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They released Patch #11 on PC today. It's a HUGE patch, and also includes a new level, XP cards, new masks, and a difficulty spike.


Here are the full notes: http://steamcommunity.com/games/218620/announcements/detail/2037040565842847008

Hey guys!


Our largest update yet! This one carries a lot of free content like a new heist, 4 new masks, new economy and much improved AI and difficulties. Pay a visit to the Nightclub and Big Oil as well. They got a lot of new stuff in them!


Update size: 801.9 mb


Team mates


Improved killer instinct for the AI team. They are more aggressive and more prone to stay alive even on the OVERKILL difficulty. Single player never looked more tempting.




Much harder OVERKILL! Yes you got it - now dont cry.

SWATS now have much better flashbangs - use the shades!

More balanced single player sessions



Police AI


Added more and better run and walking animations for our dear enemies.




Improved Payouts!:


The Crime.net economy has got a major upgrade. After looking at massive amounts of data and collecting player feedback we have implemented and tested a new economy system.


Each contract now has reward dependant on the mission specifics. Some contract amounts can seem low but the REAL value is in stealing the LOOT BAGS. If you sling a lot of Coke for Hector he will compensate you greatly. The reward is different depending on the number of coke bags you clear. On the other hand, if you hit Big Oil + it is not at all about bags and more about completion. If you get the engine to the helicopter and escape you get a hefty contract pay. This makes the game more tactical and you have to fight greed on almost every map.


Thanks to everyone who helped out with this!


CrimeNet is now balanced so you can chose to play for XP or Money or a middle way. Learn this by playing the heists on different difficulties. There are some anomalies to be found and taken advantage of!

NOTE: If you are in a BAG focused mission, go for the additional bags - they pay out several 100% more than the mandatory bags (for which you get the contract pay). BUT remeber - GREED KILLS!

Multiday jobs pay out greatly and are very rewarding once you figure out how to move additional bags through them.




Crime.net has reduced its somewhat cluttered info when counting the PAYDAY and contract money for you. You will be presented with a PAYDAY number that shows the amount of money the contract is worth EXCLUDING the LOOT BAGS. This is the offshore account money and 10% of that becomes you spendable cash. Look into it. it is simpler and more straightforward.

All cash numbers are now presented as Offshore money until converted to spendable cash.

The Contract filter is back!

Kick Filters. You can now set Kick enabled and filter on that on Crime.net.




We now display mission bags value on PAYDAY for both mandatory and additional bags in TAB stats screen during gameplay.




Boosted Aced Combat Medic revive bonus from 25% to 40%.

Enemies more affected by ECM feedback and civilians are no longer affected.

Added Inside Man Assets on almost all levels so that you can buy a EXPERT DRIVER that 100% takes away the Escape.

Made sentry gun tier 6 more effective.


Loot Drop


Added EXP cards in the loot drop for fast leveling

Added much better cash cards!




New reload animations for the Deagle!

Texture fix for the "professional" sight.

IZHMA 12G Shotgun damage is buffed.

M308 Rifle has had its damage adjusted correctly.

Kobus 90 Submachinegun got a damage increase with long barrel weapon mod. added.

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pics of masks, posted by k2345 in another thread











Just so everybody knows, the new patch ruined the whole game on PC haha.


how so? id say it makes it harder but not ruined?


They released Patch #11 on PC today. It's a HUGE patch, and also includes a new level, XP cards, new masks, and a difficulty spike.


Here are the full notes: http://steamcommunity.com/games/218620/announcements/detail/2037040565842847008


Thank you for posting, i havent checked the steam update thread in a while, lots of good things in this update!

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Doing missions stealth pretty much is gone. A lot of people only do that, so a lot of people stopped playing the PC version. Going loud from here on out.


oh right. i dont think ive been in a game with others that try stealth! :p


ive seen it happen a few times with ukranian job, but thats cause they dont have c4 to blow safes and get in the van. whereas i do :p

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In regards to future updates i would suggest everyone get all the stealth related achievements as soon as possible as some of the updates the PC recently received make it a LOT harder, see below.


Currently on Xbox:

The Dominator skill lets you make up to 4 guards surrender. After you have 4 guards surrender, the fifth one usually will not. Some people have said they've gotten up to 5, but I've only ever seen FOUR successfully.


Patched PC version:

The Dominator skill only lets you have 1 guard surrender. If you try to get even a second guard to surrender, he WILL fight back.




Currently on Xbox:

Any "dominated" guards (i.e. guards in handcuffs who have surrendered) are completely ignored by other enemies. They walk right by them and don't even notice.


Patched PC version:

No longer the case. If a guard sees another guard in handcuffs, he will call in the alarm. They do NOT ignore them anymore. A handcuffed guard might as well be a dead guard.


Hey now. If you're going to copy/paste something I posted on trueachievements, please at least give me credit.

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  • 5 months later...
Sorry to bump an old thread but I thought this is relevant. A complete listing of what to expect in the next patch:



You did notice the date on that post is from October 28, 2013?


And that all of the recent posts in the thread are lamenting that the XBOX 360 update is still nowhere to be found?


Goldfarb's already been caught lying about the status of the update. At first he said it was with MicroSoft waiting for certification, and then recently saying it was still with 505 Games waiting to go to MicroSoft.


I know a runaround when I see one.


I really think we need to let this one go.


There will be no update for the XBOX 360.


Too bad, this is a fuckin' cool game...

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The Armored Transport DLC was announced for a 2014 release, I'll remain optimistic. Last I heard M$ shutdown their patch because of their 2gb file size restrictions, whereas the patch on the PS3 was 4gb.


Maybe you're right and the updates won't happen. Maybe Overkill just set their clocks back to Valve time...

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