefield and you will notice two Watchers hover overhead in the distance. They will stop to construct a pair of Forerunner Turrets, and then attempt to summon additional Crawlers to join the group that charges down the hill from the sealed door.


*Kill these Watchers immediately before they are able to perform these actions!


*Your Marines, granted you've kept at least 2 to 3 alive, will aid you in taking out the Watchers and Crawlers that storm down the hill.


*Next, focus your fire on the Knights with the Railgun/DMR combo.


*Use your AutoSentry often to help weaken enemies while in battle.


After eliminating all hostiles within the area, and inserting Cortana into a nearby terminal so that she can open the sealed door, she places a new objective "Defend the Hilltop" at the top of your HUD, signaling the attack of seven Knights, supported by a Crawler pack and multiple Watchers, all coming from the bottom of the hill you just came up.


If you managed to keep any Marines alive, they will occupy the Mounted Machine Gun Turrets and assist with accurately heavy fire. As the forces make their way up the hill, pick off the Crawlers with your DMR.




The Watchers should be your priority targets in this fight. Whenever a Knight warps itself into the battlefield, your Marines will hose them with their Turrets. Throw in a deadly Railgun/DMR combo attack to kill the Knights quicker.


Cortana calls for you to retrieve her from the AI plinth once the area has been cleared. The cave beyond the now open door is where the landing zone is located. Unfortunately, any surviving Marines do not accompany you to the next firefight. Make sure to stock up on any Railgun and DMR ammo before proceeding through the door. If you cannot find DMR ammo, substitute it with a Light Rifle if there is enough ammo laying around.






Recommended Loadout: The Railgun will tear down the Knights quickly. A DMR or Light Rifle will be great to score quick headshots on unshielded enemies, as well as smaller infantry. Alternatively, the Plasma Pistol can be pick off a Grunt in this fight, which can strip a Knight's shields, leaving him vulnerable to a headshot from your DMR, Light Rifle, or Carbine.


Proceed through the cave until you reach the opening where a Promethean Knight is directing a group of Covenant Grunts and Jackals to attack you.


*Quickly Railgun/DMR/Light Rifle the Knight!


*Eliminate the Grunts and Jackals here before they are able to flee.


*Turn to the right and follow the ledge where you will encounter a Jackal Sniper. Kill him with a headshot.


*More Railgun ammo can be found here.


*Using this ledge and its rocks for cover, pick off the Covenant forces and Promethean Watchers in the open area below with whichever precision weapon you have chosen to equip.


*Railgun/Precision combo the Knight below to trigger a checkpoint.


*Try to use the AutoSentry as much as possible in this fight.


A Covenant Dropship will arrive and deploy more Covenant troops into the battlefield.


*Continue to headshot the Grunts and Jackals and once they are taken care of, three Knights will warp into the area.


*Make use of the Railgun/Precision combo on them! If you do not have a precision weapon at this point, Railgun/Melee them for a last resort.


A Pelican Dropship arrives once the area is clear. Infinity's forces are losing ground against a determined assault, and any able troops under Lasky and Palmer's command, along with the Master Chief, are needed to assist in the fight.






Recommended Loadout: Must I say it? The Tank!


The Pelican drops you off in the middle of an intense firefight. Marines and Spartan-IV's are under heavy fire from Covenant troops, which include Ghosts and Wraiths. We're in luck. The Marines happen to have a Scorpion Tank at their disposal. Hop in the Tank IMMEDIATELY AFTER clearing out some of the Grunts and Jackals to prevent them from EMP'ing the Tank. Prepare to punish the Covenant. Any surviving allies will jump aboard the Scorpion and provide fire support.


As soon as you get inside the Scorpion, eliminate the Wraith dead ahead before if can land a mortar shot on you. It will take two cannon rounds to destroy the Wraith, and one to destroy Ghosts.


Along the path, small Covenant Watchtowers are encountered. They are pitched up right along the canyon walls and can be taken out with a single cannon shot. Grunts armed with Fuel Rod Cannons occupy these Watchtowers so be quick to eliminate them.


DO NOT RUSH THIS FIREFIGHT! Take it slow and destroy anything in your way. Wraiths can be quite troublesome on Legendary because a single mortar shot can kill you instantly. Take the turns slowly and kill anything: Ghosts, Wraiths, Watchtowers, and even ground troops.




You will eventually reach Infinity's cargo bay elevator. Make sure to have the Tank intact at this point. If you lose the Tank during the firefight, restart your checkpoint. Park the Scorpion on the elevator. Inside the cargo bay, there will be a firefight between some Marines and several Covenant forces, including two Hunter. Send them on their way by blasting them all away with the Tank.



Once the Covenant have been killed, Captain Del Rio radios in, saying that the ship is disabled and helpless against the Covenant assault. He advises you to get to the outer hull to help repel the enemy and has a Mantis is the next room ready for use.

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"Priority is to free Infinity from Requiem's gravity well..."







After activating the controls for the Mantis, climb in once it enters the room. Shoot down the door in front of you and prepare to demolish anything in you way.


You have spent the majority of this level outnumbered and outgunned. Now it's time to return punishment to the enemy. This section is fairly straightforward even on Legendary. Kill the Grunts, Jackals, Forerunner Turrets and Knights by any means necessary. When you reach the end of this corridor, an elevator door will open revealing a squadron of Grunts. Kill them. Ride the elevator up and prepare for the last firefight of the level.




Recommended Loadout: The Mantis, of course.


The Covenant have overrun the outer hull and placed jamming devices are are preventing the ship's automated defenses from activating. The objective at hand is to destroy all three jammers and eliminate any Covenant forces that are deployed on the outer hull. Watch out for Phantoms and Banshees during this fight!


*If your Mantis is in flames and you need a new one at any point, there is a fresh new Mantis to your right upon entering the outer hull.


