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11 Eyes Walkthrough, revised


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Great guide Ogre...I have some good news to add regarding the slowdown.


I encountered the slowdown as soon as the 25% achievement unlocked. I dashboarded and restarted the game thinking if I go back to 25% without an achievement unlocking it would be fine, but no dice.


What I did do though was delete and recover my GamerTag so my tag size was a mere 64kb instead of 60mb. Then I cleared the cache and turned the Xbox off.


Rebooted the game and started from my most recent save to carry on following the guide....and slowdown gone!


Something else which is pretty awesome, I have been using RB to skip ever since I worked around the slowdown. Works fine. :woop:

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Very useful guide Minioger.

Is anyone a fan of 11eyes here?

I wish someone would fully translate this game (There is patch for PC version but it only covers 30% of the dialog)

I'm surprised this plot comes with automatic quick saving.


Bump, I just realised that you can speed up the skipping of the dialog by moving your profile to hard drive. It made a big improvement compared to leaving it on my 4GB Max Memory Unit


If anyone get stuck at 99.99% completion like I did, redo this one

Load 3

(2) 断る

Skip to 9/29 for Cross Vision (vision actually occurs on 9/28)

The dates are displayed quickly at the beginning of each day, so if you miss it, skip until you see a date that is 9/29 or later, or until you get to the next choice.

Back to Title screen

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Great guide! I followed the advice of everyone and recovered a fresh Profile over Xbox Live and put that on the HDD, as well as install the game to HDD and I did not experience any slow downs. I played the whole game using RB to skip. I got all the achievements in 4h22mins, and I didn't even have to finish the last partial playthrough - as soon as you make the choice after loading #9, the achievements pop.


Thank you fir the great guide.

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Great guide, worked perfectly. Thanks to Chunkeh for his info as well. Ran into the slowdown in exactly the same spot while using the RT only (when the 25% achievement popped). Deleted my profile, recovered it, cleared my cache and rebooted my console. Loaded the game and started from my last save point (not quick save). Ran the rest of it from that point on using only the RB to skip and never had another issue.

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