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Any Info On This?

Lord Chabelo

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I've played about an hour or so of the Escher scenario. It's a pretty neat RPG so far. There's a good deal of puzzles in the overworld, and the combat is quite good. You gain new skills by absorbing them from enemies, though so far I haven't figured out a guaranteed way of doing so. There's also not many offensive abilities so far. Maybe I'm just unlucky.


The difficulty curve can take you by surprise though. I lost a fight against random mobs because they continually hit me with poison. Losing 10% of your health per round plus 20-40% from their attacks is rough, especially when it puts them into Enemy Advantage, which doubles their attack/defence.


It's a really fun game though, and I look forward to making it one of my 200/200s >_> even if it will take a looooong time.

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Supposedly it takes 15 hours to earn the first achievement (for clearing the first character).


Nah, if you play smart and figure out the battle system, you should be able to do that in about half the time or less. I had all 4 scenarios complete and finished all but the hidden boss in around 15 hours.


However, the full 200 here I would probably estimate closer to around 25 hours, and if I were to give it a difficulty rating for a roadmap, probably around a 6 or 7. Assuming that the secret achievement is story based and not something tricky to accomplish.

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I beat the game with Escher and Museia in just over 5 hours. I'm kind of saddened by how easy the game got the further into it you go. At level 24 I started taking on the 51-60 areas, and propelled myself to the point the boss fight I was initially stuck on (due to having 2500HP and losing 1500+ per hit), I was now at 6000HP and taking ~200 per hit. lol.


Fortunately there's still the challenge of the black crystal fights, which I still need to train for. And it's fantastic that you don't have to regain gene skills across characters. I have most of them mastered already, but yeah.


Apparently spoiler tags don't like me >_>

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