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Two closed achievements - we should write Codemasters Forum


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Two achievements are closed for a few months but I still have hope that we can change that thing.


I don't like Codemasters' behavior especially because a few weeks ago there was a discount for Dirt 2 on Marketplace (3$) and many people bought it and they still play this game. I heard that servers are often full so turned off DirtNet is for me very incomprehensible.


Everybody like me, without Tourney and I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost, should write on this official Codemasters forum: http://community.codemasters.com/t5/DiRT-2-General-Discussion/Return-DirtNET-please/m-p/182620.


Maybe this is a last hope for return DirtNet. We need to show Codemasters that there are people who still want to unlock these two achievements.


I think we should try. It's nothing to lose but maybe we can win.

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I bought the game during the same sale but only recently started it.. Are these two achievements still unobtainable? One of the biggest pains of games that include community based achievements is the fact that the community eventually disappears...

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