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Easter egg or April Fools?


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The top link is a terrible terrible attempt at an April Fools joke. He obviously doesn't understand what is and isn't funny.


Not sure if this is April Fools material or even related to this so called method, but check this out:




As for this, people are stupid. Not sure if April Fools, or actual news, but it's just a coincidence.


Audio people have a wide array of sounds to choose from, but often times, a sound will serve more than 1 purpose. Chances are that the sound that resembles songbird was used for ambient noise in BioShock.

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Ahhh to be a 90s gamer. Those were the days.


Yes the 90's when just about every game had some rumor of a secret cheat code that unlocked hidden secrets. Those were the days. Almost miss the age of the cheat code. Which more games would go back to hiding them, I liked that BioShock Infinite made use of the Konami code to unlock 1999 Mode.

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