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A terrible game.


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If you don't like playing online (like I do sometimes) then you should definetely stay away from this game! At a first glance, I thought that it had element of TF2 mixed with star wars but then I realised that it is nigh on impossible to defeat a level if you're playing against bots. :mad:

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Seeing that it can be picked up for under $10 or even under $5 for the past couple years, I'd say that it's pretty good. I would never pay $60, but for $5, this game is great. I thought single player was pretty easy for the most part.

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My problem with the game was it had great ideas, they were just poorly executed. Like yeah having a whole 'parkour' system and having interesting mission maps with varied objectives, especially in select parts was great, but mixing that with the horrible AI, and the whole skill based system of, "I'm a high rank than you, therefore I'm flat out better." just left me with a bad taste.


It's still good to play, especially co-operatively, just with that impossible to deal with AI on hardest difficulty, or even easiest when miraculously your team are completely brain dead, it's no fun.


It's 'what-if' missions I adore especially, allowing you to replay a mission but giving a new storyline.

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