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Collecting All Cards Help!

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How do I go back in Chapter One?


I was going to follow the guide in the Achievement Discussion that says go back to chapter One Shu with a Wu/Wei officer, but I can't go back?


I'm 100% on quests, so I don't think that's the problem. I also need the 10 vs wins if someone doesn't mind trading that achievement with me, thank you! =)

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Easiest way is in fact Map 3 of any Force. Use the Nanman quest guy who in on your immediate left. This saves running to the noticeboard which takes around 10 seconds. Also have the game on your hard drive to reduce loading time.


Just start mission, then quick out to a defeat. Keep doing this over again and officers will appear. Do not change to Maps 1,2,4,5 or 6. That was just a lot of hokum. I got all the Officer cards quickest just using map 3. I got them all in about 6 hours.


Another strategy is to trade FOR the officer you need the card of and that will increase the chances. It's not really needed but if you are getting desperate it may help.

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