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ALL Hidden Sticker Locations

Arsenic 17

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Below are descriptions of where to find all 60 hidden stickers in the game. There is one hidden sticker per level (except the credits level, which has four). They are often well hidden and require some additional thinking and time to obtain.



  1. After picking up the yellow key, head up one platform to the left. The sticker is high above this platform. Jump up and grab the lightning bolt!
  2. As soon as you pass the first checkpoint, jump up the platform right in front of you. Then backtrack up and to the left to the next platform. Then make a big jump to another platform to the left to collect this sticker and 12 sugar cubes.
  3. The sticker is right above you from the start in the top left corner. Head up to the highest platform, then jump all the way to the left.
  4. Right before the exit of the level, use the last air lift to go up and to the left. There is a small ledge to land on. Then head up and to right for the sticker.
  5. Use the only air lift in the level to propel yourself up and to the left. Hugging the wall is the sticker. You will need to use your jumping ability as well.
  6. After exiting the canon area, in the next area you will see a bomb rolling down a slope into a saw blade. Tucked behind the fence next to the saw is the sticker.
  7. In the starting area, where there are a bunch of storm clouds spitting black drops, climb the platforms all the way to the top left to find the sticker and 4 sugar cubes.
  8. From the start of the level, ride the first air lift up, landing on a platform. Jump to the next platform to the right. Then get a running start and jump as far as you can to the right to land on the ledge with the sticker and 4 cubes.
  9. From the start of the level head across the level and up the ledges. Then take the left path and jump so that you pass from left to right above the yellow monster. Grad the sticker from the area that you must push the boulders into.
  10. The sticker is in one of the targets that you shoot with the cannon. After destroying the target and the sticker falls to the ground, be sure to collect it.
  11. After pushing a boulder onto the seesaw contraction, you will fall down and be next to some lava on your left. The sticker is all the way across the lava to the left. Get a running start and jump over.
  12. A bit into the level, you will pass a checkpoint and come to a large tower of crates which you can go through a small gap in. Go through the gap, and then jump onto the next moving platform. From this moving platform, wait until it is as far up as it goes and get a running jump to go left. The sticker is on top of that tall stack of crates.
  13. Once you come to the area with four bouncing pads, get on top of the long orange platform above. Once on top of this platform, making a running jump as far as you cant to the left. The sticker will be floating in mid-air.
  14. The sticker is on top of the structure you start the level in. Head around to the right and bounce off the spring pad. Come back to the left across the blue platform to get the sticker.
  15. After jumping the first gap, you should see the sticker in a small nook about you. You can either back-track and let the punching gloves knock you up there, or go right and climb to the top of the saw area, the come back across the crates to the sticker. Your choice.
  16. Once you get to the moving platform and saw area, go all the way to the top moving platform. Ride it far to the left and pick up the sticker, taking care to fall back towards the right to land in safety after getting the sticker.
  17. Right at the beginning, it the area with moving spiky pillars that you must go between, the sticker is in there. It is a blue diamond. Hard to miss this one actually.
  18. The sticker is above the dinosaur head that is chomping on bones. Maneuver under his head and above the lava to the right. Hope up and jump on the wooden plank the makes up the back of the dinosaurs head. Use the dinosaur's jaw motion as a bit of a boost along with your jump to reach the sticker. Time you fall back down to the ground below to avoid the incoming bones.
  19. The sticker is carried by one of the red enemies in the level. You must shoot the enemy with the launcher and then collect the sticker off the ground when it falls.
  20. The sticker it right at the finish of the level. Just over the ending red target area to the right to grab this sticker before completing the level.
  21. When you come to the first enemy that looks like a black storm cloud, you should see the sticker above you. Simply jumps up and grab it.
  22. Right before the finish, there are 5 spiked blocks bobbing up and down attached to ropes. The sticker is just above the fifth spike (farthest right). There is also a hidden sugar cube above the fourth block. Stop in the space between the third and fourth blocks, then time your jump up and over the final two blocks.
  23. This one is very well hidden. When you get to the part where there is bomb falling off an edge and bouncing up off a spring pad, head right into the wall. It looks like you cant but just do it. The sticker is a little ways through the wall.
  24. The sticker is in the area where the five black storm cloud monsters are moving up and down. It is on the very bottom, under the fourth monster.
  25. The sticker is right near the end on the ground in plain sight. Just before you must jump up over the spiked ledge to reach the finish. The sticker is a green apple.
  26. From the beginning, head down into the wind tunnel pushing you right. You will be among some rolling bombs on a flat surface. Further right there will be a slope down. At the top of this slope while you are with the bombs, getting a running jump and go right to see the sticker in the top right corner. Give just enough power to grab sticker as there is spikes just beyond it. Land safely down and to the right.
  27. You should see the sticker in a small compartment near the beginning of the level. You need to head right over the lava, up the air vent, then go left to collect the sticker. Time your jumps with the saws. They go in a figure eight pattern.
  28. Near the end of the level, you will be on a hanging platform, over some lava. The sticker is right above you, in plain sight. Time your jump with the spitting lava drops.
  29. From the start of the level, head to the right and down to you reach the lava. The sticker is all the way to the left across the lava. Time you jumps with the lava drops.
  30. This is another chase level. The sticker is in plain sight near the middle of the level. Just try and make sure you go fast in the beginning of the level so you have enough time to slow down a tad and grab the sticker.
  31. The sticker is inside the circle of bouncing pads at the very beginning of the level.
  32. At the beginning of the level, you will be running around collecting cubes and keys while being shot at by a lava cannon. The sticker is just to the right of the lava cannon on the roof.
  33. At the beginning of the level, you will enter an area with a bunch of monsters and three spring pads. At the very roof of the level, above the third spring pad, is the sticker. Use the pad to bounce up and to the left, around some monsters, to grad the sticker.
  34. You will come to a part where there is a dinosaur eating bones. The sticker is in the dinosaurs mouth. You can grad the sticker by carefully jumping in the dinosaur's mouth when it opens. Then you can glide back down on the bone (it wont hurt you) or just bounce off the bone to get out of the mouth before it closes. Do not hit the teeth as they will kill you.
  35. After passing to two rotating saws at the beginning of level. You will come to a red and white building that is raised up. Climb on top of this building and jump straight up to get the sticker.
  36. Before crossing the finish, jump over it and one ship to the right to collect the sticker.
  37. Go just a tad left as soon as you collect the yellow key to find this sticker tucked in the corner.
  38. After you pass the first area, and you come to a large chain silver chain hanging down. Jump up to the yellow crate on the left. Continue jumping up to the top of this stack of crates to get the sticker.
  39. When you get to the area where there are two greenish cloud monsters spiting green drops at you. Go left and hop onto the red crate. Then get a running jump and go left and up to another group of red crates. This stick is up here.
  40. The final boss drops the sticker when you kill him. Collect is and the sugar cubes he dops before finishing.

