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Worth playing through multiple times?


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There are two kinds of games, as far as I'm concerned -- games that are only tolerable once (so you must collect all achievements through your one-and-only playthrough), and games that you can play through several times (so you can do the first for fun, without worrying about achievements, another achievement-driven playthrough, and another cleanup playthrough if necessary).


Which type is this?


I've tried to do everything at once -- overwhelming.

I've tried to just play -- worried about replayability.


So, is it worth playing through it for fun before worrying about achievements? Will the replay be a drag?

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This is by far one of the most entertaining games I´ve ever played...

I can play this again without a problem for collectibles and missed achievements (although I got it all at once) even as I know the plot and it´s twists....


The only issue I can see would be to play this again and again on a row if you miss a collectible you can´t get back to.

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It is really overwhelming to try to do everything first run, and sucks the fun right out of the game. I actually think this game is MORE fun the more you play it. I mean some of the "surprise" story element is gone, but seeing as it's an older game some of that is probably gone for you anyway lol. It's not a long game imho (especially when replaying), most of the achievements unlock without a thorough grind, so play for fun first and then see what you need to get. Totally replayable.

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Thanks, guys! Definitely eases my mind about this game. Looks like my first playthrough will be for fun. :)


Good choice. Bioshock is just too brilliant to worry about achievements the first play through. Its a game that should be experienced in full because its soooooo worth it.

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This game is definitely quite replayable for the story and atmosphere alone. I don't know how many times I've played Bioshock over the years, and it never gets old. I feel like I still notice something new every time I play. It's a modern classic for a reason! :)

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