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Rope Ascender Bug SOLUTION explained!


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If your like me, you never expected that you might run into a game breaking glitch, but many of us have... Without any spoilers, this is the part in the game where you first return to the Endurance ship. The puzzle is that there is a box that needs to be moved so it will drop down through the floor and you can drop down after it. The problem is when you try to move the box, it will not budge, and the crane holding it in the air breaks... The box is actually two boxes glitched together and is caused from re loading a checkpoint during the fight prior to this point.




The goal is to exploit a different glitch so laura can go through the floor anyways. (its not as hard as you think, I tried this a few times, then when I understood the concept, I got it to work like a charm!)


1. Break the crane

first step is to shoot a rope arrow at the box and get the crane holding it to break. (many times the arrows will not actually stick, I was able to get them to stick better after lighting the crate on fire once or twice with a fire arrow)


2. Find the glitch zone

the next step is to walk to the (if your facing the box) right side of the hole in the floor. aim the bow (doesnt matter where she is looking, just aim the bow anywhere) and walk slowly to the hole in the floor. right on the edge you will see her put the bow away for a sec and bring it up right away, this is the glitch zone!


the exact spot that i got it to work is on the right side of the hole walking into the glitch zone in the spot where the pipes in the floor are broken


heres how you do it!


3. Glitch away!

slowly tap the controler to get laura to move to the glitch zone and sometimes you can get her to enter a falling animation where she will bring her hands out and she will lift her legs up, when you see her do that, KEEP HER STILL! she will drift a bit, gently use the stick to try to keep her held in place, if you hold her there for about a second, she will fall right through the floor, and the game will instantly save!


Here is a youtube video of someone getting this to work, use it as a visual aid while following my instructions.

I did this on Xbox 360, and it took me 10 minutes to figure out, dont give up and wait for a patch, just follow my instructions and you will be fine!

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