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Webb's Guide To The Galaxy


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The galaxy in Mass Effect is absolutely huge, so here is a comprehensive guide to all the planets that aren’t part of the main missions. Firstly, this isn’t everything, but it is most things. The places you encounter across the galaxy have a really rugged terrain on the whole, whether it be the Martian like landscapes, the scenic utopias with several suns or the snow ridden wastelands, they all have different attributes, but are as equally as amazing. My personal favourite – Maji in the Vamshi area of the Armstrong cluster, two moons and a red Mars-esque landscape! Quality!


Secondly, let me give you some pointers for the unchartered territories and the controlling of the Mako. The Mako is an incredibly versatile off road vehicle but it’s not invincible. It can pretty much climb most terrains, but if the decline is too steep it won’t climb it. There is always a route in to the key areas, like debris, anomalies, etc, so if you are struggling the one way, check the map and the contours and try another route. Zig zagging across steep terrain is sometimes an option. The vehicle has a boost which is the A button, however, use this more to break falls than to climb stuff as it can kill momentum and the rules of physics say, if you boost off an incline, you will only go one way, up and then down. Use the way marker ability on your map to navigate around the huge planet surfaces. Stock up on Omni gel which you can use to repair your vehicle, if you plan to do some off-roading as the Thresher Maw’s can always appear and give you a beating and there are plenty of other worries such as pirates, Geth and many more to attack you. That should be enough to get you going. Now, below is a comprehensive guide of what you can find on every planet (work in progress remember) in the galaxy. Any planet not mentioned will have nothing to do on it, or with it. Remember, these are only planets of interest that AREN’T in the storyline.



Rare Elements – Thorium, Polonium, Uranium, Plutonium, Samarium,

Light Metals – Beryllium, Magnesium, Cobalt, Titanium, Lithium

Heavy Metal – Platinum, Palladium, Iridium, Nitrogen, Gold, Mercury

Gas Deposit – Hydrogen, Xenon, Oxygen, Helium,

Matriarch's Writings

Turian Insignias

Prothean Data Discs

League of One Medallions and Salarian ID Tags

Maroon Sea... (not on map till after Ferros?)


Caspian –


Farnuri – Survey – Gold

Clotanca – Survey – Iridium

Antida – Carthaan Outpost insignia on weapon

MSV Cornucopia – Can board – Shows up as an assignment


Vostok –


Pataiton – Survey – Matriarch’s Writings Discovered

Metallic Asteroid – between Nodacrux and Pataiton – Survey - Palladium

Nodacrux - Can land

Gold deposit, not on map – far west near red zone.

Cobalt deposit, not on map – mid south west

Ancient Debris – recover files containing data on the Thracia Colony

Exogeni facility –distress call originates here – rescue scientists.

Crashed probe


Matano –


Supay – Survey – Magnesium

Rocky Asteroid – West of Apo – Prothean Data Disc recovered

Metallic Asteroid – In between Illapa and Chasca – Survey - Platinum

Chasca – Can land

Prothean Pyramid and Data Disc

Crashed probe

Beryllium Deposit

2 Civilian Structures with lots of husk – great items inside, awesome weapons, awesome armor

Science laboratory – husk and some Cerburus group logs.


Armstrong Nebula


Gagarin -

Junthor – Survey – Matriarch’s Writings Discovered

Antirumgon – Survey – Cobalt


Rayingri – Can land

Crashed probe

Thorium deposit – not on map – south east of middle

Overrun outpost – Geth – Part 1 of 4 for Assignment

Polonium deposit – not on map – north of anomaly

Crashed escape pod (anomaly) – League of One medallion


Tereshkova –


Patamarlus – Survey – Iridium

Thegeuse – Survey – Mercury

Carbonaceous Asteroid – in asteroid belt - Survey – League of One medallion


Antibaar – Can land

Thresher Maw – west below anomaly

Prothean Ruin – Prothean Data Disc

Magnesium deposit – not on map – directly west of “debris”

Crashed probe

Overrun outpost – Geth – Part 2 of 4 for Assignment – LOADS of Geth!


