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Prothean Data Disc Locations


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10 in total, you only need 7.


1. Armstrong Nebula

Thereshkova System, planet Antibaar (land on planet, look for anomaly already marked on map)


2. Voyager Cluster

Planet Binthu (need to double check that's correct)


3/4. Maroon Sea Cluster

Matano System, uncharted asteroid on outer ring, and another on the landable planet in the same system (thanks to Bizwah).


5. Attican Beta

Feros System, planet Sharring.


6. Artemis Tau Cluster

Sparta System, uncharted asteroid.


7. Argus Rho

Phoenix System, uncharted asteroid.


8. Hades Gamma

Farinata System, planet Juntauma.

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What are Prothean Data Disc Locations


During the game you will recieve a side mission to locate 7 prothean data discs. these discs are scattered throughout the cosmos. Just survey and recover every artifact, planet, asteroid cluster, or ship that you see. I need one more but i think its because i havent unlocked all of the planetary systems in the game yet.

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Does the Maroon Sea Cluster show up later in the game or something? I have only finished Noveria. Im about to go to Feros then I have to go to Virmire.


Yes, the Maroon Sea Cluster shows up later in the game. I'm not quite sure what triggers its appearance, but I believe it appears about the same time you get the Local Cluster and the sidequest to destroy the Rogue VI.

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I don't think that the Maroon Sea shows up at the same time as the local cluster Rogue VI quest, I have completed that one, and it's not there, but one of my buddies tells me that it's after you finish one of the 3 main plot systems, I think it's Feros.


I think you unlock it when your about to travel to Virmire. Hackett or someone will tell you about these Biotics using humans as shields or something along those lines.


EDIT: Sorry, you're right. Virmire kind of made me forget everything. The Locations were helpful. Now only if we had a UNC: Valuable Minerals Location Guide.


EDITx2: I'm not even sure if this is really necessary but anyway. It turns out the Mass Effect Wikia has an "article" on the Mineral Locations.

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Some new clusters like the Maroon Sea cluster opens up when you do a side mission that involves that cluster. Just play regularly until you get the said side mission telling you to go there and you'll remember. Also it's not like it even matters considering you need 7, just don't do that data disc. :p

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