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Scoring, how does it work?


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Firstly, I'm a Shmup beginner. I got my first 1cc ever in Deathsmiles 4 days ago and I started playing shmups around 2 weeks ago with Triggerheart Exelica.


Secondly, I just started this game and I'm finding new things every day but the scoring is just odd. At the moment I'm trying to get to my next milestone which is 100mil in Deathsmiles and 400mil in Akai Katana and by looking at this video in the guide, one should be able to get ~130mil on the first stage by playing near perfectly.


So can someone please tell me what I am missing? I have been doing the first stage around 2 hours now and never got even close to the result in this video


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JlpiO0Hw5s]Akai Katana Shin TLB Clear - 2.879.219.089 - Kochouran (Type B) - YouTube[/ame]


I'm trying to use the exact same route and technique but I just don't understand that how he/she boosts points over 100 mil in the mid boss.


Can someone please tell me the exact things he is doing. In the first part I can now get 15-20mil pretty consistantly but I get nowhere near that many points from the mid boss. My record for stage 1 is little bit over 30mil but I would really like to get even 80mil from the easiest stage to get my score going for the 400mil.


I hope someone answers as it seems that these Shmup forums are pretty dead.

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Scoring in Slash is pretty confusing. First off, I highly recommend not trying to replicate that video. It's pretty insane. There are a few points that may be worth trying but for the most part I came up with my own strategy and I can get 800M every single time now.


To get a higher score, you need to focus on your hit counter and getting a lot of katanas. If you have a higher hit counter everything is simply worth more. To keep that up use auto-fire (RT). Similarly, shooting 16 katanas is going to score more than shooting 4. Also, you want to follow the katanas across the screen after you shoot them. The gold deteriorates in value extremely quickly and if you follow your shot you're sure to get near maximum value.


As for stage 1, I personally replicated the video for the first katana shot. Then I gathered energy/steel orbs and katana struck the mini boss. Then I gathered steel orbs the rest of the way so I'd have 16 for the boss. I usually ended up with a score around 80M, but I had some random runs where everything would go perfect and I'd get 100M.

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