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Gears of War Roadmap


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Achievement Difficulty: 8

Estimated time for 1250: 400+ hours (Legit) 150+ hours (Boosted with guide)

Minimum Playthroughs: 2 (Once on Casual or Hardcore, and once on Insane once unlocked)

Missable achievements: None.

Glitched Achievements: All the weapon achievements, including "Seriously.." do not unlock exactly after "x" number of kills.

Offline Achievements: 31 (630)

Online Achievements: 26 (620)

Cheats enable Achievements: Yes. Doing the "Seriously Glitch" will allow you to get all the achievements, just by doing one part of the achievements requirement. For example, "Seriously.." unlocks after just one kill, and Completing the game on " " difficulty unlocks after one chapter.


Gears of War is probably best known for it's multiplayer, and also known for it's infamous "Seriously.." achievement. That achievement is known for not unlocking at 10,000 kills, as most people have it unlocked at 13,000+. The same problem applies to the weapon achievements such as "The Nuge" and "The Money Shot". For these I believe they should start unlocking around the 130+ range. Single Player wise, just use this Cog tag locations guide to help you as it will come in handy.



This method will quickly become your best friend if you can get enough people to do this with. First of all, you are going to need 6 people (including yourself,5). Next, tell them you are going to host a game (this will net you "A Series of Tubes" much quicker if you host) on any map you are missing for “Around the World” (excludes DLC maps) and set it to 18 rounds, and 1 minute round duration. What you should do next is go to a designated meeting spot in the map, preferably the middle. The next part is probably the most confusing concept to understand at first, but you will pick it up after a while. Now that everybody (COG and Locust) are facing each other, have a COG member go out and kill 2 Locust members, and let the third one live. The Locust that is alive will go and kill the two COGs that did nothing that round, and then the COG member will kill the Locust member. Next two rounds, repeat the same thing. To keep on track, the score should be 3-0 COG, with a COG member with 9 kills and a Locust with 6 kills. Round 4, you will repeat the same step again, but have the Locust with 6 kills get all 3 kills this time. At the end of Round 6, the score should be 3-3, and the COG member should 15 kills, same with the Locust. Next 3 rounds, repeat again but have COG get the kills again. End of 9 rounds, 6-3 COG, COG guy has 26 kills and Locust guy has 21. Switch up again for the next 3 rounds, and now you have a tie game at 6-6 with two guys with 30 kills. Repeat this process except with a fresh batch of players getting kills this time. It should now be 12-12 once this is complete. Lastly, the most important 2 people are alive. Let them get there first set of 15 kills, and it’s now a 15-15 game. Next up, Have the COG win the next two rounds, (with each COG and Locust still getting there 3, and 2 kills respectively)


For this next round, have the COG only kill 2 Locusts this time, allowing the Locust killer to also get his kills, and tie up the round. Once it is tied, the COG should have 23 kills, and the Locust should have 21. The game should also be 17-15 for the COG. Once the Locust now gets the next 2 rounds, (and another 6 kills) The game should look like this: Game tied at 17-17; Every COG has 30 kills, except for one (27), same with the Locust. Now, the Locust and the COG player will both get two kills, and instead of tying it up, will kill each other. Have one player pick up the frags, or anyother thing that can kill yourself and the enemy (Torque bow, Boomshot, Hammer of Dawn) and kill each other. There you go. 30 kills, 30 deaths, 30 more kills for whatever weapon achievement you were going for.


DLC Multiplayer:

The fastest way to do these is to step up a local play game and sign in a guest, and just boost them until they are complete.



The campaign in Gears of War is very straightforward, and i'd recommend doing it in co-op, and on Hardcore. (this will unlock achievements for Casual as well) During this campaign I’d go for all the Cog tags rather then doing them on Insane. (Make sure after one campaign, you and your partner switch places as Dom to make sure you both get the Co-op achievements.

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