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Servers down?


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For the past few days I've had trouble logging in. I keep getting the message saying Login Failed. Anyone else having this issue?


I am trying to work towards my last achievement Tour of Duty 2.

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scratch that. a buddy of mine i was in party chat was able to get in a game. i think i'm just having that "Network Error" that seems to be contagious.


Tried to delete and redownload

Clear the cashe

Changed my password

Made sure my acct was verified

Reset my console

Even played other EA games online to see if there was something wrong with my account information(of course they all work fine NHL 13/Bad Co. 2/Crysis 3)


And with only needing 2 more games until I complete the Tour of Duty II achievement, I really wanna play it.


Any more hints? Tried looking for the Facebreaker demo, to no avail.

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