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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

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- Estimated difficulty: 7/10

- Offline: 3/3 - 125:gsicon:

- Online: 0/3 - 0:gsicon:

- Minimum time to 1000: 5-10 Hrs

- Minimum playthroughs needed: 1

- Cheats affect achievements: No

- Difficulty affects achievements: No

- Missable achievements: 0

- Glitchy achievements: 0

- Unobtainable achievements: 0

- Extra equipment needed: No



Legends speak of Captain Blade's Lost Treasure of the Sands. Of a prize so great, that men would turn the sands red in pursuit of it. Of a pirate queen, courageous and deadly, who would stop at nothing to find it. Of a monstrous Leviathan. Of the Vault Hunters who journeyed to the desert town of Oasis, not knowing the horrors that would befall them.



Welcome to the first DLC for Borderlands 2, Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty. Overall the DLC shouldn't take you too long to complete and it's quite fun to play, so again like the main game, you shouldn't have any issues getting the new 125:gsicon:.


The only thing that may take you some time or cause you some trouble are the 2 new raid bosses. These guys are a lot harder than the ones from the main game, so grab yourself a team and hopefully all will go well.


New Content

Below is a list of new and bonus content that is available by purchasing this DLC.

  • Each class gets a new head skin - IMAGE
  • New rarity level 6 called Seraph
  • New items/weapons. Blood Relic, Anshin Evolution Shield, Scarlet's Greed, 12 Pounder, Little Evie, Stinkpot and more
  • New bosses and multiple raids: Scarlett, The Leviathan, Hyperius the Invincible and Master Gee the Invincible.




http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/2058/UP5NpCU=.jpgTreasure Hunter 75:gsicon:

Completed the mission "X Marks the Spot"


Story related and cannot be missed.


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/2058/UPxsrZA=.jpgGadabout 25:gsicon:

Discovered all named locations in Oasis and the surrounding Pirate's Booty areas.


This achievement will unlock once you've found every single location and area in Oasis. Also remember you have to uncover all the dark areas. For a full list of all the locations, please see below.



  • Town of Oasis
  • Oasis Docks
  • Rockview Rest Stop
  • Wurmtail Plateau
  • Wurmwater Passage
  • Coral Island Camp
  • Costal Caverns
  • Horrid Hideaway
  • Wreck of the Kronus

Hayter's Folly

  • Hot Spring Hideout
  • The Aquanexus
  • Grendel’s Den
  • Gee's Arena

Washburne Refinery

  • Forge Array
  • Lair of Leecher Bot
  • Carbonslag Crater
  • The Arm
  • Work Force Revivifications Center
  • C3N50r807's Cubicle
  • The Engineer’s Ring


  • Wurmwater Flats
  • Hedgeland Camp
  • The Washbourne Fen
  • Rustyard Corridon
  • The Dish
  • The Buccaneer’s Bacchanal
  • Riptide Reef

The Rustyards

  • Rust Cog Settlement
  • Coobie Gorge
  • Tittleman’s Point
  • Hermits Hideout
  • Marooine’s Clipper
  • Dreg Scrapyard

Magny's Lighthouse

  • Magny’s Lighthouse
  • AM-FM Isle
  • Maroonies Secert Stash
  • Spore Town Docks

The Leviathan's Lair

  • The Leviathan’s Lair
  • The Chamber of the Lost Treasure

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ne4_v30ya28]Borderlands 2 - Gadabout Achievement - YouTube[/ame]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/2058/UP2MVQM=.jpgCompletionist 25:gsicon:

Complete all Pirate's Booty side missions.


The Pirate Booty side missions will come through natural progression of the DLC and you'll also find a few just by meeting new people around Oasis, key items or bounty boards. For a full list of all the side missions, please see below.



  • Burying The Past
  • Fire Water
  • Giving Jocko A Leg Up
  • Grendel
  • Hyperius the Invincible (Available once final story mission is handed in)
  • Mans Best Friend
  • Master Gee the Invincible (Available once Hyperius the Invincible Mission is handed in)
  • Message In A Bottle [VIDEO]
  • Treasure of The Sands
  • Wingman

Hayter's Folly

Washburne Refinery

  • Don't Copy That Floppy
  • Freedom of Speech
  • I Know It When I See It


  • Catch a Rise, and Also Tetanus
  • Declaration Against Independents
  • Faster than the Speed of Love
  • Just Desserts for Desert Deserters
  • Message In A Bottle [VIDEO]
  • Smells Like Victory
  • Whoops
  • Smells Like Victory

The Rustyards

  • Crazy About You
  • Message In A Bottle [VIDEO]
  • The Hermit

Magnys Lighthouse

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