*The three jammers can be taken out in any order.


*Gun/Missile down any Grunts and Elites that stand in your way.


*After destroying the jammers, the Covenant begin deploying troops via Phantoms.




*The Phantoms are extremely dangerous on Legendary so make sure to shoot a missile or two at their main cannon so they aren't a threat.


*You can try to shoot down the Phantoms with your missiles but it isn't completely necessary. Just make sure you clear out the troops they deploy.


*The Banshees are an even bigger threat. Be on the lookout for them to make sure they cannot surprise dive-bomb attack you.


After taking out several troops and Banshees, Captain Del Rio radios in to let you know that the ship's defense network must be activated manually. Cortana will mark a nearby control panel for you to access. Carefully hop out of the Mantis and interact with the control panel to fire up the ship's MAC gun. The Infinity quickly drives off the Didact and Del Rio orders the ship to stand down.


Enjoy the ending cutscene as Captain Del Rio decides it be best for the Infinity to flee back to Earth without trying to stop the Didact. The Master Chief outwardly disagrees with Del Rio's plan, but the Captain's orders are final.

  • John-117: "Sir, Infinity drove the Didact back. He's vulnerable."
  • Captain Del Rio: "He isn't the only one. You know, I'd think you of all people would appreciate the benefit of living to fight another day."



Congratulations, you've completed Infinity on Legendary! Four down, four to go.

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"I don't know about you, but I usually like a little more intel with my intel."




Mission Brief: Requiem's gravity well is currently preventing Infinity from escaping the planetary shell. Add to this the massive Particle Cannons that are locking the ship into a 'corridor' which denies a safe escape. Captain Del Rio devises a disastrous plan to send the Master Chief, Spartan-Iv's, a squad of Marines into a direct ground assault in order to take out the cannons. Del Rio's plan goes horrible: he has neglected to send in Force Recon to get intel on the land, which Cortana opposes, while the Master Chief believes they'll be able to carry out the orders. Time to take out those Particle Cannons.


Starting Loadout: Assault Rifle and Battle Rifle


After the Pelican drops the Master Chief off near the Mammoth, follow the rest of the Marines onboard. Make your way inside and topside to meet with Commander Lasky. The Mammoth is stocked with Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Magnum ammo and two Rocket Turrets.


*It is advised that you switch your Assault Rifle with a Sniper Rifle.


After speaking with Lasky, Commander Palmer will radio in and advise you to grab a Jetpack. Once you've retrieved the Jetpack, Del Rio initiates the mission and the Mammoth begins to roll on through the canyon.

  • Del Rio: "Gypsy Company, this is Captain Del Rio. The board is green. Let's shut down that gravity well so we can go home. Good hunting, Infinity out."



As the Mammoth begins to maneuver through the canyon, stay topside. After witnessing a group of Pelicans get destroyed by one of the Particle Cannons, prepare to repel Covenant troops on the left side of the Mammoth.

  • Del Rio: "Get to the crash site and retrieve that Target Designator, Gypsy. You've got no chance of clearing those guns without it."

*The Covenant will use the rocky cliffside for cover.


*Using either the Sniper Rifle or Battle Rifle, focus your fire on the Jackal Snipers in this area first.


*Then focus your fire on the smaller Jackals and Grunts.




*On Legendary, using the Rocket Turrets can result in a certain death. If you are not quick to take out the Covenant forces before they get in range, they will either kill you or destroy the Turret.




Recommended Loadout: For this short firefight, we are going to attempt to quickly retrieve the Designator and fall back to the Mammoth without taking out too many enemies. With this said, keep your Battle Rifle and Sniper Rifle equipped.


One of the surviving Pelicans crashed behind an outpost to the right of the Mammoth. The Covenant are guarding this are with Phantoms, Ghosts, and a Wraith. It is your duty to clear this terrain and retrieve the Target Designator in order to direct the MAC gun on the Mammoth against the Particle Cannons.


Phantoms will constantly deploy troops during this encounter which will be quite frustrating to even veteran players. While we could just take out everything in this area nice and slowly, we are going to retrieve that Designator as quickly as possible.


*If you choose to take the safer route, give your Marine passenger a Rocket Launcher. He will be really helpful with the Rockets during this fight.


Quick Route:


*While this method is risky, it has worked for me five out five times.


*As soon as you eliminate the ground troops to the left of the Mammoth, go downstairs and get into the Warthog.


*Drive out of the side doors in the Mammoth and drive directly to the Target Designator.




*Once your at the Target Designator, use the rocks around it for cover for both you and your Warthog.


Safe Route:


*The best way to eliminate the outpost is to use the Rocket Turret on the right side of the Mammoth.


*This may expose you to Covenant fire but will wipe them out quickly.


*Make sure to take out the Watchtower right ahead of you.


*You can also use the Rocket Launcher or Sniper Rifle to clear out enemies from the upper deck of the Mammoth.


*Phantoms will deploy two Ghosts so make sure you either Snipe the Ghost until it blows up or Rocket them (although this may be time consuming).


*On the bottom level of the Mammoth, hop in the Warthog and give your passenger a Rocket Launcher. Wait until you have both a passenger and Gunner, then drive out to the outpost.


*Do not stay in one spot. Be on the move and your Gunner and passenger will take care of almost all the enemies.


*Park near/behind the rocks where the Target Designator is located.


Regardless of which route you have chosen to take, grab the Target Designator and aim it at the Phantom that is hovering over the water directly in front of you. The Mammoth will begin to charge up the MAC gun. This is your cue to get the hell out of there. Hop back into your Warthog and drive right back to the Mammoth and park the Warthog inside. As soon as your Target Designator is fully charged, head topside and aim it at the Particle Cannon so that the MAC can destroy it.