Hong –

Matar – Survey – Matriarch’s Writings Discovered

Treagir – Survey – Lithium detected


Casbin – Can land

Samarium deposit – directly east of where you land.

Anomaly – Beacon – ID Tag for Captain Thein

Crashed probe

Anamoly Signal – Well protected 3 turrets and 3 Geth – no real action point however... Very confusing.

Overrun outpost – Geth – Part 3 of 4 of Assignment

Gold deposit – not on map – north of centre

Uranium deposit – not on map – near overrun outpost


Vamshi –


Pregel – Survey – Turian Insignia Recovered

Maji – Can land

Thorium deposit – not on map, southwest of centre

Anomaly – Ancient debris – Turian Insignia Recovered

Odd skull - - Unknown world species – relevance unknown. Slightly east of anomaly.

Crashed probe – level VI armour upgrades

Beryllium deposit – not on map – slightly east of centre

Magnesium deposit - not on map – near Geth outpost

Overrun outpost – Geth – Part 4 of 4 of Assignment


Grissum System – (appears after doing the other 4 Outpost Missions above)


Rocky asteroid – outer asteroid belt – Survey – Polonium

Benda – Survey – League of One Medallion Recovered

Zaherux – Survery – Beryllium

Solcrum (moon of Notanban) – Can land –

Anomaly – Asari Capsule – Matirarch’s Writings Discovered

Uranium - not on map - north east

Thorium - not on map - north - middle

Crashed probe

Magnesium deposit – not on map – south east of planet

Geth base of operations – Geth data files retrieved

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Hawking ETA

Century –

Metallic Asteroid – above and to the right of Klendagon - Survey – Palladium

Canctra – Survey - Cobalt

Tharopto – League of One Medallion Recovered

Presrop – Can land – UNC: Major Kyle

Camp to the northwest of where you start

Anomaly – Ancient debris – Turian Insignia & Mining Wreck

Crashed probe

Gold deposit – not on map - near biotech camp.

Biotech Camp – two buildings, not much but the mission in each.


Hades Gamma

Antaeus –

Vemal – Survey - Uranium

Ploba – Matriarch’s Writings Recovered

Edmos – Survey – Hydrogen

Trebin – Can land

Anomaly – east – Ancient debris – Turian Insignia Recovered

Uranium deposit – not on map – east of research base

Research camp with excavation site to the north – assignment – find the missing researchers.

Anomaly – north-west – Transmitter tower – Discovery – relevance?

Crashed probe surrounded by mercs.

Farinata –

Rocky Asteroid - inner asteroid belt - east of centre –Survey – Magnesium

Juntauma – Prothean Data Disc Recovered

Nepneu – Survey – Thorium

MSV Ontario – UNC: Hostage


Dis –


Metallic Asteroid - north east - Survey - Lithium

Raysha - Survey - Turian Insignia

Nearrum - Survey - Titanium


Klensal - Can land - Part 2 of 2 - UNC: Hostile Takeover assignment (Helena Blake - Citidel - between consort and Barla Von)

Platinum deposit - not on map - slightly north of syndicate hideout

Syndicate hideout

Mumified Salarian - not on map - slightly south east of hideout - League of One Medallion

Crashed probe


Horse Head Nebula -



Antitarra – Survey – Helium

Yunthorl – Survey – League of One Medallion Recovered

MSV Majesty – slightly west of Xawin

Xawin (only landable after surveying the MSV Majesty) UNC: Privateers

Anomaly – southern – Corpse – relevance?

Iridium deposit – not on map – close to anomaly above.

Abandoned camp – generator to turn on – shows key places on map.

