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Ok, so now how do I beat Shang Tsung in MK2?

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I've searched this forum and looked around the net, checking Trueachievements, and gamefaqs(for the arcade kollection as well as original cabinet) and haven't been able to get a strategy to work even slightly for Shang Tsung in MK2.


What I ended up doing for most of the ladder was Liu Kang's Forward Forward Y flying kick over and over. You can get them to duck rather than block and get yourself an easy win, just deal some damage without taking any and fly back and forth over their head to run out the clock.


This won't work on Shang however. And I don't know if I'm screwing something up or misunderstanding the methods I find or what but I can't even win a round with them. The only way I've found to occasionally win a round is by being Shang and spamming his fireball(one at a time) against "Evil" Shang. I find that if I do that it's basically the same idea of doing damage then running out the clock without taking any. Sometimes he'd inch his way over to me but I found I could easily catch him with a sweep if I kept spamming the fireball before and after. The problem is this only works for the first round. The second and third he gets way more aggressive and I can't compete.


The Jax method of flying kick backbreaker seems good but I can't get it to work consistently. I saw a video playthrough of a guy playing on a cabinet doing this for the entire game but I don't know if it was the same version ported here or not. Regardless I can't get his timing at all. On his he jumps backwards then the AI does, on my game they jump after me the same time I'm jumping back. So I can't get this to work consistently.


I have a turbo controller. It's Hori, blue, and on the back it says Horipad EX Turbo, so I guess it's not the EX2 I've heard others talk about. Anyway I can't get the Liu Kang bicycle kick to work reliably at all, he'll do it once at beginning of the very first fight after character selection, but that's it. The turbo setting has an option of . - and = where the dot is regular use, dash is normal turbo and two dashes is..superturbo? never had use for that setting. I found that manipulating the turbo...selector? from turbo to superturbo will sometimes have him do it again, but just once again.


Does anyone have another strategy or please care to elaborate on one of these or one of the other strategies out there? The timing specifically. Baraka's blade fury, for instance, I could really only get to work in the first few fights, after that they'd always hit me with a projectile or something. I swear I'm starting it only when they enter at least sweep range, but they're just outside the fury's range and able to hand me my ass on a bloody platter.


EDIT: Naturally on my first attempt after making this thread I figure out the Jax jumpkick backbreaker combo. Sadly I can't really reliably say what I did differently. I think I just finally got into the groove for it after I got the frustration out of my system here.

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