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Asus exclusive


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apparently its been taken down for acers can anyone else confirm other OEM's?


It seems down for everyone. If you follow the webstore link, before it lead to the game page with the information that the game was not available for your PC. Now it leads to an error page.


Let's hope the listing was a mistake and the game returns for everyone.

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its now available again..this time as a free game......


it doesnt show that its already owned, when i have the old version installed...so i wonder if the achievements is stackable, or the old achievements will just load from the cloud......we will see later, lol

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I noticed it was free for Samsung as well but when I loaded the game up it asked me to pay. Hope it isn't two different versions, that would suck.


Got it in my wife´s Samsung notebook, but could not connect to Xbox Live, gives me an erro everytime. Anyone was able to connect?

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