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Haunted Manor guide by x Voit x

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**This guide is by x Voit x circa 2010. I moved it to it's own forum to include it in the achievement guide.**


One tip is make sure you use the same character the whole time (I used my avatar), because you will start to line up parts of your character with particular parts of the map to obtain the hole-in-1’s. Another tip, I cut out sticky notes and labeled them the hole number and put them on different parts of the power meter so I could remember exactly how hard to hit the ball for each hole. Here is a rough explanation of how to get a hole in one on each hole in the tournament “Haunted Manor”. These were all done using my avatar. The first 12 holes are the easiest, so if you don’t have at least 8 by hole 13, I would probably start over.




Note: In the descriptions of the holes, the blocks I say to charge to are in the general area you should charge to. They may not be exact, but it is near where it should be. Sorry, It’s hard to count them that quickly.


Hole 1: Main Gate

Look a little to the left from where you started. Line your aim up with the left side of the tree and charge your power meter up until the 20th block. This should give you a hole-in-one.



Hole 2: Spooky Spiral

Look to the right, without moving the camera up or down, and line up the top of your avatar’s head with the column in front of you, right where the shadowed side meets the light side, charge your power meter up to the 17th block. You should bounce off the wall then bounce off the rock and go into the bottom of the tree to your right.



Hole 3: Eerie Fountain

Look to your right, line up your aim with the right side of the log in the water and charge up your power meter to the 19th block. You should go right into the whole in the log floating in the water.



Hole 4: Statuesque

Move your avatar all the way to the right, the look to the right until your head meets the branch sticking out of the ground. Charge your power meter until the 2nd to last bar and you should be golden.



Hole 5: Get a Grip

Move your avatar all the way to the right, then aim directly into the center of the hole with the hands coming out of the ground. As soon as the hands come out of the ground start to charge your power meter until the 22nd bar and release once you get there. You should easily go right through the hole.



Hole 6: Cryptic Fun

Turn to your right, and there is a path straight in front of you. Time your shot so that you start to charge your power meter right when the hand goes back in the wall to the 17th block. Once you roll past the hands on the wall you will have to time your jump and jump the first gap, then the rest is automated.



Hole 7: Snappy Surprise

With this one it will take trial and error on how far to look to the left since there is nothing to line up with, but look just barely to your left then charge up your power meter to the 20th bar. You should fall in the whole on the first bridge.



Hole 8: Drawbridge

Look to your left and aim at the button, charge your power meter up to the 18th and a ½ bar. You should land on the button. After it shoots you off as soon as you get the spring power up use it, then use the brake power up to slow yourself down to go right into the hole.



Hole 9: Nasty Bark

Look to your right, line your aim up on the right side were the alligator meets the green from a previous whole. Charge your power meter up to the 14th bar, and use the brake power up you catch in the air as soon as you hit the green.



Hole 10: Stuck in Time

Don’t move at all in the beginning, charge your power meter to the 6th bar from the end and it should drop into the hole on the stairs.



Hole 11: Spooky Drop

There are dark lines all along the edges of this course, move your aim slightly to the left so it lines up with the first dark line to the left of where you start. Charge up to the 5th bar from the right and you should go into the hole in the wall.



Hole 12: Good Knight

To the right there is a little indention and on the wall of that indention there is a piece that is really light then a piece that is really dark in the middle of the slant, aim right where they meet. Then charge up to the 20th block (watch out for the spider), once across the board use the brake power up to get into the hole.



Hole 13: Big Leap

I could never find a sweet spot for this hole, but move just a little to the left and hit it at about 4 bars from the end. Sometimes you will get the spring power up and jump the wall surrounding the front side of the hole and bounce off the back wall and make it in. I never could get this one every time.



Hole 14: Moosehead

Aim directly for the tiger head, and then charge your power meter to the bar right before the end. Watch out for the air coming out of the old timey fire starters, and hope you don’t hit the broom on the other side.



Hole 15: Haunted Canvas

Aim directly for the spring power up to the right and hit the angled wall, charge your power meter to the 15th bar. Once it bounces off of that wall use the spring power up to bounce into the escalator type track to the left. Use the spring power ups to jump the gaps, and then use the last one to jump into the book.



Hole 16: The Attic

Aim a little to the right directly at the spring power up, and charge up to the 18th block. Once you bounce off the corner turn and look in front of you and time your jump so that you land in the spider webs out of bounds. You will then bounce up to the hole.



Hole 17: Stormy Night

Look to your left and aim to the right side of the shadow of the slanted wall. Then charge up to the 17th and a ½ block. I should go right into the whole at the top.



Hole 18: It Lives!

Turn to your right and aim into the center of the slanted wall, then charge your power meter to the 3rd bar from the right and you should jump onto to the mummy, bounce off his head and go into the hole.


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Brilliant hole in one guide mate it will really help me and many others with that stupid achievement.

one thing i would add is that you can change your shot style from hold and release to putter style that way you can use the thumbstick to power the shot by pulling back the right thumbstick then pushing it forward, it is much more precise on the power and you have as long as you like to get the power bar where you want it before you shoot (i have used this style and it makes it easier to count the blocks on the power meter before you shoot).


another thing that may help is if you added photos of the power bar on each shot so then we can get a better look at the rough area you have the power bar when you take your hole in one shots.


still its a brilliant guide and helped me get the 5 birdies or better achievement but i still need more practice for hole in one achievement lol

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Like it says at the top, I was only reposting this guide. It isn't my guide. The problem with getting the photo, though, is that he has to take it the split second the bar is visible. That'd be almost impossible. If you feel like giving it a shot, though, I'm sure it would help all of us with the hole-in-one achieve.

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