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BB-7 Recorder Locations


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Here's where to find all of the recorders in the game (you'll also find this list in my achievement guide)


War Journal - 10:gsicon:

Collect all 10 BB-7 Recorders


These are listed under "Notes" in the pause menu when you pick them up


GLITCH NOTE: This achievement is glitched, and you only need to get 10 journals total over all of your characters, meaning you can get 2 journals per character (even the same 2) and the achievement will pop, 9 on 1 character and 1 on another, the achievement will pop, etc. So you only really need to know where 2 of them are.


Another note: I have no idea if these are the same locations as the other version of The Harvest (XBLA I think?) so don't complain if they aren't.


Act 1 (Desert)

BB-7 Recorder 1 (Surrounded) - During the first mission you'll be destroying digging machines as you exit the area. Right when you get a message saying the second digging machine is nearby, head to the NE part of the map to an area with a gap in the map (it's a crashed ship), where you'll find a dead body. Next to the body you'll find the recorder.


Recorder 2 (Within Reach)- After rescuing the downed pilot, proceed toward the next checkpoint and you'll see a body with another recorder near the checkpoint.


Act 2 (City)

Recorder 3 (Entanglement) - While running around the city, you'll be tasked with destroying a warphole generator that will summon a huge Harvester army if you don't hurry up (though you're not timed). Shortly entering the area called Blairgowrie (where the generator is) you'll see a small path branch off that is almost blocked by rubble. Walk around the rubble to find the corpse and his note.


Recorder 4 (Heavy Resistance)- After destroying the warphole device, you'll continue along a narrow path, bypassing a locked door with a busted keypad. As the path continues South-ish, a small dead end will appear on the North side of the path, across from where you need to go. You can see the corpse and recorder in plain view from the main path.


Act 3 (Catacombs)

Recorder 5 (Seek and Destroy)- A little ways after the first mini-boss the path will split and the one leading away from the next objective ends at a bridge with a bridge lowering mechanism nearby. Hold down the left mouse button on the mechanism to lower the bridge, then continue across to the dead end to find the recorder.


Recorder 6 (Changing Strategy) - After the SOS beacon ambush you'll cross a bridge that you must first lower using the nearby mechanism. Continue along the path to the objective until a path branches off to the North. Follow it to a group of three turrets (and a lot of other guys in the area) and you'll find this in the Northern alcove at the end of this path. Note: This area glitched out for me and crashed my game whenever I tried to go there my first time around.


Recorder 7 (Pushing On)- After using the main computer terminal to open a gate to the Royal Crypts, you'll proceed through an area with rafters as floors, with a wide stone path branching off of it as you progress toward the next objective. Follow this stone path to find the dead soldier and recorder at the end.


Act 4 (AIM Facility)

Recorder 8 (Tip of the Iceberg ) - As you run through the soldier and spider filled halls after the minefield at the beginning of the area, you'll pass a few side tunnels. The recorder is at the end of the second tunnel you pass, behind some turrets.


Recorder 9 (Check Your Corners) - After opening the door that requires three terminals to activate, you'll quickly come to another side path with the recorder at the end of it.


Recorder 10 (Emergence) - After hearing that there is a weapons cache ahead (next objective) continue toward the objective and you'll be back in a rock tunnel. You'll pass the soldier and his recorder along this path, as they're about 5 feet from it.

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