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Kinect 2.0

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I set my Kinect below my TV, which is an appropriate place. I set my TV on a fireplace mantle, which is roughly 4 feet off the ground. There's no need to place the Kinect above the TV. If you can't place it below the TV maybe you need to get a taller TV stand or something.


Our TV came with a black glass TV/Media stand which is just over a foot high and holds dvd/bluray player and TiVo/Cable box so this is the only place the TV will ever be.


I'm not buying another "taller" stand or wall mounting the TV.


It is just the look of the new Kinect seems to me that it will sit on top of the TV with the small speaker looking section just over the front of your TV set and the main sensor above it. By design it doesn't look like it can stand up naturally??



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