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Roadmap (1500G) Updated

Grifter Reborn

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*Credit Xx Overkill VR and trecena for the info



-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10

-Offline: 70 [1500]

-Online: 0 [0]

-Approximate amount of time to 1500: 25-30 hours [1000], 17-18 for all DLC [500]

-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (New Game+)

-Missable achievements: Yes, Catch, Party's Over, Snap to it, Bomb Squad

-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: None

-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (Normal or Hard unlock New Game+)

-Glitchy/ed achievements: None

-Unobtainable achievements: None

-Extra equipment needed?: None




The sequel to the 2009 GoTY, Batman Arkham Asylum. Unlike its predecessor, Arkham City allows Batman to roam free in his environment. The open world experience compliments the gameplay by giving one the freedom necessary to reign terror on the villains and thugs that are encountered throughout the game. There are many villains taking up the star roles, however there are even more in the side quests which will take up most of your time, especially the Riddler Trophies/Riddles.


Step 1, Story:

Play through the story and experience everything that the game has to offer. Play on Normal or Hard in order to unlock New Game+. You can work on grabbing some of the easier Riddler things while you play, but you will need all your gadgets to get the final ones and it is easier to do this post-game, so you may as well wait. Same goes for side-quests. See Step 2.


Step 2, Side-Quests/Collectibles:

After beating the game you are allowed to free roam the city. Use this time to do all the side missions, collect all the Trophies/Riddles and do all the physical challenges.


Step 3, New Game+:

Play through the game one more time but this time the difficulty is basically Very Hard Mode. Enemies are smarter, they have better weapons and equipment, much more difficult encounters, challenging boss fights and to top it all off no counter attack indicator. However, you do start with all your gadgets and power ups so no need to fret. 


Step 4, Challenges:

Complete all of the Riddler's Revenge challenges to gain 100% completion in the game, and this should also round out your original 1000 Gamerscore. This will also be a good time to finish the Robin and Nightwing DLC.


Step 5, Harley Quinn's Revenge:

Make sure to check out the details and videos for Party's Over, Snap to it, and Bomb Squad so that you don't miss those achievements. Nothing too difficult in this DLC.



The biggest keys to this game are learning the controls and timing. Once you have those down, the full 1500 can easily be yours with a few hours of effort.


Guides used for info



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This Guide and Roadmap has been reviewed by Guide Team Staff member YUNDER and has been published as the

Official x360a.org Roadmap. The link to the Official Guide has been inserted into your Roadmap.



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We look forward to your future submissions!

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I'm gonna start this on PC probably next week. I have the GOTY edition so it's got 350G worth of DLC. If this game is slightly easier than Batman AA then I'm happy. I had trouble with that last game with the challenges and all but overall was a really enjoybale experience so quite looking forward to finally starting this. If I end up getting a decent amount of achievements, might just get it on Xbox soon enough! :p

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