Check out the video below if you are having trouble finding something mentioned about. It provides a playthrough of all 40 story levels (including the location of each sticker). Thanks to YouTube user RSvideosUK for the video! Go to the actual YouTube webpage to select the timestamps of the individual levels.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqdmCef5pBI]Storm in a Teacup - Levels 1- 40 tutorial (full game) - Completionist (Cubes+Stickers+Stars) - YouTube[/ame]

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  1. Up where the box with the green key in it is, you can go left and down a long, vertical tunnel which takes you back to the start of the level. Along the path is the sticker and a bunch of sugar cubs. You should easily spot this one.
  2. You will come to an area with a saw blade attached to a moving wooden arm. Here is the sticker in plain sight. It looks like a globe.
  3. This one is a bit tricky because of the gravity mechanics and doors that only open when gravity is a certain way. From the start of the level, head right, fall down , collect the three cubes. Then head right again. Collect three more cubes and jump to hit the second gravity switch in the air (the one on the right). Then collect 5 more cubes as you go right. Go right and fall down into the put. Hit any one of the three gravity switches here. Then go right, avoiding the saw. Hit the switch in the far top right corner. Then jump up and go right, across the gap. Jump up and to the left, making sure not to hit the switch in the wall on the right. Stand below the floating switch. You need to jump on top of that switch, then jump to hit the one that is right above it. As soon as you hit that switch, go left and fall to the bottom of the pit to collect the balloon sticker. Jump over the wall to the right and go down to reach a checkpoint and continue the level.
  4. From the start of the level you should see the sticker. You need to make a running jump off the ledge above the sticker up and to the right to hit the switch in the top right corner of the room. This will open the hatch covering the sticker.
  5. Enter the dragon area with the gravity switched so the dragon is below you. Then jump up towards the sugar cubes above you and hit those gravity switches. Then head right and hit those gravity switches. Jump over to the platform below the dragon now. The sticker is in the middle of the dragon. Time the jump into the center of the dragon and exit to the right, falling safely to the ledge below.
  6. From the beginning of the level head right. You should see the hidden sticker above the platform that the second dragon is circling. Land on that platform, then jump up to grab the sticker. The dragon is moving too quickly to land safely back on the same platform, so fall to the middle platform to the left that no dragons are circling.
  7. After making you way through the level and collecting the red key, as soon as you do so, turn around and go backwards, do not progress yet. A little ways back you will see a gravity door that is now open. Inside this small room is the sticker.
  8. This is a chase level with no checkpoints. The sticker is located near the end of the level. You will be chased downwards, then towards the right, then upwards. At the very end of the upwards chase, before heading right to the finish line, head up and to the left to find this sticker floating in the top left corner.
  9. Once you hit the last gravity and have the finish line just to your left. Do not go there. Turn around and go right, fall down and hit the gravity switch your basically land one.Then jump up and to the left, hitting the next gravity switch. Now head to the left and jump up into the small compartment that has now opened. Collect the crescent moon sticker.
  10. After you get to the first (and only) checkpoint, turn around and go back the way you came. A gravity door will now be open to allow you to collect the top hat sticker.


  1. After opening the yellow gate, head right and you will eventually see two sharks going around on a pinwheel. The sticker is at the center of the pinwheel. It is only possible to get while are are moving left to right across the pinwheel.
  2. From the start of the level, hop up on to the first platform. The sticker is in plain sight.
  3. When you are heading to the right past a pinwheel with two sharks on it doing in and out of the water, look to the right. On the other side of the spiked wall with a swinging saw arm on it, there is the sticker. Time your jumps.
  4. Right near the beginning of the level, you will collect your first three sugar cubes. Look to the right, in a gap, you will see the sticker. Wait for the swinging saw to go left then jump up, wait for the monster in the gap to go down into the water, then quickly jump across the gap, grabbing the sticker on the way to land safely on the right.
  5. Go to the area where you are in a whole bunch of crates with two circling saw blades in the middle. You have to climb into a nook in the crates on the right, then jump out and around to the left to go up and continue. After doing so, make the same jump up again to the top of the next crate above you to get the sticker. You need to be quick in the first part of the level before this to be able to have enough time do make these maneuvers as this is a chase level.

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excellent guide, I'm only up to level 9 so far but you have helped out on several of the levels. You should post this on TA as well as the guides there are non existent.


Yeah I wasnt sure if this is even useful. The stickers are generally not well hidden anyways. But thanks. I also added this on TA now.

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