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How do I beat Shao Kahn in UMK3?!

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I beat him in UMK3 standalone and don't think it was this hard, but that was a couple years ago...


Anyway, I've tried every strategy I can find and none work consistently. The sub zero method doesn't work for me because a) for some reason I've never been able to pull of his freeze reliably and b) when I can it seems next to impossible to catch Kahn with the right timing, the transition from uppercut to be able to do the move and do it at just the right time, next to impossible for me. I've gotten it a few times, but can't figure out the timing just so, doesn't help that Kahn gets up faster than any other character despite being a big fat pos.


Any tips?

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Well I finally beat him. I was alternating three basic strategies. Used Stryker because he can crouch block the projectile, so you just focus on staying towards the middle of the stage and uppercutting. Tried to use SubZero but still couldn't get the timing right consistently. Got it with Scorpion, using a method I forget where I read it... Used the spear, uppercut, run over to Kahn hit A twice, then spear followed by uppercut again repeat until he's dead.

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The way i've beaten shao kahn was with scorpion, don't combo him cause he'll end up blocking you and humiliating you with that hammer of his. Basically when he shadow kicks you, try to uppercut him and as hes falling run over to his corpse and throw a few light punches(only hit him twice, cause if you hit him more than that, he'll block it etc.)spear him, uppercut, light punches, repeat. I found that way pretty helpful, heres the link to a demonstration video that this guy put up awhile back, hope you find it useful!

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Use any character and immediately move backwards as soon as you can, try to duck under any projectiles. Just block his shoulder dash attacks and hit him with an uppercut. If he dashes into the air then catch him when he comes down so you don't lose any health.

As you well know you can use sub zero to freeze him as he is getting up but I always be a millisecond too late and have to take a green orb to the face!

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