Cobalt deposit – on map from above generator

North-east anomaly – Geth trap

Palladium deposit – west of Geth trap

Mercenary camp – heavily guarded – Captain Willem corpse and datapad – MSV Majesty Assignment

Anomaly – south – Ancient debris – Insignia Recovered

Crashed probe protected by Thresher Maw



Veles – Survey – Matriarch’s Writings Recovered



Maganlis - Survey - Turian Insignia Recovered

Therumlon - Survey - Plutonium


Amaranthine - Can land

Iridium Deposit - not on map - east of start

Anomaly - Ancient debris - Turian Insignia Recovered

Engineer outpost - Meet Catherine Blake here


Artemis Tau


Macedon –


Metallic Asteroid – north of asteroid belt – Survey - Titanium

Fargeluse – Survey – Xenon Gas

Porolan – Matriarchs Writings Recovered

Sharjilla – Can land


Athens –


Pharos – Survey – Turian Insignia Recovered

Proteus – Survey – Oxygen Gas

Circe – Survey - Helium


Knossos –


Metallic Asteroid – centre asteroid belt – east – Survey – Platinum

Archanes – Survey – Nitrogen Gas



Sparta –


Ontamalca – Survey – Hydrogen gas

Alsages – Survey – Plutonium

Asteroid Cluster – north of centre – Survey – Prothean Data Disc Recovered


Edolus – Distress Beacon – Can land


Argos Rho

Phoenix -


Carbonaceous Asteroid - north of inner asteroid belt - Survey - Prothean data disc

Vebinok - Survey - Cobalt

Patashi - Survey - Samarium


Tuntau - Can land - Wrex: Family Armour

Hidden structure

Thorium deposit - not on map - slightly north east of transponder

Crashed probe

Anomaly - Asari capsule - Matriarch's writings recovered


Hydra -


Syba - Survey - Helium

Canrum - Survey - Turian Insignia Recovered


Metgos - Can land - UNC: Distress Call

Anomaly - Turian corpse - Turian Insignia Recovered

Transponder signal

Crashed probe



Exodus Cluster


EDEN PRIME - No places of interest

Local Cluster


Serpent Nebula


The Citadel

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Gemini Sigma

Ming -

Altanorch - Survey - League of One Medallion Recovered

Parag - Survey - Titanium

MSV Worthington - Can board - UNC: Lost Container assignment


Han -

Patatanlis - Survey - Beryllium

Paravin - Survey - Matriarch's Writings Recovered

Mavigon - Can land - Part 1 of 2 - UNC: Hostile Takeover assignment (Helena Blake - Citidel - between consort and Barla Von)

Crashed probe

Syndicate hideout

Mumified Salarian - not on map - pretty much centre - ID Tag

Gold - not on map - near Salarian ^^



Voyage Cluster



Tremar - Survey - Nitrogen gas

Sybin - Survey - Turian Insignia

Sonedma - Survey - Polonium

Agebinium - Can land - UNC Espionage Probe assignment

Samarium deposit - not on map -south of centre

Corpse - not on map - northeast near red zone - relevance?

Anomaly - scavenger corpse - Turian Insignia

Crashed probe

Alliance Homing Beacon - detonate in mine - then Mercenary camp


Yangtze - Need Cerburus mission - See Admiral in Citadel Tower


Patajiri - Survey - Thorium

Alrumeter - Survey - Prothean Data Disc

Dregir - Survey - Beryllium


Binthu - Can land

Paladium - not on map - north of centre

Uranium - not on map - north of anomaly

Crashed Probe

Anomaly - Prothean pyramid - Data disc on top

3 x research facilities



Columbia - Unlocks after clearing Binthu (Yangtze)


Gromar - Survey - League of One Medallion

Ontaheter - Survey - Samarium


Nepheron - Can land

Thorium deposit - not on map - north of centre

Anomaly - mummified Salarian - Salarian ID Tag

Underground facility

Crashed Probe


Attican Beta




Zatorus - Survey - Gold

Syided - Survey -League of One Medallion Recovered

Eletania - Can land - UNC: Lost Module assignment

Prothean Ruin - Mysterious Globe - needs "small, irregularly shaped" key

Gold deposit - not on map - east of mission drone

Underground bunker - by monkey nest - for mission - far northern nest

Crashed probe



Quana - Survey - Cobalt

Sharring - Survey - Prothean Data Disc Recovered



Kelper Verge


Juncro - Survey - Hydrogen

Klencory - Matriarch's Writings Recovered


Ontarom - Can land - UNC: Dead Scientists

Anomaly - Turian Corpse - Turian Insignia Recovered

Crashed probe

Underground facility

Palladium - not on map - west of underground facility


Sentry Omega






Pangaea Expanse -




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Prothean Artifacts - 7 needed for assignment - UNC: Prothean Data Discs


