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Achievement Guide & Roadmap


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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10

-Offline:20 achievements for 200:gsicon:

-Online: 0

-Approximate amount of time to 200:gsicon:: 10-30+hrs (Depending on skill and money spent. Skill more so than money)

-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Multiple runs

-Number of missable achievements: None.

-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty

-Glitchy achievements: None

-Unobtainable achievements: None

-Extra equipment needed? : Xbox Controller (alternatives work OK though) and $5 recommended to remove the ads, grant you double credit earned (which is spent on all tricks and unlockable skaters), as well as unlocks the Rooftops level for you at a discount




Endless Skater is a relatively simple skateboarding game where you can play as one of several professional skaterboarders (after you buy them with money or in-game currency, which you receive by playing the game) such as Danny Way and Lyn-Z. There are two areas you can skate in, one of which costs money to play on, and is sadly definitely the preferred place to go for the achievements (Rooftops). In either area, you have three "lanes" that your skater follows, which you can switch two and from using :rtbut: and :ltbut: to avoid obstacles such as wall, sheer drops, and jumps your skater can't make yet, and also to gather the L-I-N-E collectibles for points and achievements, and aim for spots where you can get high scores.


The duration of your achievement hunting will take place in whichever map you prefer (again, Rooftops is better all around) where you will get a feel of the maps playing in endless mode and eventually you should become comfortable enough to get all of the achievements, most of which need to be completed in one single run - which is before the time runs out in timed mode (timed mode is pointless), or before you crash in endless mode (where you should be skating).



It is not required to get a GFWL/XBOX controller for this, but it helps A LOT.


:abut: Ollie (jump) Keep this down and release at the right time at the end of a kicker for maximum air.

:rbbut: :lbbut: Spin

:ltbut: :rtbut: Lane Change

D-pad or :ls: Initiate a move designated to one (or more) of the d-pad buttons. See the associated trick achievements for a trick list

:xbut: Used after a dpad button to perform a flip trick. Hold to perform multiple rotations.

:bbut: Used after a dpad button to perform a grab. Hold to hold the grab for more points.

:ybut: Used after a dpad button to perform a grind. You do not need to hold it to continue grinding.


Earning Cred

This game is what would be considered a freemium title - free to download but you have to pay for just about everything in the game. At first this can seem really annoying, and quite daunting considering the ridiculous pricing everything has and the number of credits you'll need to unlock everything. So how do you get easy credits?



Adding spin to any standard trick - and especially combos - adds quite a bit to the value, increasing your score quickly, but it also seems to add to your total cred for some reason. A minimal spin run of 50,000 points could net you around 1k, while that same score with a lot of spinning mixed in could net you 1.2-1.4k easy and in a fraction of the time (around 20-30 seconds as opposed to 1-2 minutes).


Also, be sure to diversify you tricks once you start unlocking more as repeating tricks drastically drops the score you will get for them. Practice trick variation and spinning and you'll feel more comfortable with both as time goes on.



0YCLiGJhbC8RCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzFlAAAAAOfn5-6AbOY=.jpgGrind 500 - 5:gsicon:

Grind a total of 500 meters in any run!


See "Grind 3,000"


04CLiGJhbC8SCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzFmAAAAAOfn5-yhZVM=.jpgGrind 1,000 - 10:gsicon:

Grind a total of 1000 meters in any run!


See "Grind 3,000"


0ICLiGJhbC9ECBtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzIwAAAAAOfn5-9b5ss=.jpgGrind 3,000 - 15:gsicon:

Grind a total of 3000 meters in any run!


In order to grind, you must have any sort of rail in your lane and then jump and press a corresponding direction on the d-pad and :ybut: (See "Every Grind" for a grind list). You will need to grind a total of 3,000 meters in a single run (in endless mode, without bailing), which will take quite a while, even on Rooftops, which has far more rails to grind on.


School Alternative - Stick to the middle lane for pretty much the duration of the run and you'll be able to grind tons of railings and stairs.


TIP: It may be helpful to utilize the lane switch (:rtbut:/:ltbut:)to switch lanes after ollie-ing from a grind. This allows you to chain together multiple rails in different lanes for the highest chance of getting at least a 15 combo.


1oCLiGJhbC9CCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzE2AAAAAOfn5-kLxQg=.jpgAir 1,000 -5:gsicon:

Catch 1,000 total meters of air in any run!


