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This was my first DR game. I will have gotten every achievement in about a week and half of continuous gameplay. The achievements aren't hard. The game is a lot more fun playing co op with a friend. But all-in-all, it was an enjoyable game. A bit tedious after awhile however..


Yea, usually zombie games are funner to play with other people.

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I really hated DR2. Liked the first one a lot, despite it's flaws. And although the second game fixes a lot of those flaws, it just felt like a giant frustrating checklist of crap to me. Really hoping they get back to concentrating on making zombie killing fun for DR3 and not about going into every store, making every drink, using every weapon and another 40 boring things to check off a list.

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I liked the novelty of DR2 that came with DR1 like the using everything to bludgeon zombies, and making combo weapons, but I found the storyline, and the time limit aspect really tedious. And I played it to finish it, I think I got about 6 achievements from it and I likely will not be putting it back into my Xbox.

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I would suggest no. I'm sorry, but Deadrising 2 is a terrible game. its too boring, you have to find zombrex every 4 hours, and the psychopaths are waaaay to hard unless you are like 20+



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you memorize the hidden Zombrex locations they don't become tedious at all.


The first is given to you as objective one.


one can be found in Slot Ranch Casino behind the stage curtains on some boxes above you.


One can be found at the top of the Mega man slot machines in Yucatan Casino.


In Slot Ranch Casino there is a BBQ shack that has stairs. If you follow the stairs you can jump onto the ceiling awnings and follow them to a bunny rabbit toy and a dose of zombrex.


One is given to you for completing the side quest Case Blue and rescuing Sven the paramedic. At the safe house he will give you a dose of Zombrex


Upon rescuing the fat survivor Ronald on the side quest Hunger Pains he will give you a dose of Zombrex saying he found that and has no use for it.


That makes six total. If you count Katey, a story character late in the game, a side character survivor then you have more then enough. If you need two more doses you can buy some at a shop for a few grand.


It is hard at first but some people don't get that Deadrising games follow a different system of progress. They are designed for more then one playthrough. You notice everything becomes easier as you play more. I don't find it boring because i always find new stuff to do.

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