A river prevents you from moving to the next section so make sure you have brought the Warthog (and your Marines if you choose the Safe Route and they lived) inside. As the Mammoth moves through the next section, more Covenant forces, namely Phantoms and Banshees, attempt to attack the Mammoth. Disregard them and stay inside the Mammoth.




Recommended Loadout: Make sure you brought that Warthog back with you and hopefully it's still in one piece. With a Gunner and Rocket-passenger in your vehicle, this next section will go rather smoothly. Make sure you are armed with a Battle Rifle and Sniper Rifle...although the Sniper Rifle can be swapped out for a Plasma Pistol from the previous fight if you are running low on ammo.


The Mammoth comes to a stop, spotting numerous obstacles in the area ahead that must be dealt with. On the other side of the canyon, a massive energy shield blocks the way for the Mammoth to continue. Cortana marks three energy generators protected by shields, which must be destroyed in order to take down the energy wall. The Covenant heavily occupy this area with Ghosts, Shade Turrets, several ground troops and a single Wraith.


The generators are spread out in this part of the canyon. The shield protecting the generators are both a blessing and a curse: anything inside of them is protected from the outside, while anything inside cannot threaten anything outside.



*Important Note*


This entire firefight can be skipped!


Remember the "Forklift-Through-The-Door" Glitch on Nightfall from Halo Reach? Well, that same strategy can be applied to the massive energy wall in the canyon.


*Simply drive your Warthog up the ridge to the right and all the way to the energy wall.


*Park the Warthog parallel against the wall, with the drive side against the energy wall, and when you exit the vehicle, you will be on the other side of the wall!


*Proceed forward a bit and the game will load as normal - the energy wall will disappear and the Mammoth will be right behind you.


--> A big thanks to Rogue Echo for sharing this tip!



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"Sir, I can move faster alone."




Recommended Loadout: This firefight is broken down into three phases. The Gauss Warthog that is conveniently parked straight ahead near the cliffside will help with the first phase. Your Jetpack and a Plasma Pistol/BattleRifle combo will work well for the next two phases.


The Mammoth eventually comes to a stop and you must target the next Particle Cannon for the MAC to eliminate. Before you can proceed, a Covenant Lich flies into view and shoots the Mammoth, disabling the MAC gun. Multiple Phantoms will then proceed to drop Ghosts and Wraiths into the battlefield. The Lich takes position over a small hill to the right of the Mammoth. The current objective is to repel the Covenant forces and take out the Lich...from the inside.


Phase One: Ghosts and Wraiths


*Sprint for the Gauss Turret!




*It takes about three Gauss shots to destroy a Wraith.


*Gheuh2 shows us an alternative method to deal with the vehicles.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMr3a_VcDKY&list=UUB-_DibJlOdboDFrhNaQDZw&index=6]Halo 4: Baby Let Me Blow Your Mind Tonight - YouTube[/ame]


Phase Two: Storming the Hill


*After eliminating the first wave of vehicles, they eventually stop coming which is your signal to fight your way up the hill.


*Jetpack up the hill while keeping to the left behind the rocks.


*Position yourself behind the green gravity lift that the Lich drops troops through.


*As the Covenant begin to engage your Marines, quickly use the gravity lift to board the Lich.


Phase Three: Destroying the Lich


*On the first level, eliminate the group of Grunts and Jackals.


*On the upper level, Noob-Combo the Elites and headshot the smaller infantry.


*Destroy the reactor with grenades or the Battle Rifle and be ready to jump out to safety!


*Make sure to pulse the Jetpack to slow your descent to the ground and survive the landing as you jump out of the Lich.


The Mammoth recovers from its battle damage, and you're to board the Mammoth for the rest of the trip through another canyon. It eventually reaches a dead end and the Master Chief decides that he will move on alone. A Forerunner facility lies at the very end of this next section. Prepare to fight off Covenant forces, as well as a few Promethean troops before you can enter the facility.

  • Cortana: "They don't care about you! They replaced you! Blast it."
  • John-117: "It's okay."
  • Cortana: "How? How is this okay? How is putting you at risk because I can't hold it together okay? Chief, do you even understand what Rampancy is? Really? We don't just shut down. Our cognitive processes begin dividing exponentially according to our total knowledge base. We literally think ourselves to death."
  • John-117: "You know I won't let that happen."
  • Cortana: "And if it happens anyway?"






Recommended Loadout: The Sniper Rifle and it's ammo will be extremely helpful for picking off the Jackal Snipers along the canyon walls. When you run out of ammo, consider picking up a Beam Rifle off one of the fallen Jackals or a Plasma Pistol for the Knights. Make sure your secondary is either a Battle Rifle or Covenant Carbine.


This section is pretty straightforward. The only advice I can really recommend is to know the locations of the Jackal snipers.


*When you approach the open area, there will be a Jackal Sniper directly ahead.


*Two more to the left as you turn the corner completely.


*Clean up the rest of the Jackals and head up the next path.


*Two more Jackal Snipers on the ledge directly ahead in the distance.


*Clean up the Grunts and Jackals ahead of you before rounding the corner to the next area.


*There are a total of six Jackal Snipers as you turn the next corner. One Sniper to the left on the rocks, one directly ahead on the ground, and four on the Forerunner structure in the distance.


Continue pushing forward and take out the Grunts and Jackals as you climb the structure. A Knight and small group of Crawlers make an appearance here. Further up the structure, more Crawlers and Grunts infest the area.


By now, you should know how to deal with the Knights and Crawlers/Grunts. Take them out and move forward towards the ramp. Knights and Crawlers have a great line of sights while you are climbing the ramp so peek your head out and quickly fall back while picking off the enemies.


*There is a Jackal Sniper to the right on the canyon wall. Make sure to pick him off.


*Two Knights and another pack of Crawlers warp on the top level as a final line of defense before you can enter the facility.