See "Air 5,000"


14CLiGJhbC9DCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzE3AAAAAOfn5-jrPZs=.jpgAir 3,000 - 10:gsicon:

Catch 3,000 total meters of air in any run!


See "Air 5,000"


1ICLiGJhbC9MCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzE4AAAAAOfn5-vMKZU=.jpgAir 5,000 - 15:gsicon:

Catch 5,000 total meters of air in any run!


You need to go a total of 5,000 meters in the air cumulatively in a single run (in endless mode, without crashing). This is easier on rooftops as there are many huge jumps allowing you to gap the buildings, and in general you should also ollie (jump - :abut:) as much as possible to rack up a few meters whenever possible.


If you want to get this with relative ease and you don't care about scoring high, try this on the school level. It will take longer, but there are far less objects that get in your way and may cause you to wipe out. Pick Hosoi or Danny Way for their Air/Speed respectively, upgrade their lower stat of the two if you want, then roll through the middle lane of the school. As Hosoi, the only problem should be the hug stair gap in the school and as Danny the only problem should be the tall jump at the top of the wood covered stairs. Pair attention and avoid those, and just keep tapping :abut: otherwise, to get this achievement.

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0oCLiGJhbC9ECxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzEwAAAAAOfn5-1J1mI=.jpgTrick 5 - 5:gsicon:

Complete a 5 Trick Combo in any run!


See "Trick 15"


04CLiGJhbC9FCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzExAAAAAOfn5-ypLvE=.jpgTrick 10 - 10:gsicon:

Complete a 10 Trick Combo in any run!


See "Trick 15"


0YCLiGJhbC9GCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzEyAAAAAOfn5-6IJ0Q=.jpgTrick 15 - 15:gsicon:

Complete a 15 Trick Combo in any run!


In order to do this you must do 15 tricks in a single combo, which means you must either be flipping or grabbing your board and grinding a rail when you aren't do that. Touching the ground at all will break your combo. Although doable in a few spots in the school (such as a couple of the long staircase railings) this is more easily done in a few spots in rooftops, such as the long chain of beams being held up by cranes that can appear in the lane closest to the screen (requires good jumping skill to bridge the gap) and also in the lower level of the parking garage on the concrete islands in the middle lane.


For ease of combo, I recommend doing something simple by keeping one finger down on the :dpad: and rotating your other thumb between :abut: to jump, :xbut: or :bbut: to flip or grap and then :ybut: to grind again. Repeat that process rapidly to punch the combo out quicker. For example: I did a Ollie- Kickflip - Crooked Grind - Ollie- Kickflip - Crooked Grind, etc.


0ICLiGJhbC9HCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzEzAAAAAOfn5-9o39c=.jpgGap 25 - 5:gsicon:

Find 25 Gaps in any run!


See "Gap 100"


1YCLiGJhbC9ACxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzE0AAAAAOfn5-rKNC4=.jpgGap 50 - 10:gsicon:

Find 50 Gaps in any run!


See "Gap 100"


1ICLiGJhbC9BCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzE1AAAAAOfn5-sqzL0=.jpgGap 100 - 15:gsicon:

Find 100 Gaps in any run!


As you roll through each level you'll notice a brown "_____ Gap!" popping up in the scoring on your screen when you jump certain gaps that can be anything from jumping down a flight of stairs, to jumping between buildings. Because of the latter, these gaps appear quite a bit more frequently in the rooftop level so, if you can afford it, buy it and you'll get roughly 9 gaps a minute. You need to jump a total of 100 different (not unique) gaps in a single run of endless mode so you will need to play roughly 10-12 minutes without bailing out. This is, of course, also doable on the School level which is overall easier, but will take longer (so longer and safer).


1YCLiGJhbC8QFQRLXVBQTTYxL2FjaC8wL2QAAAAA5+fn+r6mHA==.jpgLine 1 - 5:gsicon:

Complete 1 Lines in any run!


See "Line 5"


1ICLiGJhbC8RFQRLXVBQTTYxL2FjaC8wL2UAAAAA5+fn+15ejw==.jpgLine 3 - 10:gsicon:

Complete 3 Lines in any run!


See "Line 5"


1oCLiGJhbC8SFQRLXVBQTTYxL2FjaC8wL2YAAAAA5+fn+X9XOg==.jpgLine 5 - 15:gsicon:

Complete 5 Lines in any run!


