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i have some help for smash tv ( sort of )

uMAD at ohdavey

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i just wanted to start out with i know the game is garbage but the "road map" while greatly appreciated!! is not much help... more of just a generic type thing...


sit in the bottom left corner and fire away? any more help or ideas is greatly appreciated. i cannot get mythical "continue" to work on score attack


stuck at 910 g lol...... is this the correct route?



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over a mill and a mashed the crap out of the :abut: and no continue.......i dont think it works.


i used the above route and made it all the way to the end. died. but made it lol. still at 910g!



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okay, so i now have my full 1000g. i got it by taking the exact OPPOSTIE route.


lets try this as an explanation. okay, so i played about 4 hours a day taking the top route like my photo and made it to the boss twice.


however then me and a friend played it and took the bottom route the whole time and made it to the boss about id say 1 time every three plays. the best combo for me was when i got lucky and it spawned lifes and i had about 9 when i made it to the tank level , then the original 5 when i made it to the boss.


just keep you your hopes up and if it starts out spawning the nukes "BINGO" alot id say that thats not the best run. i had the best luck when it spawned the invincible things at the start.

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Man this one achievement was a bitch. But finally, FINALLY I got it done. With a little help from the game giving me some generous power-ups :woop:


I love how the achievement guide says 3-6 hours, but I probably spent 3-6 hours on JUST this one achievement. :eek:


Anyway for me this ended up being totally luck based. I probably spent 2 hours trying to no avail, and not even sniffing the final boss. Then when I got fairly good at it I had a streak of "getting there" a bunch of times in a row. But only with 1 or 2 lives remaining. Which just wasn't good enough.


So i try out the continue glitch. That thing almost never works. Finally I got it to work ONCE, but I blew it and wasted 5 of my extra lives before getting to the boss...I was just about ready to give up.


So then out of the blue, I have a near perfect run, and the game starts dropping invincibility and extra lives like CANDY. I get to the last boss with 10 extra lives remaining. From there it was a piece of cake. :)

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I was nervous going into this after reading about how hard it is, but its really not that bad. Took 3 tries, but got it the first time the A A A button trick worked.


Easiest method - Make all cash & power ups your priorities. By the time you get to the 4th room you should have 500, 000 points, which is needed for the AAA trick to work. As soon as you lose your last life, press A three times and you will get 7 more lives. Should work everytime, unless you hit A too much, may mess it up.


When you get invincibility, the green circle around you, SAVE your precious ammo until its gone and run people over. That way you wont waste the good ammo and itll make a nice backup plan when your invincibility runs out. You will also be a step ahead of power ups and theyll appear near you more frequently.


I also skipped the bonus room and took the south path. Dont give up, youll probably get it when you least expect it.


For some reason I did better with the red guy, I guess he was easier to see from the corner of my eye when looking around for powerups.

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