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Welcome to the Future of Community Gaming

Grifter Reborn

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We're excited to bring you the next step in playing games with the x360a community!! Those of you who've participated in past events (or at least glanced at this forum) may have noticed a recent change from the original "Community Co-Op Gaming".


Welcome to the "Community Gaming" forum, where our focus is playing our favorite games with our favorite community. No longer are we limited to only Co-Op sessions. While many of us enjoy Co-Op *cough* ME *cough* and will continue to support it, we recognize that everyone has different opinions on what they find fun. Love achievement hunting? We wanna support you. Like to play competitive? We want you to have the opportunity. Of course, if you really enjoy being competitive, you should look into becoming an Ambassador for this site or even a Subscriber so that you can participate in their tournaments. ;)


Where to start:


Wanna try a little one on one? Let's do it! Need help boosting an old game that the game's achievement trading thread is collecting dust, let us know. Make your suggestions for what you want to play in the New Suggestion thread. Wanna see what has already been suggested? It's all listed in the new genre format within the same thread. LINK


How does this work?


Each week I will check your suggestions in the New Suggestion thread and before the end of the month, I will fill out the next month's "Game of the Week" threads based on your suggestions. There will also be a 2 week period each month to vote for a previously played game you wish to play again. Now it's up to you to post in the "Game of the Week" thread that you wanna participate in. Be specific! Looking to boost? Say so! Available certain times of the day, let us know. Want a message or invite over XBL, mention it. Most importantly, check the thread regularly to see others post when they are logging into XBL! (Subscribing to the thread you're interested in is a great way to stay up to date)


So make suggestions, post in the relevant threads, play your heart out. What could be better? :p


Questions, comments, concerns, please let us know. :)


Edit: We now have awards! Be sure to check out the sticky threads in this forum for more info!


Edit 2: We will be updating how everything works moving forward starting this weekend. As such I'm unsticking and closing this as it is now out of date.

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Closing for new explanations.
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