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Issue with 6-4 Good Job Award

Mister Buds

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EDIT: I managed to unlock this one today clearing only the starting area and the area inside the building. Didn't even touch the hives/akrid on the right side of the area. I think this award may be glitchy similar to the 2-2-2 one.


Having more trouble with this game. It's amazing how for such a long, time consuming achievement all the guides available are incorrect and/or complete trash. Anyway, my Good Job Awards for Episode 6 Chapter 4 look like this:


1. Critical Condition

2. Akrid Production Levels Near Zero

3. Critical Condition

4. Akrid Production Levels Near Zero

5. Critical Condition

6. Akrid Production Levels Near Zero

7. Critical Condition

8. Akrid Production Reduced

9. Critical Condition

10. Akrid Production Levels Near Zero

11. Critical Condition

12. Akrid Production Levels Near Zero

13. Critical Condition

14. Critical Condition

15. Akrid Production Levels Near Zero

16. Critical Condition

17. Akrid Production Levels Near Zero

18. Critical Condition


My issue is with #8. I believe this is area 5. The part right after you help the Vagabundos. The problem is that even exterminating all the akrid, it does not give the award. I've ran this section 4 times today and the award will not advance. I clear all the hives/enemies up the right side (towards area 8), all the ones in the main area down towards the exit to area 6, all the ones inside the building with exits to area 9 and 10 (including the hives that spawn by the data post that you have to backtrack for), and the one isolated hive on the cliff side all the way across the giant gap in the middle.


I've checked everywhere I can to find another area or spawn point in this area and there does not seem to be one. The award simply does not unlock. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I've put far too much time into this game.

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