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Fish In A Barrel Cheevo


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I'm hoping to get some advice on this achievement.


Fish In A Barrel - Downed 40 enemies that are stunned by the LRAD.


I'm on the last mission and i have never noticed (haven't paid too much attention tbh) anything to be fired from a ship and distract the enemy to allow me to kill them? Is there a certain ship that you need to put into a support position?


Any advice appreciated.





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You need to put the Laredo (submarine) in a support position. Just kill 40 enemies while they're stunned.


I advise doing this on the last mission because there is a checkpoint near the end of the level, and you can easily kill 5+ enemies on this spot. Then, kill yourself with a grenade to reload checkpoint, rinse and repeat.

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I was initially having a hard time figuring out the best place for this. This is what I did. Play on lowest difficulty.


Mission 7. Start moving the Laredo to the north of the island at the beginning of the mission but make sure that it is not in the support spot (because the enemy will kill the ship). Proceed through the mission (kill the 1st batch at the beach, then go through the tunnel, then after deactivating the barrier, your marries will again engage a bunch at the 1st jammer that you have to deactivate).


Now this part is important, once you destroy the jammer you can move the Missouri to the southern support spot, and the Laredo the northern spot. Do so now. Your marine will then proceed to blow up the barrier so you can go to the next section. DO NOT cross the barrier until your ships are in position (upgrade them if you like). If you cross the barrier you will get the check point.


Once your ships are in position, you will need to blow up the next objective to lower the barrier. There are 5 enemies there protecting it. On the beach below is peg #2, and the ridge above are 2 snipers.


Once you get into visual range call the Laredo to launch the LRAD (try to get it into the middle of the group of enemies), and then immediately use the Missouri to bombard the same area (you want to do it quickly otherwise the enemies will destroy the LRAD). You will get 5 artillery kills and maybe 2 LRAD. Kill yourself with the grenade and you will spawn immediately 10 seconds away from the same spot. Rince and repeat (I had copied the game to the HDD so it was actually pretty fast).


I had gotten the 200 artillery kills 1st (probably because I was using it during the campaign), so what I did then was launch the LRAD near the entrance of that area, the enemy wound come out towards it trying to destroy it, and then I would just shoot them when they were hunched over, got 3-4 kills. Took me 30 minutes tops to get both achievements (I had done some before so maybe that time will be a little higher if you have zero kills).

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