In order to complete a "Line" you must gather the letters that appear as you play through a level. The letters randomly pop up in one of the lanes, so always keep an eye out and if you can lane change safely to get it, do so. Once you have collect L-I-N-E you'll hear a sound and the counter at the top will reset, and the Lines counter in the top right of the screen will go up. They'll give you a big bonus at the end of a run, so try not to ignore them. You'll need to collect 5 full lines in a SINGLE run, which means a single run of endless mode without bailing out.


This is most easily done in the school level, especially if you get multiple screens of the school interior as they LINEs seem to pop up frequently in there. Try and stick to the middle lane as most of the letters will appear there and the farthest lane.


TIP: In order to get an idea of whether there is a letter ahead of you ahead. Move from a farther lane, to a closer lane (:rtbut: on a controller) as the camera will move in a way that will show the area ahead of you. Use this effectively to get the letters easier, and to also avoid hitting any walls or jumps you can't make yet.


0ICLiGJhbC8QCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzFkAAAAAOfn5-9glHU=.jpgAny Special - 10:gsicon:

Do any character's special/hidden trick!


See "All Specials"


1YCLiGJhbC8XCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzFjAAAAAOfn5-rCf4w=.jpgAll Specials - 10:gsicon:

Do all character's special/hidden tricks!


Each special/hidden trick comes with the corresponding skater when you unlock them


Danny : Rocket Backflip - :dleft: :ddown: :bbut:

Sean : Kickflip Late Shoveit - :dright: :dup: :xbut:

Lyn-Z : McTwist - :dup: :dright: :ddown: :dleft: :bbut:

Christian : Christ Air - :dleft: :dright: :bbut:

Ryan : Impossible Late Flip - :dleft: :dup: :xbut:


Note: the :ls: can be used in place of the :dpad:


1YCLiGJhbC9NCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzE5AAAAAOfn5-os0QY=.jpgEvery Flip - 10:gsicon:

Perform every basic flip trick in the game!


All tricks can be purchased for 15,000 credits each, or for real money


Kickflip :dleft: + :xbut:

Heelflip :dright: + :xbut:

Shove-it :dup: + :xbut:

Impossible :ddown: + :xbut:

Hardflip [:dup::dright:] + :xbut:

Inward Heelflip [:dleft::dup:]+ :xbut:

Laser Flip [:dleft::ddown:] + :xbut:

360 Flip [:dright::ddown:] + :xbut:


[brackets mean you press them both at once, so it's a diagonal direction]


Note: the :ls: can be used in place of the d-pad

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1oCLiGJhbC8VCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzFhAAAAAOfn5-kDjqo=.jpgEvery Grab - 10:gsicon:

Perform every basic grab trick in the game!


All tricks can be purchased for 15,000 credits each, or for real money


Method :dleft: + :bbut:

Melon :dright: + :bbut:

Japan Air :dup: + :bbut:

Judo Air :ddown: + :bbut:

Tuck Knee [:dleft::dup:] + :bbut:

Benihana [:dleft::ddown:] +:bbut:

Indy Nosebone [:dright::ddown:] + :bbut:

Airwalk [:dup::dright:] +:bbut:


[brackets mean you press them both at once, so it's a diagonal direction]


Note: the :ls: can be used in place of the d-pad


1ICLiGJhbC8WCxtUGltSAzYxL2FjaC8wLzFiAAAAAOfn5-sihx8=.jpgEvery Grind - 10:gsicon:

Perform every grind trick in the game!


All tricks can be purchsed for 15,000 credits each, or for real money


Ollie above a rail and press the following buttons to grind when you hit the rail

Boardslide :dright: + :ybut:

50-50 :ybut: (no direction needed)

Crooked :dleft: + :ybut:

5-0 :ddown: + :ybut:

Nose Grind :dup: +:ybut:



Note: the :ls: can be used in place of the dpad

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This Achievement Guide and Roadmap has been reviewed by Guide Team Staff member THE DEADLY DOG and has been published as the Official x360a.org Achievement Guide and Roadmap! The link to the Official Guide is here:


Official x360a.org Endless Skater Achievement Guide and Roadmap


Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread.

Also, please check the Award Tracking: Guides & Roadmaps forum to make sure we are up to date.

You may request for those to be edited/updated within that forum as well.


We look forward to your future submissions!

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