10 League of One Medallions needed & 3 Salarian ID Tags for assignment UNC: Locate Signs of Battle


13 Turian Emblem's needed for assignment - UNC: Turian Insignias


10 Asari Writings Needed for UNC: Asari Writings (Matriarchs Writings)


20 Light Metals, 20 Heavy Metals, 20 Earths and 6 Gases needed for UNC: Valuable Minerals

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horse head - pax - veles

artemis tau - macedon - porolan

maroon sea - Matano - pataiton

argos rho - phoenix - tuntau

armstrong - hong - matar

armstrong - Gargarin - Junthor

armstrong - grissom - solcrum

horse head - su - nonuel




-- yunthorl

artemis tau - knossos - asteroid outer ring

gemini signma - ming - altanorch

armstrong - tereshkova - asteroid

armstrong - grissom - Benda

horse head - su - nonuel



-- andtitarra

voyager - Amazon - Tremar



artemis tau - sparta - asteroid inner ring

hades gamma - farinata -juntauma

argos rho - phoenix - asteroid, inner ring

armstrong - tereshkova - antibaar


heavy metal

artemis tau - knossos - metalic asteroid, inner rin

maroon sea - caspian - farnuri

maroon sea - caspian - Clotanca]

maroon sea - Matano - asteroid, inner ring

maroon sea - Matano - nodacrux (land)

maroon sea - Matano - asteroid

argos rho - phoenix - tuntau

armstrong - hong - casbin

armstrong - tereshkova - patamalrus

armstrong - tereshkova - Thegeuse

hawking eta - century - asteroid

horse head - su - xawin


light metal

artemis tau - macedon - asteroid

hades gamma - farinata - asteroid, inner

gemini signma - ming - parag

maroon sea - Matano - Supay

argos rho - phoenix - tuntau

armstrong - hong - treagir

armstrong - vamshi - maji x 2

armstrong - tereshkova - anitbaar

armstrong - Gargarin - antirumgon

armstrong - Gargarin - rayingri

armstrong - grissom - Zaherux

horse head - su - xawin

horse head - su - nonuel (top left)




hades gamma - farinata - nepneu

voyager - Amazon - Sonedma

armstrong - hong - casbin

armstrong - vamshi - maji

armstrong - Gargarin - rayingri

armstrong - grissom - asteroid

armstrong - grissom - solcrum x2

hade gamma - plutus - mingito

hade gamma - plutus - clocrolis

horse head - su - nonuel




maroon sea - caspian - antida

maroon sea - Matano - nodacrux

voyager - Amazon - Sybin

voyager - amazon - agebinium

armstrong - vamshi - pregel

armstrong - vamshi - maji

horse head - su - xawin


ID tag

armstrong - hong - casbin


thats a list of everything i came across, its not a complete list, but am hoping it helps

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Armstrong Nebula - Tereshkova - Antibarr


Note that there is a minerial south east of the prothean ruin.


Any idea what? No biggie if not, I can whizz by there tomorrow and check it out.


on Edolus in the Sparta system, the lithium is actually marked on your map


Are you sure? It wasn't on mine, well, not until I surveyed it. I always check the map first and write down what I have to check and add any extras in later.

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here's a list i've been working on maybe it has some you missed:


Surveyable Things


*Hawking Eta

-Century Cluster


Tharpoto - League of One Medallion (survey)

Metallic Asteroid - Heavy Metal (survey)

Canctra - Light Metal (survey)

Presrop - Turian Insignia (land), Heavy Metal (Gold / Land)


*Horse Head Nebula


Xarwin - 1x Light, 2x Heavy Metals, Turian Insignia (Land)

League of One Medallion (?)

