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Why did I get Bingo Boss from Lightning?


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Commented on the achive itself, but I was playing through Standard for a bit, but I had tapped the wrong buttons, as well as tried to answer all the slots for a few rounds. I tried to do bingo words for a bit, then moved onto other modes.


Later, as I was playing Lightning, I finished up two rounds, trying to be quick to get the two relevant achieves for that. For some unknown reason, Bingo Boss popped up.


Please note: I had *NONE* of the three 'Bingo' achieves unlocked. Which means that my "10" achieve is before the "5" achieve.


Weird glitch, one that's going to make things weird for my achievement list on this game. Granted, with all the other achieve screwups this game appears to have had in the past, hopefully it won't cause issues.

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