*Use the Sniper Rifle/Beam Rifle to tear away the Knights' shields and follow up with a quick Battle Rifle/Carbine headshot.


*Pick off the last remaining Crawlers and make your way inside the facility.




This facility is protected by docile Sentinels who unlock doors for the Master Chief. Eventually, you will ride an elevator that brings you deeper into the structure, and after a walk through a few more corridors, you will reach the controls to disable the Particle Cannon network.


Cortana is able to take the Cannons offline but is suddenly "taken" away from the AI plinth. Turn around you will notice a newly formed light bridge to your right. Follow the bridge into a tunnel-like passage and continue through until you come to a room where a column of light with a faint image of Cortana inside of it.


During the next cutscene, the Master Chief meets an imprint of the Librarian, an ancient Forerunner with ties to the Didact. The Librarian reveals the past of the Forerunner and the galaxy, as well as the Didact's goals:

  • John-117: "Who are you?"
  • Librarian: "I am what remains of the Forerunner, once known as The Librarian. My memories were retained to assist Humanity on their path to the Mantle. Though sadly, that plan is now at risk. The Didact is leaving Requiem. Soon. You must not allow it."
  • John-117: "Leaving?"
  • Librarian: "He seeks this, 'The Composer,' a device which will allow him to finally contain the greatest enemy ever faced by the Forerunners. You."



After speaking with the Librarian, retrieve Cortana from the marked console to the left. Be prepared to fight a pack of Crawlers and two Knights before you can leave the facility. Pick off the Crawlers with any precision weapon you have equip.


*It is entirely possible to bypass this fight by sprinting down the platform on the left side, evading enemy fire. It will almost (four out of five times) always work, which saves time. In the next room, take the elevator down where a teleporter awaits.




Recommended Loadout: For this firefight, we are going to bypass almost all the fighting. Grab your Marine's Warthog as they drive up to you and follow these directions below for a quick finish to this level.


Note the first Wraith you see dead ahead. Grab the Warthog and drive to the left, following the path and drive past a pair Ghosts and another Wraith, towards the canyon wall to the left. Get out of the Warthog QUICKLY and jetpack up the side of the canyon wall to reach two shielded generators. You have now just bypassed an entire vehicular firefight!


Take out both generators with grenades/melee attacks and proceed through the canyon as normal to the marked waypoint. Cross over the rocky ridge line to reach another Target Designator, and paint the gravity well generator in the distance. The Infinity receives the targeting data and launches a missile that you must guide manually.


Enjoy the closing cutscene as Captain Del Rio commands his crew to prepare for their departure of Requiem. The Master Chief, yet again, opposes his plans and Cortana's Rampancy peaks at it's highest during the arguing.



  • Del Rio: "Give me that chip."
  • John-117: "The Didact has to be stopped. If you won't do that, I will."
  • Del Rio: "I am ordering you...TO SURRENDER THAT A.I!"



Congratulations, you've completed Requiem on Legendary! Five down, three to go.

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"Before this is all over, promise me you'll figure out which one of us is the machine."




Mission Brief: With Cortana's Rampancy consuming her by the minute, both she and the Master Chief have decided to stay behind on Requiem while the Infinity returns to Earth. Commander Lasky has been given orders to prevent that Master Chief from leaving the ship, but doesn't follow through with his orders due to his suspicions of the Didact and his trust in the Chief. With a Pelican Dropship armed for combat, the Master Chief must take flight across the skies of Requiem and shut down the Didact's defenses and take the fight to him...without any help from the UNSC.


Starting Loadout: Assault Rifle and SAW


After Lasky leaves you, you can head straight for the Pelican and continue your assault on the Didact. Inspect the hangar before climbing into the Pelican. Every Marine and Spartan-IV in this hang has weapons available to trade. There are also weapons racks on either side of the Dropship for additonal ammo. It is highly suggested that you grab a Railgun and Battle Rifle, as they will be very useful throughout this mission.


Once you are armed and ready, hop into the Pelican and Cortana will begin the pre-flight diagnostics. After descending into the launch tube, command prompts appear on the screen to help initiate the launch and pilot the ship.

  • Cortana: "It may be a while before we find another ride home. You know that, right?"
  • John-117: "It'll be okay."



*We are going to use a helpful strategy to skip about 80% of the mission! Instead of flying towards one of the marked waypoints, head straight into the horizon and follow the video below.


--> Thanks to Gheuh2 for demonstrating this strategy.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK07vqSEuOQ]Halo 4 - Mission 6: Shutdown Skip - YouTube[/ame]




Recommended Loadout: Since we have bypassed most of the mission, we will begin this firefight with the weapons we choose in the beginning of the mission. Make sure you picked up the Railgun and Battle Rifle!


The Didact is reconfiguring the walkways in an attempt to deny you access to its inner workings. The gaps in the walkways can be easily jumped over. The Covenant presence in this section is extremely dangerous, so be ready for a huge battle. We're going to want to take out as many enemies as possible to ensure multiple checkpoints.


Your ultimate goal in this firefight is to reach the designated antigravity lift at the other end of the room.


*There are a total of SEVEN Platforms in this section.

  • Storm Rifle, Covenant Carbine, and Plasma Pistol crates can be found on Platform 1.
  • Plasma Turrets can be located on the next two Platforms (2 & 3).
  • Fuel Rod Cannon and Plasma Pistol ammo can be located on Platform 2 (the one to the left).
  • Platform 4 (in the middle of the room) contains little supplies.
  • Incineration Cannon ammo can be found on Platform 5 (past Platform 4 to the left).
  • Platform 6 houses Scattershot ammo and leads to the last Platform in this room, Platform 7, which houses Carbine and Plasma Pistol ammo, as well as the lift to the next section.


