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Vergil's Downfall Collectible Locations


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The colletibles in Vergil's Downfall are very similar to what you're looking for in the main game, except you won't be looking for keys or doors, but the lost souls and cross fragments and full crosses to boost your health.


*You will also need to purchase all subsequent health, devil trigger and combat upgrades on top of collecting the in game items for "I've Come to Retrieve My Power"


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1624/UPxd7a8=.jpgI've come to retrieve my power - 30:gsicon:

Acquire all of Vergil's health, Devil trigger and combat upgrades


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1624/UP96+aE=.jpgMight controls everything - 20:gsicon:

Gain a 100% completion rank on all missions in Vergil's downfall (difficulty doesn't matter)


Lost Souls - 20

Cross Fragments - 20

Cross - 1


Mission 1

Lost Soul 1 - Immediately after the first fight you'll head inside the building and get a brief cutscene. Continue down the hallway a few feet and look into an alcove on the left to see the soul on the wall.

Cross Fragment 1 - Continue down the hallway and look behind the rubble before you turn right to find the fragment.

Cross Fragment 2 - As you exit the building, move the object in front of you to make a bridge, cross it an out to the next floating island, then hop to the island on your right to backtrack to the building you just exited to find the second fragment.

Lost Soul 2 - Continue along the path until you need to grapple up, and instead continue ahead and double jump to the nearby ledge to find the next lost soul on the side of the building.

Cross Fragment 3 - Now head inside the next building and immediately jump the gap in the floor and break the wooden wall on your right as you land on the other side of the gap.

Lost Soul 3 - After your first fight with a Wisp, head down the hall toward the divinity statue, and take the first left to see the soul at the end of another short alcove.

Cross Fragment 4 - You'll soon have a brief cutscene where you hear your mother talking to you. Continue along, fight a couple of enemies, move a platform you can jump on it, then jump two more times until your path turns left again. Instead of continuing, look to your right to find a broken window in the wall on this floating platform. Jump over the windowsill to find the fragment on the opposite side of the wall.

Lost Soul 4 - You should see this as you jump off of the last floating platform in this area. Teleport (grapple) jump to the next building-type area, then drop down to the lower platform instead of proceeding inside to find the last soul in this area.


Mission 2

Cross Fragment 5 - This can be very frustrating if you don't know how to do it right; after the very first fight, do not proceed through the archway, instead look at the buttress/arch protruding from the arch you need to pass through (on the right side, over the ledge). Move to the edge near it and jump, then tap :lbbut: (this will double your jump height with a teleport) and then do the :ls: forward + :abut: sprint jump to reach the top of the buttress. From there, look to your left to see the fragment on the opposite side of the arch you need to pass to progress.

Cross Fragment 6 - After the first portal, take a left at the divinity statue and proceed to teleport jump along the path until you reach one of the teleport pads that boosts your speed. Stop prior to using the boost, and look to your left to see the fragment on a ledge next to the nearby building.

Lost Soul 5 - Hop back over to the large island before the boost jump, and head down the staircase on the opposite side of the island to find a lost soul on your left at the bottom of the steps.

Lost Soul 6 - Immediately after using the boost jump you should hear this lost soul. Continue a few feet to the far side of the huge archway in front of you, then turn around and look at the back side of the arch to find a teleport point that you can use to get on top of the arch. You made need to back up a bit to teleport to it, or jump then hit :lbbut:.

Lost Soul 7 - Proceed, using the double boost jumps, to the next huge archway, and immediately head left before the arch and hug the wall to find the lost soul

Cross Fragment 7 - Rather obnoxiously, you'll need to either wait until your second playthrough for this, or reload your checkpoint to appear back in front of the divinity statue. This time, take a right and continue until you reach a large platform with yet another huge arch. Head to the left of the arch and jump up to a small ledge next to it to find the Cross Fragment on the far side.

Cross 1 - After hopping through a portal, having a big fight, then hopping through another portal you'll come to an area with meteors shooting down from the sky. Cross a couple of floating platforms to reach the cross on a platform to your right.


Mission 3

Lost Soul 8 - Head to where you see Dante at the end of the cutscene and turn around (just beyond the arch) to look up and see a teleport point on the backside of the arch. Teleport up to find the lost soul against the wall on top of it.

Cross Fragment 8 - Turn to the direction you need to go and you should see this on your right-ish. Continue ahead to a small circular area, and bear right. Hope a small gap and up a ledge to find the fragment on a ledge overlooking where the lost soul was.

Lost Soul 9 - When you reach the part where you must shoot the floating train car to make it appear, do so then hop on to the connected train car and turn 90 degrees right. Jump and angel glide (:lbbut: +:abut:) then press :rbbut: again quickly by itself to add a medium range teleport so you can reach the ledge ahead of you. Proceed to the backside of the rock on the ledge to find the lost soul (this area is overlooking the area you just came from)

Cross Fragment 9 - Chase down Dante and you'll reach a room in the train station where you'll need to cross a gap with two invisible train cars in it. Shoot the first one and use your :rbbut: :xbut: attack on the ledge on your left to gain access to a side area that leads to the fragment (note the sound of a lost soul near the cross fragment).

