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5 Easy UN Trials?

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The best tip is to practice with the scythe. You need to master the 360 + Y move. Ideally, you'll want to do a dodge, spin the 360 while dodging in the direction you want to go, and immediately Y. This is very difficult to master, but someone in your duo is going to need to be able to. The other player needs to play Momiji and be very good at dodging attacks. Staying alive to ressurect the other player is Momiji's main goal. You should only do damage if you're 100% confident you won't be hurt doing so.

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How are 8 and 9 luck-based?


Ultimate 8 is in a small room (where you fight Fiend Ryu in story mode) and the 3rd wave is 2 Regents + Winged Vangelves. You have to kill the Regents asap but the small room + Winged Vangelves don't make it easy. But, if you're lucky you're able to kill both regents in matter of seconds (but this is not as common). In the last wave you have 2 Dokus + 1 normal genshin. Just pray you don't get hit by Doku's breath coming out of a 360Y or get hit by the 2d Doku's ground move, or even worse: Genshin's void from behind.


Ultimate 9: 3rd wave is 2 Alexei + 1 Marbus, then Liz and another Alexei. Spam like crazy and hope you don't get grabbed, pounded, ... Last wave is 2 regents (3rd one after you kill 1) + Fiend Genshin (2nd one spawns once the 1st dies). Same story as before, small room, attacks with long reach and Fiend Genshin can be fucking glitchy.


That's why I hate these trials, it's got nothing to do with skills anymore, all spam and pray you're lucky.


EDIT: I've also had it happen it said 'Trial Failed' even though both me and my partner were still alive. This sucks monkey nuts, specially if you're doing great.

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I have a video showing trials 1,3 and 5 being completed i also did 2 and 4 but i wasnt recording when i did those. It might give you a general idea of how to do things but for the most part you will just be spamming 360y dash repeat with the scythe.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGPk8SRVmXI&list=PLqTePWaJxJoYdJtcB-evEU0aJy759nyho]Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge - Ultimate Trial 1 - YouTube[/ame]

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