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ITSP losing GfWL support

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If this tweet from the creator is to be believed, then Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet will have Games for Windows Live removed from it and replaced with Steamworks. I guess this is supposed to coincide with the retirement of Games for Windows Live's marketplace and the delisting of all Microsoft published games that use GfWL from all digital distribution platforms.

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I know the last post here was over 2 years ago, but I fired up this game today...and it started up in GFWL just fine. Sorry to Necro an old thread (though I doubt anyone will see this lol) but I wanted it to be known that this game can still be played GFWL...while this thread indicates it can't.

I do not own it on Steam however...I got it off Amazon.

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Well that's because gfwl store is closed and pretty much everything else is steam/steam codes and gfwl is removed from there, amazon is one (or only?) of last places where you can still get gfwl code, and currently it's down to 2,99$.

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