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Seeing blocks when I close my eyes...


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I have been struggling with Babel. I mean this game has been kicking my ass, and I refuse to be beaten. I go for really tough achievements and this game has been questioning my sanity. My own pace so far.


Babel Times:


Alter- Pairs about 9 hours couldn't do it solo, EDIT -Beat it solo 3/1/13


Mehnir- Tried Pairs but it just seemed to be more difficult, and somehow solo'ed it after 10 hours.


Obelisk- Could not for the life of me beat it solo luckily made it through pairs took about 8-9 hours.


I haven't unlocked Axis yet, because I have been just going straight to hard gold medals I have stage left, and from what I hear 9-5 is going to be tough.


All I can say is I think I might only be able to get 890/1000 in this game which is going to royally piss me off. So I guess wish me luck for Axis if it is really that much harder than obelisk.....


Also since I have spent so much time in the last 3 days playing I can only see block puzzles when I close my eyes has anyone else had this issue lol?

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Haha, not when I close my eyes, but when I sleep. Back when I played this I would be up till 5am because I enjoyed its story, and when I slept I would be playing the game in my mind still. I would just throw a bunch of blocks in place and start going through all the possible ways to climb them then throw more on and do it again. It was maddening, felt like I spent 6 hours of my sleep every night playing it. It was very nightmare like, which is very fitting considering the game that caused it.


But I look back at it with fondness, my only fear of trying to 100% this game is that my mind will obsess over it again and I will start playing in my dreams again.

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My mind has drifted to blocks recently. But I'm not even going to try Babel again. My mind runs on auto-pilot when I play this game. I watch videos. I do what the videos did. If I were forced to play this game on my own, I probably wouldn't get very far. Babel forces you to do just that. People say playing in pairs is easier, but that just doubles the amount of movements my mind has to process. Suffice it to say, I didn't get very far.


I'm getting gold awards as I play the story. About to start level 6. I've already finished the Rapunzel achievements. I think I might actually enjoy this game once I finish and can then skip the puzzles on subsequent playthroughs.

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Yes! I was thinking about this the other night.. its almost as if they want you to see these blocks when you close your eyes or sleep.. you become the game. I've been playing non stop lately and its the same.. ha.. good stuff. I'm sure by now you've got your full completion.. I know I'm a ways away.. but its got to be done. Sigh.

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This game had a new type of intense. I wasn't very good, so never did any Babel levels, but even the levels I did, a combination of love, frustration, adrenalin and the just one more go running through.


And the sleep at night. Took ages to unwind to get to sleep, and was rubbish sleep with this going through the brain.


Yet to pick it up the 360 version, might do it in a year or two, which will have given me some time since the last play.

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