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Updated Roadmap


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Original Roadmap by Nozza. Updated to include DLC.




Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10

Offline: 45 (940:gsicon:)

Online: 5 (60:gsicon:)

DLC: 10 (250:gsicon:)

Approximate amount of time to 1250:gsicon:: 15-20 Hours + X amount more for Legendary Weapons

Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1

Missable achievements: 3 (Coronation Chicken, You Can't Bring Me Down and Tough Love)

Do cheat codes disable achievements? None

Does difficulty affect achievements? No

Glitchy achievements: 4 (Popularity Contest, Brightwall Book Club and Digger, Set Them Free (DLC) although they do unlock for some.)

Unobtainable achievements: None

Extra equipment needed? None




Welcome back to Albion! Fable III takes place 50-60 years after the events of Fable II. You will be called upon to rally and fight alongside your people, ascend to the seat of power, and experience the true meaning of love and loss while defending your throne. In your quest to seize power and defend your kingdom, the choices you make will change the world around you, for the greater good or your own personal gain.


Who will you become? A rebel without a cause, the tyrant you rebelled against, or the greatest ruler to ever live?



During this Breakdown, I'll be laying out what's best to do when and how to get the most out of the game but at the same time not missing anything achievement wise.


I've split this into 5 sections:


Story – Where you'll get the main story achievements plus the missable achievements you need to look out for.

Online – Where you have a few easy achievements to pick up and then you'll have the Legendary Weapons to deal with.

Misc – This will be mainly for any simple achievements that you may have missed along your journey or left until the end.

Clean up/Collectables/Kills – As the title says! This will show you all the collectable achievements you need to get and the remaining kills you'll need to rack up.

DLC - Traitor's Keep is optional downloadable content for the game that adds an interesting story as well as 10 new achievements to the original 50. So let’s begin!



I suggest you just play through the story and not worry too much about some of the achievements since you can come back at get these at any time. You'll get many optional quests along the way so I recommend you do them when you can.


Fable III is a big RPG game and is full of stuff to do and should be enjoyed! As it is an RPG the game is pretty much open to you once you've located new places and your story progresses, so don’t worry if you've missed an achievement as you can simple go back and get it during your game!


During the story you'll unlock a total of 7 achievements worth 205:gsicon: and these are all storyline based missions that you can't miss or will complete as you play. These achievements are:

  • The Guild Seal
  • And So It Begins
  • Swift Justice
  • The Resistance
  • Distance Friends
  • The Ruler Of Albion
  • For Albion
  • Hand in Hand

You may also come across other optional quests on your journey that aren't story based, so this may go up a bit. If you don't come across some of the others, don't worry as you can pick them up at any time during the game or after the story is completed! See Misc for more details.


The main missable achievements that you'll need to watch out for are:

  • Coronation Chicken
  • You Can't Bring Me Down
  • Tough Love

"Coronation Chicken" requires you to perform a Royal Judgment while dressed in a Chicken Suit. "You Can't Bring Me Down" requires you to play through the whole story arch and not get knocked out once. "Tough Love" requires you to save the maximum amount of Albion Citizens by the end of the Rulings section of the story. All can be missed but again if you do a 2nd playthrough make sure you keep these in mind if you're going for the 1000:gsicon:.


Please see the achievement guide for more details on how to get these in one playthrough.


Road to Rule - This is the "leveling" system for the game. As you play through the story and complete quests you'll be given Guild Seals. With these you can unlock Chests on the Road to Rule, each one with their own value.


Each Chest holds something different and possibly important to your journey. Along the Road you can unlock simple things like Cloth Dyes, Weapons to "Packs" that let you get married or buy houses to new Magic Spells!


For the "Chest Grandmaster" achievement, it requires you to unlock all Chests along the Road to Rule. Please see the achievement guide for more detail.



First things first are the easy online achievements to pick up:

  • Long Distance Relationship
  • Cross-Dimension Conception
  • Online Merger
  • We Can Be Heroes

Each one is pretty simple but they do require certain in game things to actually unlock them except for Online Merger & We Can Be Heroes. See the achievement guide for more details. If you are looking for people to get these achievements please use the Achievement Trading Thread.


