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Fun for two players?


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I've heard this game is best with friends, and that the single player experience is not very impressive.


Well, would you guys recommend this game for [only] two player co-op?


My brother and I are considering getting it, but we're not really interested in "playing with randoms," and we don't have many Xbox friends.


Does it have good replay value if it's just you and one other friend the whole time?

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No local coop! But I can honestly say I was pessimistic before I pre ordered but once I got playing you'll see that most randoms you encounter are pretty alright compared to most games


Ah, thanks, but yeah, should've mentioned that I know there's no local co-op.


We'd each buy our own copy of the game for our own xboxes.


It's good to know the "random" community is not too bad, but does anyone have any other opinions about playing through with only two humans?

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