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Do you play better while inibriated?


Do you play better while inibriated?  

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  1. 1. Do you play better while inibriated?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • No, but I know people that do.
    • I have the reaction times of a paralyzed turtle while inibriated.

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I know this is random and might be flagged, but I was just wondering if any of you have noticed that you play better while drunk/high? I have a friend that smokes weed all day and is usually always top 3 on Halo 4 MP games, while I'm lucky to get top 3 once every 10 games sober lol. I know, in theory, your reaction times are naturally slower while inebriated, but it doesn't seem to be the case with some of my friends. I drank a little Everclear earlier and was getting ridiculously high scores on Hard mode that I normally would never get. I don't know if it's because I wasn't playing that seriously, but I was going crazy lol.


Do you guys play better or know anyone that plays better while inebriated?


By the way, I don't do drugs. Just casually drink.

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I used to smoke weed about and I never did as good while playing any game. I still drink occasionally, but when I am drinking its just a casual beer and I play exactly the same. When I drink to get drunk (very rarely nowadays), its with friends and I do not play games, although I would imagine I wouldn't play very good.

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I have a drinking/smoking sweet spot, once I hit that I generally play better. After that sweet spot, I'm ridiculously shit lol. My reactions probably are slower after a drink/smoke, but I'm more relaxed and I think my play style changes. Halo 4 I normally run and gun because I get bored as fuck sitting back, so I charge in and generally get battered. After a drink/smoke, I tend to not rush in as much and play a bit smarter.

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It's hard to answer, I drink a lot and it helps me to carry on playing when I would of otherwise just of gotten bored or angry. But I suppose it does because it makes me not care so much about the outcome of how I'm playing and if I'm sucking I just try again. Then again that doesn't mean it makes me any better, just more tolerance to bullshit.

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Researchers have done a ton of work on something known as "state dependent memory".


The evidence shows that our brains tend to recall things (including certain motor skills) better when we are in the mental state and physical surroundings that we were in when we learned them. That is part of the reason why a lot of schools are pushing towards having all test taking done in the classrooms where the classes met.


Originally these studies were done with drunk people. They got people drunk then bombarded them with a lot of information. They then tested these people on the information while sober and while at varying levels of drunkenness. Almost without fail the people did best on the test when at a level closest to their level of drunkenness when presented with the information.


Since then various tests have been conducted that have largely verified the theory. Many of you may have seen the movie "How High" (Method and Red go to Harvard). At one point there is a line (paraphrased): "Go to class high, study high, take the test high. Get high marks!" This is actually surprisingly accurate. If you go to class high and study high you probably should take the test high based on the findings of all these studies. (of course all other studies show that if you do it that way your grades will be lower then if you were sober through it all)


My point concerning this thread: If you largely learned how to play a game while in some sort of altered state then you most likely will play that game best while in that altered state.


I mostly played Rockband while drinking. This is a perfect game to test the theory on because it actually gives you a distinct point value to compare performance on (a lot of people think they play better drunk but don't actually). I noticed that my scores in Rockband were consistently better while I was drunk then when I was sober.


TLDR: Playing better drunk is actually scientifically accurate depending on the situation.

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When you're drunk, you're not thinking straight, so you can't possibly play better.



My stats in Battlefield 3 would disagree and a good thing I don't drive my 360 to the beer store :).


I always have more fun and higher scoring games after a few beers. I love having a drink while I play, it's relaxing and enjoyable. What I find is that after a beer or three and I get that good happy buzz going my inhibitions are lessened considerably, and while this doesn't actualy speed up my reflexes it makes me run on auto pilot more and I think and hesitate less.


That lack of hesitation has gotten me out of quite a few scrapes that had I been sober, I would have died that split second I pondered my options.


I'm also more likely to not give a shit and still enjoy a bad game as well.

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i always have ... higher scoring games after a few beers.


(of course all other studies show that if you do it that way your grades will be lower then if you were sober through it all)


As bigbear said, it's impossible for you to do something better while drunk than while sober, with the exception that he brought up. I've never heard of that, but I'll take his word for it.


On average, you will always do better playing BF3, or anything for that matter, sober over drunk. You're not playing better drunk because it somehow makes you more alert, faster, smarter, etc. Just because you survived a few situations that you think you may have died in while sober, doesn't mean you play better. Not to mention, you probably came to this conclusion while drunk, at a time when you have impaired judgement. I know you sort of touched on what I just said in your post, but I'm just refuting your argument.

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Do people drive better when drunk? It's impossible to play better when your reaction times are increased. When you're drunk, you're not thinking straight, so you can't possibly play better.


Not true.. I think perfectly straight when I'm drunk but that's due to tollerance as I can drink an 18 pack of kind beer (Kind beer is anything but Bud, Miller, or Coors... namely beers from Europe like my favorite Newcastle Brown Ale) and it does nothing more but relaxes me and makes me a little more happy and a little more social.


I only drink once a week and only smoke bud once a week usually on friday nights depending if I have any on hand. When you're tollerance is as high as mine, I can think just as perfectly straight with both as I can when I'm sober. But of course you give me liquor that's a whole different story lol!


However I would NEVER drive on either... It's not worth losing my freedom or killing someone over. Anyhow I voted No in this poll even though I'll admit having some kind herb around usually gets me much immersed when it comes to movies and games, it DOES NOT make me play better in any way shape or form.

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