*Use the a fully charged Railgun shot on the Elites in this room to kill them instantly.


*When you run out of ammo, swap it out for a Plasma Pistol so that you can perform the Noob-Combo on them.


*Grunts occupy the first Platform while Plasma Turrets on Platforms 2 and 3 try to bombard you.


*The central pillar on Platform 1 can be used for cover while picking off the Gunners with your Battle Rifle.


*Head to the left, Platform 2, and eliminate enemies here.


*Backtrack to Platform 1 and head on over to Platform 3 to wipe out a few Grunts and an Elite.


*Pick off the Jackals and Grunts on Platform 4 with your Battle Rifle and move in to use a Railgun/Battle Rifle combo on the Elite.


*Proceed to Platform 5 and clean out the area. Swap your Railgun out for the Incineration Cannon on this Platform.


*Finally make your way to Platform 6, where a high ranking Elite and two Grunts will be located. Use the Incineration Cannon on them for a quick kill.


*Cross over to Platform 7 and be prepared to battle a duo of Hunters.




*With the Incineration Cannon, you can easily put them down. If you run out of ammo or miss your shots, you can pick up the Fuel Rod Cannon off the Elite you just killed and additional ammo on Platform 2.


Once the Hunters are eliminated, take the lift up to the next level and prepare for an even bigger firefight.




Recommended Loadout: Since we are going to use a Banshee in this section to skip most of the fighting, weapon choice isn't exactly significant. It is recommended however, to try to have a Plasma Pistol and some type of precision weapon in your possession


An even larger group of connected floating platforms fills this next chamber, and the Covenant have increased their defenses. Banshees now patrol the area and Shade Turrets can be found on almost all the platforms. Your objective is to reach the end of this chamber, where you will be able to locate and activate the control station in order to block the Didact's satellite from escaping.


As soon as your ride in the lift ends, you can find a Covenant weapons cache with Carbine and Plasma Pistol ammo. The platform directly in front of you is guarded by an Elite who may not see you right away. Use whatever means necessary to kill him!


There are two methods of dealing with this section.


By Air


*Thanks to Gheuh2, you can use the video below to get a visual guide of how to operate the Banshee past all the enemies in the room.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RloUxc9pFjk]Halo 4 - Mission 6: Shutdown Ending Battle Skip - YouTube[/ame]


On Foot


*If you want a real challenge, then consider ditching the Banshee method and fight this one out the hard way.


*There are SIX Platforms in this chamber and the bridge at the end.


*The Platform to your left (Platform 2) has ammo for your Incineration Cannon if you want/need some.


*With a powerful combination of the Incineration Cannon/Carbine, or Plasma Pistol/Carbine, take out the Shade Turrets and enemy-occupied Banshees quickly. They should be your top priority.


*Take this chamber slow. Use the central pillars on each Platform for cover when necessary.


*A Binary Rifle can be located on the second-to-last Platform, which can help eliminate the opposition on the bridge.


When you finally reach the door at the end of the bridge, insert Cortana into the control panel. Her Rampancy will interfere with her plans and she is unable to complete her task. When you retrieve her from the system, the Master Chief devises a last minute plan: Cross over the top of a formation of Liches traveling near the third spire, in hope of following the Didact's ship into space.

  • Cortana: "Tapping into the spire's central net. They're mine. Now, to IMPRISON THEM?!"
  • John-117: "What are you doing?"
  • Cortana: "Like he imprisoned his Prometheans? Like Dr. Halsey imprisoned me?! Chief..."
  • John-117: "His ship's online. They're leaving!"
  • Cortana: "I'm sorry, I don't know what -"
  • John-117: "Track those Liches. We can go across them to get to the Didact's ship."
  • Cortana: "Wait...ACROSS them?"
  • John-117: "Yes."
  • Cortana: "Um...there...there are several Liches moving in formation towards the Didact's ship. We're only going to have one shot at this. Okay...GO!"

As soon as the room lowers enough to allow you to exit through the outside, sprint out and leap off the marked ledge.




Congratulations, you've completed Shutdown on Legendary! Six down, two to go.

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"Do you know what that condescending bitch said to me after our first game of chess?"




Mission Brief: Having managed to survive the slipspace jump, the Master Chief enters normal space where he encounters a Halo ring - Installation 03, according to Cortana. In the asteroid field near the Halo, Ivanoff Station is currently under attack from the Covenant who are searching for The Composer. As the Master Chief takes over the Lich and contacts the station's lead scientist, Dr. Tillson, with plans of assistance, Cortana's rampant personalities nearly kill the Chief as the Lich crashes into the station.


Starting Loadout: Assault Rifle and Magnum


After recovering from the crash, the Master Chief contacts Dr. Tillson to round up her UNSC personnel off the station. She warns the Chief that the Covenant have already taken over the landing bays, the primary way off Ivanoff Station.

  • John-117: "Dr. Tillson, are you there?"
  • Dr. Tillson: "Oh thank god! When your signal cut off I di-"
  • John-117: "Doctor, listen to me. You have to issue the order to evacuate the station."
  • Dr. Tillson: "We've been trying! The Covenant...they've already taken over the landing bays."
  • John-117: "Send me your coordinates. I'll see what I can do about clearing an evac route on my way to you."

*Be sure to check a nearby AA crate from a Hologram! This AA can be useful during many fights within the level. It is up to you when to use it, as I will no include which battles to use it in.


Proceed through the next room and beyond the first door, a Marine is able to kill of a couple Covenant troops before dying himself.


*He just dropped the Sticky Detonator, one of the most useful weapons in this level! Ditch the Assault Rifle and replace it with this new weapon.


The door at the end of the corridor opens to reveal a pair of scientists retreating away from a Marine just as a Jackal pounces him for a kill.




