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Multiplayer Level 50 PC Version


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Usually I wouldn't bother making a post like this however, what with Windows LIVE seemingly being put to the wayside by Microsoft, I would like to finish the achievements in all of my Windows LIVE games before it goes down for good. The trading thread seems a bit dead and very few want to do the PC version, too. This one seems to be extremely difficult to find people for.


Basically it works like this: you need 1,000,000 experience to get to level 50, if you do a custom grand prix full of Montreal (19 races) you earn roughly 40,000 experience for the whole thing. Each race takes just over a minute and, with loading times and such, it usually takes just under an hour to do a full grand prix (all 19 races).


So essentially you need to do roughly 25 sets of a full custom grand prix of 19 races that last ~1 minute each. It might sound tedious, but I've done worse achievements and I know plenty of other people have (I'd never touch gears of war for this reason). If anyone would like to grind out this achievement (for getting to level 50) with me, just send me a message over LIVE. I'd be happy to do the other online achievements as well and I won't leave you hanging if you're still missing some. I really would just like to get this done.

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