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Calendat Man Date Error

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As many of the gamers in this Batman Forum have done, they went offline and changed the date for it to be a Holiday; for the Calendar Man to give you the Storyteller Achievement for 10:gsicon:. Now - I followed the dates written down next to his cell (11 of them were scribbled off, meaning that that particular was already discussed).

This morning, to get the Achievement for Mother's Day, I revisited him and he tells me to come back on Father's Day, which is on June 16th (on HIS calendar). Ok. I know that in the U.S., Mother's Day was yesterday, Sunday, May 12th, but on Calendar Man's calendar is for the 13th.

Has anyone run into this problem as well?

Note: I've left the Courthouse multiple times and went back in to see if he changed his mind on what date it is. I've even Dashboarded out.

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I've only just started playing, so I haven't worried about the calendar dates yet, but some holidays aren't a particular date but rather the second Sunday of month x. Maybe his date is correct to the year the game was made, or maybe you have an older date, that's my best guess

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ya 4 holidays may vary.


mother's, father's, thanksgiving, & labor day


hope you caught that by now



Yeah, I keep missing these "moving" holidays, but I got the Labor Day one finally scratched off today. Now I only need to remember April Fools' Day, the May one (Mother's Day?) and St. Roch's Day next August. No doubt I'll forget one or two of them and have it carry over to 2016!

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