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Achievement trading thread / Coop partner(s)

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For those who haven't started this DLC, I'm awaiting 3 other Vault Hunters that wish to join me.



MUST have the ultimate vault hunter pack

MUST be lvl 61 (sorry but no power lvlers allowed for this run)

MUST have all or this DLC (season pass or non-season pass holders allowed)



NO Ninja Looting (I don't do it in your lobbies and you shouldn't do it either, gives ya a bad rep)

NO glitching commandos (I know who you are)

NO choosing the same classes (its no fun when there are two or 3 of the same classes)

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SPOIL DLC (I ran a little bit on a lower lvl but I ain't telling anything of what I've seen so far)


HAVE FUN while we play Dungeons and....err whoops...I mean Bunkers and Badasses


I'll be running as my lvl 61 Siren so feel free to choose any class (except the Siren)


My gamertag is NATO Freelancer so send a MESSAGE or Friend Request if you wish to join.

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KillerBEA and I are going to need 2 people to defeat the Raid Boss on TVHM. Anybody interested? We are 52 and 51 respectively at the time of me writing this. I'm a Gunzerker and he is a Siren.


I've got a 54 Mechromancer and would really like to kill these bastards



I'm on right now

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Am the final round of magic slaughter ... "Dang girl you ace at this game" achievement

message me to join the game and achievement unlocked

wont finish the round till the next 30 minutes

gamertag : DarkofHeartness

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Hmmm is the last achievement I need and the dude isnt spawning, If someone can either dup drop or just swap it quickly it would be much appreciated. Id like to be able to get rid of my copy while it still holds some market value.



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Anyone going for this on uvhm? I am looking for someone who has not done the mission the White Knight gives you to slap the prince. Mine is glitches and I can help someone complete the others missions


Gt: thunderforce3

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