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Roadmap - Agents of Change

Guest Scotty

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Guest Scotty


-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4.5/10

-Offline: 7/7 (250:gsicon:)

-Online: 0/7

-Approximate amount of time to 250:gsicon:: 5 Hours

-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (You can level select)

-Number of missable achievements: None

-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

-Glitchy achievements: None

-Unobtainable achievements: None

-Extra equipment needed?: None



Agents of change is the first and only DLC add-on for Brink. All achievements in this DLC can be gained offline or online because of the way the game integrates both game-types into 1. It is recommended to find a boosting partner and do these online as the AI is notoriously difficult to work with.


Step 1a: Completing the new missions

You should start by completing the 2 new missions that are introduced in this DLC. You need to complete them both as the 2 different factions, meaning you need to complete 4 missions for the first 2 achievements, 'Science Maven' and 'Towering Achievement' earning you a total of 100:gsicon:.


Step 1b: Equipment specific achievements

There are 3 achievements to obtain for killing an enemy with a certain piece of equipment and 1 for healing 3 people at once. You need to be rank 5 to be able to unlock all of these. You should work on trying to unlock these while playing through the 2 new missions, but if you don't unlock them whilst playing through the new missions, you can go back and choose any mission, even from the original game and unlock them there. When you have unlocked these 4 achievements you will have earned a further 90:gsicon:.


Step 1c: Getting to level 24

The final achievement to unlock is for getting to level 24. The highest level originally was level 20, so you only need 4 more levels which shouldn't take too long. You will have gotten to level 24 by the time you have unlocked all of the other achievements, earning your final 60:gsicon:.



These 7 achievements are relatively easy to unlock and you will have fun unlocking them, whether you play with friends online or decide to play on your own.

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