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Another collectibles guide. All 140, in order, checklist.


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DrMong it has been forever. Your interactive maps were always awesome (I think you did it for Batman right?). Glad to see you post!


Hey. Thanks! Not actually for Batman, but yeah, done interactive guides in the past for quite a few games. :)

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Did you never finish this? When I go to the link it only shows the first 7 or so and none of the video links work.


Hmm? Yeah it was finished a couple of days after release. All the videos still seem to work too (although I didn't bother to video the Gear locations).


(Late reply due to a vacation.)

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Thanks Dr. Mong


I used your feathers guide for ACII and it was a huge help. I played that on PS3 so I'll be using it again when I play on 360.

This guide is very helpful too.


Not sure whats up with the childish behavior over whose guide is better. People can just pick the one they want to use and move along.


In fact I liked another guide a bit better for all of its detail but the whiny response of that person to Dr. Mong's guide drove me away. I hate that shit.


Anyway thank you for your awesome checklist guides. They are always helpful.

Thanks to all the people who make guides. You are a ray of sunshine in my gaming life! LOL

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