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What level are you?

Kronic Herba

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I'm at 47, completely maxed out the drill and also got the c4. (Drill for stealth) Am now aiming at getting the dominator perk and the saw. I didn't boost but instead kept selecting the Ukrainian job mission. (Sadly it's a pro job so you cannot just restart)

With my c4 i can do that job in under 1 minute easily grabbing a bag of jewellery on the way out.

At 3 stars it gives around 20,000 and around $60k - $100k

If you want to level up to around 40 quickly just do thy mission, even if you use the drill it is done in around 3/4 minutes and is the easiest 3 star mission I've played. Just put you mask on and run straight in to the safes, it's basically a raid mission, smash and grab.

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I'm not joking, you need 23,3 million EXP for level 100




Ok...hit level 71 last night. WOW that is hard lol. 300k+ XP per rank now. It's doable, just will take a WHILE. My goal is to reach level 100 before GTA V.


Having my crew set up perfect with us all having the right stats helps. We can do the 7 day heists very fast :D



7 day heist?

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