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Best Items for a road trip....


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Everybody enjoy an epic road trip, to either spring break or gram grams house for easter.


There are two types of road trippers, one who snack, and one who slurp. I'm

(That is actually me!)


What can't you live without?


1) Phone

2) White board, I like to make signs for other cars. free hugs/candy/puppies

2.5) Beats (and beets)

3) Mountain dew/coffee

4) The girl next door in daisy dukes.

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If I am sharing driving duty and I am not driving.




Otherwise fountain drinks, chips, sandwiches, beef jerky. I also would of said energy drinks up until a few days ago, I gave them up.

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Beer/Booze of your choice (I almost always sit in the back for extra leg room so I'm not driving before you think I'm saying to drink and drive.)


Map - For when you eventually have to find your way home.

Notebook/Sketchbook + Pen/Other stuff

PS Vita - For if you're on a boring bit of motorway but off the motorway it goes off to enjoy the view.

Blankets - Coming home at night through Glencoe for example, never been so glad to have some bundled in the boot.

Victorinox pocket knife - Useful for plenty, especially opening the booze above.

Good boots - For getting out of the car and stretching your legs.

Army surplus poncho - I have a German one that's great for if it's absolutely pissing down.



Chewing Gum


Something to eat that doesn't need to be in a fridge or get cooked so that if you end up on a road where you've not seen a shop in hours you've got something to eat.

Phone for emergencies

Spare tyre + Tools to change it with


I think that about covers what I make sure to take out with me.

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If me and a couple of friends were going on a week long roadtrip or whatever tomorrow. I would need...


1. Beer stocked up before hand

2. Fake ID for when we run out of beer, or other purposes.

3. Soda because I am slightly addicted

4. A rich friend (Dont worry I got a couple actually, one with over a couple million and he is 17, long, unbelievable, and aggravating story I would be happy to pm somebody if interested.)

5. RV (a camper, Im not roadtripping in a jeep or something. No big deal though, my parents have a pull behind camper.)


And boom, ready to go! In my dreams at least.

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For a road trip...


1. Tissues. Seriously. You never realize how important they are until you need them and don't have them.

2. Painkillers for the inevitable backache you will get when you drive 6-8 hours a day for a while.

3. Water. Snacks. Energy drinks. Other consumables.

4. Music.

5. A partner for the road... one who you can tolerate for that amount of time in a cramped space. Silence is golden - you don't always need to chat, but I always feel like I am a more alert driver when someone else is beside me.

6. A good car and a spare tire - maybe even a little toolkit of stuff for the car in case you get stuck on the side of the road (blanket, first aid, those flare thingys...)

7. Your phone and a phone charger.

8. Map/GPS/your phone.

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Yeah, Gackt just won. Perhaps somewhat through fear and intimidation... :p


That is a gorgeous Glock, though. Makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)


I don't go out very often but when I do, I never leave home without my Glock 17. Chances are I'll probably never need it but I bring it just incase.

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- Cellphone with Google Maps (because my sense of direction is about as a good as a wet match in a dark cave)

- Cheetos (because no roadtrip is complete without styrofoam coated in powered cheese.

- A lot of Coca-Cola (because I have a problem and I refuse to overcome it.)

- Music (Lots of music. Obnoxiously loud music. Heavy Metal, Grunge, Punk, Alternative, Dubstep, etc... Anything I can crank up and annoy other people with when they start playing some shitty Kanye West song real loud.)

-Condoms (Depends on where you're traveling. Never know when you're gonna hook up with a sexy young thing. Good to be prepared.)

- Handgun (Gotta go with Gackt on this one. Can't beat having a handgun at the ready. I'm a pacifist and refuse to use it if I don't have to, but it's insurance just knowing it's there. Tells people not to try anything.)


Since I'm the designated driver, I can't really bring along any form of entertainment for the drive.This post will probably be updated with Xbox 360 and Vanguard soon enough though. Gotta have something to do in the hotel and each evening and Xbox is the preferred form of entertainment. Vanguard keeps it private so other people can still use the TV too.

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I don't go out very often but when I do, I never leave home without my Glock 17. Chances are I'll probably never need it but I bring it just incase.


And that's the whole point. Offense is the best defense and I definitely wouldn't want to try anything against a guy who's carrying. Plus, if your Glock looks as great as the one in that pic, it's more a piece of art than a weapon. :) Also, that sounded a little bit like a reference to that liquor commercial guy... :p


The Gackt Glock.




Lol, I love this.


But seriously Gackt, you are one of a kind... ;)


And that's why we love him, right?


I like your style Gackt. I like it.


As do I.

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