*If you're quick enough, you can save the Marine by shooting the Jackal with your Magnum. This will give you and extra body to help you with the next fight.


To the right, a few Jackals and Grunts occupy the raised platform and the two passageways beneath it, which an Elite guards.


*With your Magnum, pick off the Jackals and Grunts.


*This tend to draw the Elite out, which allows you to shoot a Sticky Detonator round at him.


As soon as it sticks to him, trigger the explosion which will instantly kill him!

Cross though the passageway and you'll encounter a few more enemies on the other side. On the other side of the room on a raised platform, a couple of Jackal Snipers will attempt to kill you fast.


*If you still have Magnum ammo or have switched to the Carbine, kill these Jackals first.


*The ground level has a few Grunts led by an Elite. Stick the Elite with your Sticky Detonator for a quick kill, then use your primary weapon to pick off the Grunts.


*Proceed to the next section through the ground level and you will locate more Sticky Detonator ammo when passing through a doorway.

  • John-117: "What can we do to keep the Covenant out?"
  • Cortana: "The Harbormaster controls can erect a barricade over the bay, but we'll have to locate them."






Recommended Loadout: You'll definitely want to keep the Sticky Det. with you at all times throughout this mission. It can take out elites instantly when stuck, and even take out a group of smaller infantry. The room where you meet a few Marines and Scientists contains some DMR ammo, which can be picked up if you've run out of Magnum or Carbine ammunition.


Start off by exiting the small room and picking off the Jackal Sniper to the left on the raised platform. The first Phantom begins to drop off troops to the left side of the room. From here, you can choose one of two methods on how to approach the firefight: the quick and risky route, or the slow and safe route.


Quick Route:


*After taking out the Jackal, begin sprinting to the control panel on the other side of the hangar bay.


*Take out the Grunt on the Phantom's Plasma Turret as the Phantom begins to deploy troops.


*Keep sprinting toward the control panel and use the Sticky Detonator to stick one of the two Elites on your left.


*Detonate the shot immediately while still sprinting!


*Activate the hangar bay shields and you will only be left to mop up a few Grunts and Jackals behind you.


Safe Route:


*Stick to the top platform of the room with the Marines and Scientists.


*Use the crates up here for cover while you pick off the smaller enemies with your DMR.


*Shoot some Sticky Detonator rounds into the area where they land to eliminate them quick or drain their shields/health.


*If you run out of Sticky Detonator ammo, jump down and with caution, swap it out for a Plasma Pistol.


*Use the Noob-Combo for the Elites and the DMR for headshots and the Grunts and Jackals.


*There will be four waves of Phantoms that deploy troops if you choose to take this method.


*After the second Phantom deploys it's troops, there is enough time to SPRINT to the control panel before the third and fourth Phantom arrive.


After activating the shield barrier in the hangar bay, eliminate any hostiles in the area and a nearby door will open to the next section. An Elite and several Jackals come pouring out of this door. Sticky Detonate them or Noob-Combo them, whichever you are prepped with.

  • Cortana: "Dr. Tillson, Bay 7 is secure and we're moving toward your location now."

On the other side of the door, a squad of Marines is being overwhelmed under the assault of the Covenant, consisting of a pair of Jackal Rangers, Grunts and an Elite. Below the Elite's position, another squad of Grunts led by an Elite await.


*Take out the Grunt manning the Plasma Turret.


*Then, focus your fire on the Jackal Rangers (one of them may have a Beam Rifle).


*Finally, Noob-Combo the Elite.


*Make sure to check the Marine's makeshift barricade to stock up on ammo for your DMR and Sticky Detonator.


Eliminate the second group of Covenant in the same manner and proceed into the next room. A squad of Grunts will frantically begin running down a staircase from the upper levels of the hangar. Take them out with your DMR.


At the top of the stairs, you will encounter a group of Jackals and Grunts, along with two Elites.


*Peek your head above the ledge from the staircase to pick off the Grunts and Jackals in this area.


*Once they are all dead, move in to Sticky Det./Noob-Combo the Elites!


*Do not proceed int the next room yet! Behind the Elites, there is a staircase that will lead you to more Sticky Detonator ammo. Be sure to grab it!!!




After a short walk, a distraught scientist begins to beg you to help her colleagues in the laboratory ahead. She offers you a Truster Pack AA. I would recommended keeping the Hologram from the beginning of the mission. A Shotgun can also be found next to the Thruster Pack. You may want to consider replacing your DMR for the Shotgun for the next encounter.


Two Hunters in a small, confined room may sound like hell. Luckily for you, the Sticky Det. and the Shotgun can make short work of these beasts. The scientists in this room are armed with Magnums and have some help from a few Assault-weilding Marines. They try there best to help, so do not take underestimate them. If you turn the Hunter's back to them, they will definitely shoot their exposed flesh.




*The small room in the back right of the lab contains Sticky Det. ammo, as well as a weapons cache in the back left of the room.


*Unleash multiple shots from your Sticky Det. on the first Hunter. You should be able to kill him with three to five shots.


*Alternatively, you can wait until he charges at you, side step his melee attack, and fire a Shotgun blast into his exposed back.


*You can even try to stick the Hunters with a Plasma Grenade on their exposed flesh if you are in the midst of reloading or cannot shoot fast enough.


*You can even use the Hologram AA to distract the Hunters for a split second in order to flank around them.

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"Maybe next time you rescue us, you can give us more time to pack?"


After dealing with the Hunters, activate the control panel on the door nearby and enjoy the cutscene as the Master Chief meets with Dr. Tillson, who explains that the Forerunner artifact, The Composer, is much too large to move from the station in the time the Chief needs it to be moved and with the resources available.

