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Achievement Trading Thread

Nurd Alurt

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Simple enough, since there's no randoms, I am LFF for Disney Infinity Multi/co-op/whatever.


Don't really care about achieves just need more friends who play Infinity. Send me a request! :) GT= Malt Dismal


Also anyone else who wants to use this thread to do the same feel free.

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If anyone needs help getting these 2 achievements, send a message and we'll get it done. I'm online most days.


If you see that we are online at the same time, plug in a second controller and sign in a "guest" account. Go into your toy box and send me an invite. While waiting for me to join (it could take a few minutes) pick up your main character with your "guest" using :xbut:. When I get in the game the 4 player achievement will unlock and then I'll use my two guys to pick up your characters to unlock the acrobat achievement. It's easy and should only take a minute or 2.


GT: Scrapdaddy


EDIT: I got this (thanks UncleSugarBeard) but will still help other people get it for a few more days if needed.

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