1x Gas Survey (?)


-Fortuna(Unlocked by killing 2 crime syndicate bosses)

Maganlis - Turian Insignia (Survey)

Amaranthine - Heavy Metal, Turian Insignia (Land)

Therumlon - Rare Element (Survey)



*Hades Gamma


Vemal - Rare Element (Survey)

Ploba - Matriarch's Writings (Survey)

Edmos - Gas Deposit (Survey)

Trebin - Turian Insignia, Uranium deposit (Land)



Metallic Asteroid - Light metal (Survey)

Nearrum - Light Metal (Survey)

Klensal - Heavy Metal, League Of One medallion(Land)

Raysha - Turian Insignia (Survey)



Rocky Asteroid - Light Metal (Survey)

Juntauma - Prothean Data Disc (survey)

Nepneu - Rare Element (Survey)


*Voyager Cluster


Sonedma - Rare Element (Survey)

Sybin - Turian Insignia (Survey)

Tremar - Gas Deposit (Survey)

Agebinium- Rare Element,Turian Insignia (Land)


*Armstrong Cluster


Pregel - Turian Insignia (Survey)

Maji - 2x Light Metal, Turian Insignia (Land)



Treagir - Light Metal (Survey)

Matar - Matriarch's Writings (Survey)

Casbin - 2x Rare Element, ID Tag, Heavy Metal (Land)



Carbonaceous Asteroid - League of One Medallion (Survey)

Patamalrus - Heavy Metal (Survey)

Thegeuse - Heavy Metal (Survey)

Antibaar - Prothean Data Disc, Light Metal (Land) - Thresher Maw



Junthor - Matriarch's Writings (Survey)

Antirumgon - Light Metal (Survey)

Rayingri - Light Metal, 2x Rare Element, League of One Medallion (Land)


-Grissom (unlocked by geth outpost mission)

Rocky Asteroid - Rare Element (Survey)

Benda - League of One Medallion (Survey)

Zaherux - Light Metal (Survey)

Solcrum - Matriarch's Writings, Light Mineral (Land)


*Kepler Verge


Klencoy - Matriarch's Writings (Survey)

Juncro - Gas Deposit (Survey)

Ontarom - Turian Insignia(Land)


*Gemini Sigma


Parag - Light Metal (Survey)

Altanorch - League of One Medallion (Survey)



Pavarin - Matriarch's Writings (Survey)

Patatanlis - Light Metal (Survey)

Mavigon - Heavy Metal, Salarian ID Tag (Land)


*Exodus Cluster




*Local Cluster


Luna - (Land)



*Artemis Tau


Asteroid Cluster - Prothean Data Disc (survey)

Edolus - Salarian ID Tag, Light Metal (Land) /Thresher Maw/

Ontamalca - Gas Deposit (Survey)

Alsages - Rare Element (Survey)



Metallic Asteroid - Heavy Metal (Survey)

Carbonaceous Asteroid - League of One Medallion (Survey)

Archanes - Gas Deposit (Survey)



Pharos - Turian Insignia (Survey)

Circe - Gas Deposit (Survey)

Proteus - Gas Deposit (Survey)



Metallic Asteroid - Light Metal (Survey)

Porolan - Matriarch's writings (Survey)

Sharija - Rare Element, Matriarch's Writings(Land)

Fargeluse - Gas Deposit (Survey)

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when do you receive the mission from the consort about the elcor? i have completed a mission for the consort but i dont remember any elcors involved.


It was just after you talked to the dude in Chora's Den and stopped him from spreading shit about her. Then he gives you a job after.

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As much as I hate GameSpot, I did find this...




I didn't realise I still had a whole system to unlock (Styx Theta) plus a few new star clusters in the Hades Gamma sector, certainly saved me trawling all the planets for the millionth time.


Hope this helps and thanks for the guide DaWebbmeister!

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