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DLC confusion


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I just downloaded this game intending to finish it before the GFWL service goes offline. I find the DLC achievements confusing. I'm not sure which DLC's I need and how to obtain them. Is "upgrading" civilizations after pressing the Play button the way to purchase the DLCs? And if so, which ones do I need for the achievements?


So confused...

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You can buy all the dlc from the empire store in your city, cant remember but think upgrading should work as well.


The dlcs you need for the achievements are:


Premium Greek Civilization Pack

Premium Egyptian Civilization Pack

Premium Celt Civilization Pack

Pro Persian Civilization

Defense of Crete Booster Pack

Skirmish Booster Pack


Need to buy them by 22nd August 2013 before the GFWL market place is shutdown

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