  • Dr. Tillson: "I desperately hope you know why this is happening. Because, to be honest, my objectivity isn't doing me a whole lot of good right now. Hold on, I'll start us down."
  • John-117: "The device you recovered was a Forerunner weapon. The commander of that ship wants it back."
  • Dr. Tillson: "Wants it back? You don't think you can remove...it can't leave the station, you know that...right?
  • John-117: "We don't have any choice, Doctor."
  • Dr. Tillson: "It's not a matter of choice. It took three months, and the biggest starship the UNSC could throw at it just to relocate it here. Unless you're a lot stronger than you look, it's not going anywhere."



The Master Chief devises a new solution, which is no less effective than moving The Composer; destroy it and the whole station with nuclear weapons. Dr. Tillson is less than pleased by this but decides it's the only way to ensure the Didact doesn't get the artifact. The Master Chief must now buy time for the staff to evacuate while Dr. Tillson oversees the preparations of the nukes to be armed.


Pass through the massive chamber that houses The Composer. Dozens of Marines populate the area around the artifact, while others patrol the area in Mantis mechs. If you've kept the Shotgun, swap it out with a Marine for a DMR.

  • Dr. Tillson: "The Covenant...the Covenant shot down the first evac shuttle."
  • Cortana: "The station should be equipped with outer turrets. If we can reactivate them, I can program the station's defenses to provide cover for the evacuation."

Proceed to the indicated door and head on through. In the small office to the left near the indicated door, you can find more ammo for your Sticky Detonator. On the other side of the door, a wounded Marine offers to let you pass through the compromised parts of the station.

  • John-117: "Officer, seal the door behind me."
  • Didact: "You impress me, Human. Your singular valor will be preserved and studied, once your Composition has been completed."

As the Didact taunts you, continue down the corridor. You can take a lighted service tunnel to the right to flank the Grunts and Jackals in this hallway.




Through the next doorway, a few more Jackals and Grunts await. Pick them off and turn left to face a squad of Grunts led by an Elite on a Plasma Turret. Take the service tunnels to the right, where you will find Sticky Det. ammo and a flanking route to kill the Covenant.


*Remember to eliminate the Grunts and Jackals with you DMR and the Elites with your Sticky Detonator.




Recommended Loadout: The Sticky Detonator should be your primary weapon. If you've kept the DMR or Magnum for a secondary, you'll be well prepared for this fight.


The air locks are currently controlled by the Covenant in these next two sections, with dropships using them as access points for reinforcements. As soon as the door to the air locks open, a group of Jackals and Grunts, led by an Elite will bombard you with plasma fire.


*Sticky Det. the Elite and pick off the smaller infantry quickly!


*Try to rush to the air locks on the right and release them before the Covenant can make their way inside.





*Alternatively, you can choose to hang back and shoot a Sticky Det. grenade at the foot of the door and let the enemy walk onto it before triggering the blast.


*You may also want to use the service tunnel on the left for protection and a means to funnel the enemy to you while you pick them off with headshots.


*Since you've kept the Hologram AA, this can be a useful tool of distraction to use from the service tunnel or the upper level on this room.


Keep killing the Covenant until you get the all clear from Cortana, who opens a door for you to pass through. On the other side, a Marine and a group of scientists are making a last stand against a squad of Covenant in the corridor.


*Use the Sticky Det. as a means of wiping out this group of enemies quickly.


*Taking out this group will spawn another group further down the hallway. Take these guys out the same way.


*If you are able to eliminate them while keeping the UNSC personnel alive, one of the survivors will open a room that contains more Sticky Det. ammo, as well as the AutoSentry AA. Make your decision between the AA's and be sure to stock up on ammo.


Continue through the corridor as normal and turn left at the end. At the top of the ramp, a few Grunts make an attempt to ambush you. Take them out with your secondary weapon.




Recommended Loadout: Your loadout should have not changed from the previous major firefight. Make sure you're equipped with a Sticky Det. and a DMR/Magnum, or even a Carbine.

  • Cortana: "The battlenet's directing all troops to our position."

This chamber is designed almost identical to the previous air lock, and similar solutions to the air lock reinforcements apply. The only major difference is the higher ranking enemies you will face in this room.


*Be sure to pick off the Jackal Rangers on the upper level girders that are sniping at you.


*Focus your fire on the Elite next with your Stickt Det., then focus on the smaller enemies with a DMR/Magnum.


*If you manage to do this quickly, you can then deal with the reinforcements by venting them out of the airlocks.


*Be mindful of the service tunnel access points in the room. If your plan of venting out the air locks isn't working properly, stick to the upper levels of the room and pick off the Covenant with your precision weapon and mop up the Elites with your Sticky Det.


*The reinforcements from the air locks are tough. Expect cloaked Elite Zealots! If you lose control of the air lock doors and aren't acting aggressively enough, they will definitely rain down you with their close-range Sword attacks.


Like before, once you've killed enough enemies, Cortana will open a door on the upper level that leads to the control room for the stations defenses. While passing through the corridor to the control room, the Didact continues scanning the station in hopes of finding The Composer.

  • Cortana: "Maybe the Great and Powerful Didact shouldn't misplace his things!"

The control room appears to be empty when you arrive, but do not be fooled. Two cloaked Elites are within, one of whom is at the controls you need to access. The other Elite patrols the room close by.


*Use the Sticky Det. on the Elite working at the controls and trigger the explosion to kill him.


*Reload and take down the second Elite before he is able to kill you.

  • Cortana: (distorted) "That's the main defense console. My intervention is the prerequisite for success. Why should we save them? Insert me into the defense grid."

Once the Elites are no longer a threat, insert Cortana into the control console.



  • John-117: "Dr. Tillson, are you there?
  • Dr. Tillson: "I'm here. Any luck?"
  • John-117: "Cortana's bringing the defense grid online now."
  • Dr. Tillson: "I hear them! We'll broadcast the final evac orders."
  • John-117: "The nuke?"
  • Dr. Tillson: "We're rigging it now. Meet us back upstairs. We'll help you get it to the artifact."

