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Two player Achievements


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my buddy and me we want to play this game,

and since the servers are down, we have to play it oldschool.

2 ppl,1TV,1Xbox,1Game, Splitscreen ftw!


So is it possible that (if he downloads his profile to my xbox),

he too gets achievements?

Or does we have to play it on my console so i get achievements,

and then on his console for the cheevs?

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With the servers down (kinda sad realy because despite what alot of people said, the MP was actualy fun and way better then the MP in the second game) Anyways i think in order to have the achievements unlocked for both there might be two ways: 1 for playing on your console in split-screen and then u get all the achievements, or second he may try to sign in with his GT when been asked to connect second controler, some games do support this, some don,t. Either way its worth a try. Ican,t say more because i played this game ages back when it was been released with a friend on-line. Hope this might help.

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