Now we move onto the Legendary Weapons achievement, "We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns". This achievement will take up most of your time. It’s one hell of a collectables achievement and there are a few twist and turns to it. Please refer to the guide for more details before you start trading! If you're looking for people to trade online achievements or weapons with please use the Legendary Weapons Trading Thread.



This is where you'll be finishing up all those optional quests you didn't complete and anything miscellaneous achievement wise. You may have got some of these optional quests during the Story depending on how you played, but here is a list of all the non-story based achievements that you can get during the game. Some you can’t get until the 2nd half of the game. See the guide for more details:

  • Save The Princess
  • Ghost Brothers
  • Tragical-Comical-Historical
  • Island Paradise
  • Knight Jumps Chesty
  • He's a Woman. She's a Man – Optional only for male characters

And here are the miscellaneous ones that again, you'll get as you play, can get at any point, you can’t get until the 2nd half of the game or until you've unlocked a certain Chest from the Road to Rule, etc. See the guide for more details:

  • Spellweaver
  • Archmage
  • Total Warrior
  • Pull
  • Gunning For Glory
  • If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It
  • Wizard's Revenge
  • Super Hero
  • My Weapons Better Than Yours
  • Digger
  • Dye Hippie, Dye
  • Barrel of Laughs
  • Kaboom!
  • Lute Hero Tour
  • Touched By A Hero
  • Popularity Contest
  • Remodeling
  • Magnate Personality
  • Crime Spree
  • Henry VIII
  • Chest Grandmaster
  • Adopt Or Die

Clean up/Collectables/Kills:

First as mentioned above in the Online section is the Legendary Weapons. But these aren't the only collectables in the game, so below are the others that I recommend you leave until you're pretty certain you're ready to look for them all or mop up the remaining lot:

  • I Am The Keymaster
  • Flower Power
  • Gnome Invasion
  • Brightwall Book Club
  • We Need Guns, Lots of Guns
  • Fashion Victim
  • Set Them Free (Demon Doors, glitchy for some. If you have the DLC it is recommeded to be sure the door in the DLC is the first one you open just ensure you avoid the glitch)

So... where do you start? Well to be honest it doesn't really matter at all! You most likely came across some of these collectables in your story so you've already got a little head start and an idea of what you're looking for.


See the guide for more details and Collectables Guide links.


Now we move onto the 500 kills with each weapon and magic. You should get them as you play through the game. Here are the achievements that you'll be looking to get:

  • Gunning For Glory
  • If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It
  • Wizard's Revenge

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DLC - Traitor's Keep:

In the DLC, there are 4 unmissable achievements, 5 collectibles achievements, and an achievement for opening all demon doors.


Right off the bat, you will get A Slow Day At The Office.


Once you make it to Clockwork Island, begin collecting Professor Faraday's diaries. You can get 4 now, but the last isn't available until after the game. Complete your Clockwork Island quest for Science And Industry.


When you get to The Godwin Estate, collect Witchcraft Mary's diaries for Lab Notes. Continue your quest on the estate for Unnatural Laws.


When you return to Ravenscar Keep, you'll want to begin collecting General Turner's diaries. NOTE: Diary III CAN be missed if not done at the proper time (see achievement guide). Continue your quest for Who Are You? and then continue with Turner's diaries for A Revolutionary Idea.


Return to Clockwork Island and begin Huxley's quest. Along the way, you will pick up Faraday's fifth diary for Diary Of A Sad Man. Finish Huxley's quest for I, Robot. You, Idiot.


Return to Ravenscar and (assuming you've done the two side quests beforehand), begin the quest to collect books about how to run the keep. Finish the quest for Keeping It Real.


Finally, unlock the Ravenscar demon door. Assuming you've already opened all of the doors in the main game, you will unlock Set Them Free!



I hope this Roadmap has helped you in understanding what Fable III consists of and the best way to go about getting your 1250:gsicon:.

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