Cross Fragment 10 - Backtrack and boost jump to start a cutscene with Dante. After the scene, turn around and backtrack outside, and to the left, to find the next fragment.

Lost Soul 10 - Head back into the hallway and move forward a few feet until you reach the broken gate on your right. Head inside to find the lost soul (this is right across from the gates fragment 9 were near.

Lost Soul 11 - Head outside and continue to the left, fighting a number of enemies. After the first group is dead, proceed inside the covered walkway and jump the gap to the other half of the covered walkway, then turn around and jump to the right of where you just came from to find the lost soul on the back side of the large wall you need to get to the top of.

Cross Fragment 11 - Head through the portal at the end of this area and you'll once again be chasing Dante. Proceed along the hidden floating platform path to the backside of the huge statue, and just before the teleport/grapple point, look down and to your left to see the fragment on a ledge protruding from the backside of the statue.

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Mission 4

Cross Fragment 12 - After the first fight, ignore the invisible platform on the right, and instead follow the teleport/grapple path on the left to find the fragment.

Lost Soul 12 - DO NOT enter the portal, instead immediately head right from it hop the gap to find the lost soul.

Cross Fragment 13 - Immediately after passing an divinity statue and entering a building that collapses behind you, break the wall to your right to find the fragment.

Lost Soul 13 - Back outside again, for another fight. Once the fight is over, head through the stone arch straight ahead, then teleport up to the ledge to the upper left of you after exiting the other side. Look away from the rock face from here to see a big gap with a lost soul on the far side (in the direction you need to go to proceed).

Cross Fragment 14 - Head through the portal then hop to the first floating island. The path forks here, so head right and follow the cliffside path to the cross fragment (requires some jumping).

Lost Soul 14 - After another fight near the next portal, enter the portal and immediately head to the back of the portal after exiting and jump along the cliffs to reach the lost soul.

Lost Soul 15 - After one more portal jump you'll be at a big bridge. Head to the middle of the bridge and hop onto the railing on your right that should have a post coming out of it, but it's damaged. Look away from the bridge and angel dash + dodge (:lbbut: + :ls: + :abut: and :lbbut: to reach the platform with the soul on it.

Cross Fragment 15 - Backtrack to the bridge you jumped from and continue to the divinity statue. Stop there and head to the right and drop down one ledge to reach the fragment.


Mission 5



Mission 6

Lost Soul 16 - Yup, back here again. This time, prior to hopping on to the first floating platform, hop around to the backside of the building to find the soul.

Cross Fragment 16 - Prior to entering the building where the first items in the DLC were, bypass the door and drop down to the ledge on the right of it for the core fragment.

Lost Soul 17 - While still outside, stand in front of the doorway and jump and tap :lbbut: to jump again so you can reach the lost soul high above the doorway.

Lost Soul 18 - Once again, head inside and move into the alcove on the left while in the hallway and do the same jump teleport technique to kill this lost soul that is also high up

Lost Soul 19 - REQUIRES: enemy step (and some skill..), and thankfully there is a divinity statue just prior to where the lost soul is, so buy it there if you don't have it already. You will probably also want to upgrade Air Rave or Orbit so you can do more damage while in front of the lost soul, in case you fall or something lame like that. Head outside and deal with the stupid cat dude, then move back to the doorway and draw in the next set of enemies that spawn. The soul is HIGH above the door you just came out of, so pop up an enemy (:bbut: works fine), teleport to them with :lbbut: +:xbut:, press :abut: to jump off of him, use :rbbut: + :xbut: to draw in another enemy (or the same one), jump off of him, and repeat until you're in front of the soul, which you obviously want to attack. ALTERNATIVELY: You can use :abut: then :rbbut: to super jump, then pull an enemy toward you and jump off of him. I found this to be easier, but that's simply because I couldn't consistently pull and enemy for some reason.

Cross Fragment 17 - Finish off this crowd of enemies and then head right from the doorway (away from the door) and hug the itty bitty ledge around the side of the building to reach the fragment. You can see the fragment through a large hole in the wall, so you know where to go. Alternatively, you can actually just jump over this opening if you double jump :p

Cross Fragment 18 - From there, jump to the first floating platform and drop down to the ledge on the right side of it to find the fragment.

Cross Fragment 19 - Well I hope you had enough practice with Lost Soul 19 cause... you have to do it again. Once you make it off of the collapsing floating platforms and encounter some more enemies on a big platform, with some Wisps, you'll need to hop up super high to reach the top of a rock floating above the platform. Thankfully, Wisps tend to fly pretty high, and will generally fly higher than you, so after a few failed attempts, you should be able to easily teleport to either wisp, then double jump off of them and onto the platform.. hopefully.

Cross Fragment 20 - After the epic battle on the platform, teleport over to the next building, and before entering it, head to the left to see the last cross fragment on the opposite side of the low wall near the doorway.

Lost Soul 20 - Immediately after the above, head into the next room and turn right to see this on the wall next to you.


Congratulations, you're now many steps closer to getting the achievement (just need to do some upgrading!)

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