*Don't miss the weapons cache in the back of this room! You can find an abundance of Sticky Detonator ammo and a full rack of UNSC weapons here!


Pull Cortana from the console once she is ready, then continue to the newly opened door to meet up with Dr. Tillson. A few Grunts and Jackals put up a small resistance along the way, be ready to take them out with your DMR.

  • Cortana: "Chief, if we pull this off and actually get back to Halsey? Don't tell her how bad I got. Please?"
  • John-117: "I won't say anything."
  • Cortana: "Thank you."

After proceeding through the tight corridor, a door to your left will open. Inside, Grunts and Jackals hold down the staircase leading to a long, straight corridor filled with two Elites and another squad of Grunts.


*Eliminate the Grunts and Jackals with your DMR, then throw a couple grenades down the corridor.


*Use your Sticky Det. to purge the corridor of most hostiles.


*Be sure to target the Elites first with your Sticky Detonator!

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"Cortana. It's not over. Not yet."




Recommended Loadout: The Mantis will be your tool use destruction for this last firefight of the mission. The Mantis will take out ground troops with ease, while the Machine Gun and Missiles will eliminate the Ghosts, Wraiths, and Banshees in just a few shots.


The Covenant have finally broken the defenders of the Composer and are now celebrating finding the device for the Didact. Fortunately for us, there are a number of unoccupied Mantis mechs in the area. Time to show them the power of the Mech once more.

  • John-117: "They found The Composer.

*In the Observation room where you discover that the Covenant have secured The Composer, you can find a Spartan Laser. It's highly suggested that you take this weapon as backup in place of your DMR in the event that your Mantis is destroyed and you are stuck on foot.

  • John-117: "Dr. Tillson, The Composer's location's compromised! You've got to get that nuke down here!"
  • Dr. Tillson: "It's - it's not ready yet!"
  • John-117: "Ready or not, I need it NOW."

Once you climb into the Mantis, the Covenant celebration is little more than target practice. Expect the Grunts to be packing Fuel Rod Cannons, which are extremely dangerous and can drain your shields. Constantly scan your surroundings for targets and be on the lookout for the telltale green glow of a charged Plasma Pistol.




*A Mantis takes the longest of any vehicle to recover from an EMP shot, and the time you sound standing still while recharging is a death sentence.

Focus on the massive gap in the perimeter walls in this chamber. This is where all the Covenant Phantoms bearing reinforcements will push into the area.


*Since it takes way too long to destroy a Phantom with the Mantis mech, focus on taking out the Plasma Cannons on the Phantoms as they swoop in so that they aren't a huge threat.


*Watch our for the Wraiths that are deployed from the Phantoms!


*Their Plasma Mortars can damage the Mantis terribly with a direct hit.


*Ghost are also fielded and can drain your shields quickly with their dual-Plasma Cannons so be sure to eliminate them quickly.


When Cortana yells, 'Banshees!" hopefully you cleared out the majority of the ground vehicles in the area. a wave of six Banshees begin to enter the chamber from the perimeter gap. Like the Ghosts, their Plasma Cannons can drain your shields quickly, and their Fuel Rod Cannons can kill you almost instantly.


*Stay mobile, and try to catch them with homing missiles and Machine Gun fire as they fly into the area.


After the initial wave of Banshees is show down, thing get a little more difficult. You may want to consider standing as far back from the perimeter gap as possible, which gives you the most time to lay down fire at the enemies before they can even fight back.


The Covenant send another group of Phantoms and another wave of Banshees into the chamber.


*Your goal is simply to survive long enough until you're informed you need to rendezvous with Dr. Tillson.


*Continue shooting down the Banshees with your missiles and turret, and do not forget to shoot the Phantoms' Plasma Cannons.

  • John-117: "Dr. Tillson! Where's the warhead? Dr. Tillson!"
  • Cortana: "Head back to the elevator platform. I'll keep trying to raise her."

Follow Cortana's waypoint as the remaining Covenant fliers begin to retreat. The marked waypoint leads you to an elevator, presumably where Dr. Tillson will have the nukes ready and the rest of her staff prepared to evacuate. As soon as the elevator begins moving, the Didact interrupts with his own plans.

  • John-117: "Cortana, see if you can raise Tillson. Get me a status on the rest of the station."
  • Cortana: "...I can't believe he did that..."
  • John-117: "Cortana, I need that info! Look...don't think about the Didact. Don't think about the Composer. Only focus on finding me Tillson."
  • Cortana: "Tillson. Sandra K. Female. 51 years of age. Doctor of Archeology. Pegasi Institute - Got her. Biosignature stable on 350-Level, B Deck.
  • John-117: "Thank you, Cortana."

When the elevator comes to a stop, activate the controls on the door and enjoy the ending cutscene, one my favorite cutscenes of the entire game.



  • Cortana: "Are you OK? I monitored the data pulse. I could hear them... What was left of them..."
  • John-117: "We need to move."
  • Cortana: "These people are gone..."
  • John-117: "And more will follow if the Didact reaches Earth."
  • Cortana: "They'll pair you with another AI. Maybe even another Cortana model if Halsey let's them."
  • John-117: "That's not going to happen..."
  • Cortana: "It won't be me. You know that, right? Spinning up a Broadsword in Hangar C-11. Whatever the Librarian did to you obviously worked - "
  • John-117: "Cortana. It's not over. Not yet."
  • Cortana: "Not yet."



Ivanoff Station is all but lost, and the Master Chief and Cortana are still alive. They still have a chance of stopping the Didact. The Master Chief's luck hasn't run out...not yet. He needs only one last shot.


Congratulations, you've completed Composer on Legendary! Seven down, one to go.

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